2020 Annual Ibiza Property Market Report and 2021 Forecast

This 2020 annual property market report and predicted forecast for 2021 has been provided by Prestige Properties Ibiza, which summarises key trends and patterns in the current Ibiza and Balearic housing market, with statistics and impressions from both internal and external sources as documented.
The analysis covers four significant points and primarily draws upon data and figures received throughout 2019 and 2020.

The Ibiza Property Market Report has been broken into four sections as detailed below:

  1. The General Balearic Property Price Curve
  2. The Ibiza Property Price Curve
  3. Prestige Ibiza Luxury Housing Market Report 2020
  4. The Forecast for 2021

The General Balearic Property Price Curve

The general real estate market across the Baleares has demonstrated a durable and stable rhythm in both consumers and house prices over the past 10 years. Following the financial crisis in 2007, the real estate market took a steep drop from its peak, which later stabilised and found a steady recovery from 2017 onwards.

Ibiza Property Market - Evolucion del precio de la vivienda en Islas Baleares

The year 2020 is the first year to have both a marked price and sales drop since 2017, suggesting the overall market is experiencing slight fatigue.
According to Tinsa (2021), the average house price throughout the Baleares shows a decline of 1.4% throughout 2020.

However, given the uncertain circumstances relating to the global economic system, individual employment conditions, lockdown enforcements, and travel restrictions related to COVID-19, these statistics are to be more than expected and are a direct result of less movement within the property market industry over the past year.

This is data further supported by EpData (2021) who also identify a clear drop in property sales across the Baleares from 2019 to 2020. Published data by the General Notary Council declared the number of sale transactions at a total of 1,124 in January 2020, representing a year-on-year decline of 1.92%. This in turn may also have influenced the beginning of house prices gradually dropping, even before the start of the pandemic, although we cannot be certain.

The Ibiza Property Price Curve

However, when discussing the rise in the general property market price curve in the Baleares before 2020, one of the most notable and major contributions to its recovery and growth lies in the luxury real estate market here in Ibiza.

Here, we find the inflation of luxury housing as a weighty contributor to the upsurge of the overall general property market price curve, and a palpable influence in the continuing momentum from 2017 onwards.

Ibiza has become, by comparison to anywhere else in Spain, including the leading cities of San Sebastian, Barcelona, and Madrid, an exceptionally valuable island, with average property prices rising above 56% in the past five years with a year on year progress – El Pais, 2019

These figures over the past five years correlate with the immense interest and pursuit for homes from non-resident and overseas buyers. The demand for luxury properties has gone from strength to strength, and the Ibiza property market has ever since seen a rise in the value of our homes.
This immense pursuit from international clients has led to the high-end property market in Ibiza finding itself with an occurrence of a low supply versus a high demand, and low supply effectively means that many villas and properties are stamped as a rare product.

Naturally, where there are demand and rarity, areas become highly sought after, and even those smaller, lower costing properties, terrace housing, and apartments have taken a significant leap in value too, creating an unwavering price curve for the whole of the Baleares.

The Ibiza 2020 Luxury Property Market Report with Prestige Properties

The year 2020, although unstable in almost every sense of the word, has surprisingly followed the trend of increase here in Ibiza, with similar patterns starting to emerge in 2021.

It must be noted this ‘increasing price curve trend’ can only be considered when discussing the luxury housing market, whereby the majority of properties in question are related to international second-home buyers, that are seeking and purchasing housing at the top-end of the Ibiza property market values. Our internal statistics from our sales database with Prestige Properties Ibiza between 2019 and 2020 calculated an average increase in price per square metre, from 6.665 to 7.021€ (approximately 6% increase), with the same number of sales recorded.

Overall a very minor 1.1% decrease was noted on the total Euro expenditure from purchasing properties over the entire year. Even with global lockdowns, business closure for three months, and multiple travel restrictions, the luxury housing market has remained strong, just like our year-on-year statistics which have remained very firm and very positive.

Ibiza Property Market - Avg. Price per square meters 2019 2020

Property investment in Ibiza throughout 2020, specifically in the luxury housing market, has been incredibly safe with values very attractive on a global standard.

Although the general property market price curve and sales demonstrate a slight dip and fatigue over 2020, the luxury real estate across the island of Ibiza, has demonstrated a noteworthy difference to the overall general statistics, with a continuation of increase that is inevitably supporting the overall market happenings.

The Luxury Real Estate Market

Ibiza is clearly distinguished by many exclusive and high-end properties. In each municipality prime housing has always been highly sought after. The luxury second-home real estate sales market has been very active throughout the health crisis and our annual statistics have confirmed our speculation (among our partners and collaborators), the interest in Ibiza has grown during the health crisis, with more and more clients looking to fulfill their dream life, in a more natural environment, away from the inconveniences of the large metropoles.

From February 2020, just before the first announcement of a global pandemic, we see a consistent and steady flow of users over the year visiting our website with the same usual peak over the summer months where tourism enquiries are more active.

Ibiza Prestige Properties - 2020 - Monthly Traffic (Num. Users)

The island of Ibiza is an exceptionally diverse culture attracting many communities predominantly from across Europe with International buyers dominating the luxury real estate purchasing market.

Our internal data demonstrates the majority of international interest throughout 2020 were the British population (23%), with an almost equal distribution of nationalities from France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States visiting our website as confirmed users.

Ibiza Prestige Properties - 2020 - Audience Geography

Whilst the Spanish and Italian nationals came into second and third place, these statistics are more likely to be reflective of the tourism market rather than the luxury housing market, as these two nationalities are not the most common buyers in Ibiza within the luxury real estate market.
Undeniably, fewer clients viewed properties due to travel restrictions throughout 2020, but those determined to purchase a home in Ibiza, continued on their buyer’s journey successfully, giving us great confidence to face next year with optimism and positivity.

Our speculation is strongly supported across the board with reports that "Spain’s luxury real estate market remains patient, contemplative and sound. Almost immune to price indentation in other segments of the sector, luxury housing has been sheltered in a trench of owners who resist lowering their properties, knowing that this market plays in another division." – El Pais Economia, 2020

Since the beginning of the pandemic, peace, and tranquility, away from risk, quarantined cities and schools, ecological land, fresh air, and less overcrowding are high on the buyer’s agenda.

Ibiza Property Market Forecast 2021

House prices in the luxury Ibiza property market are expected to remain stable in 2021 with anticipated growth and continued progress at a steady and stable rate.

It is still undoubtedly the international buyers and overseas investors who continue to be Ibiza’s leading audience with second luxury homes being the main conclusive factor for this continuation in momentum, setting the scene in the luxury home sector both now and in the future.

With the consideration that the early months of any new year are relatively quiet for any industry, the current interest in the early part of Q1 2021 has already seen a determined continuation of an increase in both property values and sales. We anticipate a very mature and sustainable market consisting of long-term stability, growth, and strength, which indicates a continuous and positive future market in 2021.

The anticipated drop of sales and property prices across the Baleares due to the pandemic excludes the luxury housing market here in Ibiza. However, it must be noted there are no signs of crisis in the property economy thus far, and we expect to see a positive continuation of the general Balearic property price curve as we begin to move towards normality in the future.

Consideration must be given to the potential opportunities available across the general Balearic market. Smaller plots of land and housing investments currently valued at lower rates are likely to have a very short expiry date. Once the pandemic relaxes and we begin to return to normality, these opportunities will likely cease to exist as property prices are likely to get back on the same path of increase as before, especially as the luxury housing market and desirability for Ibiza has not wavered in the slightest over 2020.

Prestige Properties ‘Fun Facts’ 2020

With the 2020 Ibiza Property Market Report and 2021 Forecast heading in the right direction for a positive future, we thought it would be fun to add a few additional points to our article. Here are a few of our top viewed properties over the course of the year. We hope you enjoy ‘through the keyhole’ at our most desirable luxe properties below.

Penthouse Es Pouet – 17,488 views

Asking Price: 3,295,000 € – Removed from Market for a Long Term Let Agreement

Penthouse Es Pouet Ibiza
Penthouse Es Pouet Ibiza
Penthouse Es Pouet Ibiza

Villa Calypso Cala Salada – 12,807 views

Asking Price: 2,350,000 € – SOLD

Villa Calypso Cala Salada
Villa Calypso Cala Salada
Villa Calypso Cala Salada

Villa Estels San Mateo – 8,532 views

Asking Price: 5,950,000 € – SOLD

Villa Estels San Mateo
Villa Estels San Mateo
Villa Estels San Mateo

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    Ibiza Real Estate: Welcome to the Jungle!

    A buyer’s ultimate guide to sanity during their search for the perfect home in the Ibiza property market.

    A buyer’s ultimate guide to sanity during their search for the perfect home in the Ibiza property market.

    I am sure you’ve seen them as well, the reality TV shows about real estate agents in LA, the Hamptons, NYC… I must admit, they are my guilty pleasure! On these shows the properties always seem to be in perfect condition, 100% legal, the agencies are well respected and professional… Let’s face it; a property buyer’s dream-come-true.

    It made me think about just how different the Ibiza experience is: the dream of your perfect home is just as big, but the journey here compares more to a jungle survival trip than a dreamy walk through Central Park. You are not the first Ibiza property buyer frustrated with online searching, not knowing where to look, what to believe, and which agent to trust.

    The key is to know what you are getting yourself into, what type of jungle Ibiza’s real estate is, its many pitfalls, and how to best manoeuvre your way around them.

    Here are the most important things to keep in mind:

    Demand vs. (real) Supply

    When you begin with your online property search, it might seem, at first sight, that there is a lot of offer, but don’t be fooled. Soon your eye will be trained enough to discover that the same houses keep coming up in your search, or you are getting the same property proposals from different agencies and online portals. This is because most Ibiza properties are listed with a minimum of 3 agencies (exclusive mandates are a rarity on the island), and all these agencies use different images, names, titles, and (to the frustration of everyone) sometimes even different prices or stats. These differences in presentation will have you believe that you are looking at different properties when in actual fact, they might very likely be the same. As incredulous as it might sound, it is not uncommon for clients who have asked for a viewing, to get to a property and tell us that they have actually already visited it with another agency – they just thought it was a different one from looking at the presentation!

    Another catch is that often properties that have already been sold, stay listed on the internet as still for sale. The reason? Some agencies keep them in their portfolios to attract more clients and receive more leads, especially when their own supply is low. However, another reason is that some owners (sellers) have their properties listed with so many agents and portals, that even they get confused and forget to update and inform everyone, so sometimes it can take 6 months or even longer before all the websites have been accurately updated. Avoiding such a waste of time for all parties is one of the reasons why we recommend sellers to sign an exclusive sales mandate choosing to work with just one agency.

    Lastly, another very important point to keep in mind when it comes to the "supply" in the Ibiza property market, is the fact that some owners list their property for sale for what would be considered by an above-market price, just to see if there is any interest and without any real intention of selling unless they receive a lucrative offer.

    As we have seen, property supply in Ibiza, while it might seem quite formidable at first sight, is in reality not so high after all. Demand, on the other hand, an indicator much less manipulable, is high and rising. Since the last big economic crisis which started in 2007/8 and saw a drop in demand (and thus prices) in Ibiza’s property market, demand has risen steadily and by now far beyond any pre-crisis numbers. Even last year (the dreaded 2020), after the first Covid-19 lockdown, property sales have been rolling in steadily island-wide.

    The new #workingfromhome culture and a prevailing desire to be close to nature and away from hyper populated urban virus hotspots, have made Ibiza, with its lightly populated natural character, a prime location for those international property buyers, who prefer to spend the next lockdown with a sea view. Plus, as an investment advisor would tell you, what’s better than to get your assets put in stone in uncertain times?

    All in all, when analysing the Ibiza property market, we find there to be not a lot of "real" supply but strong demand. So what does that teach us for our jungle survival training?

    1. Firstly, it sheds some light on the Ibiza property market’s overall price point and its armour against national or international market fluctuations.
    2. It teaches property buyers to not be fooled by the apparent high supply, therefore to examine each property carefully and begin to know the landscape.
    3. Most importantly, it teaches us that we need to be ready to act fast, as soon as we have found our ideal property we need to strike with minimal hesitation: a low supply market is a competitive market.
    Ibiza real estate

    Building restrictions: Patience is a Virtue

    Those amongst you who have had the privilege of visiting this stunning island will know what I mean when I say: Wow, what a beauty! From sandy and rocky beaches, lustrous sunsets, to rolling green hills and spectacular views of the glistening sapphire sea… Ibiza wins our hearts not (only!) for its world-famous clubbing scene, its regular mention in the international press and popular culture or its unique vibe and fusion of lifestyles (think: hippy-meets-millionaire), but mostly because of its, perhaps unspectacular but certainly unpretentious, sincere and somewhat magical natural beauty. This is why we all have to be more than grateful for the government’s attempts at conserving Ibiza’s rural charm via building restrictions.

    However, if you are considering buying land in Ibiza to build your own home, or even just to buy a run-down property to renovate and enjoy or re-sell; let the following be a warning to you: Ibiza’s urbanistic building regulations are strict.

    Not only is it increasingly difficult to get a building licence to build a new home, even if everything is in your favour and on paper you should receive one, make yourself comfortable because you are in for a long wait. Whether it is to build a house from scratch or to integrally renovate a property, both licence applying processes are time-consuming and not without their respective complications (I will not go into too much detail here, as this subject merits its very own "A survival guide for Ibiza’s urbanistic laws and regulations" article!).

    So let me be clear, you will be familiar with the Spanish saying of "mañana, mañana" (tomorrow, tomorrow), a cultural testament to the Spanish laissez-faire, laid back approach to most things; but here we are talking about Ibiza, where the correct saying on this specific subject would go: "not mañana or even next year.. but maybe the year after…"

    This information is by no means meant to demotivate or dishearten you; but when heading into the jungle, knowing how long your trip will be and preparing for what awaits you is paramount to your survival. And as contrived as this might sound, it is the simple and important truth, that as long as you have the right agent by your side who can advise you on the basics and refer you to trustworthy professionals and experts on the subject, such as lawyers and LOCAL architects, you will be perfectly fine, and your dream within reach!

    The Issue with A-legality

    This is a very important point, and a complex one at that, so let’s get right to it: Basically, you have to accept that if you want to buy a house in Ibiza, you have to deal with some illegality issues.

    The reason for this is a direct causal reaction to the point above the building restrictions. Anytime you wish to renovate your home, extend it, add or change the pool, or just cover your terrace or change the tiles, you should apply for a licence. As we have learned above, it takes very long to get these licenses approved… if at all!

    In the past, during Ibiza’s early days, no one really thought of or, frankly, cared much about any building rules or regulations, so most people just went ahead and followed their hearts’ desire without a second thought about the necessary paperwork. However, with the influx of foreign property buyers and specifically property investors, Ibiza would have drowned in new constructions if the government had not stepped in and started to monitor and enforce urbanistic laws and regulations.

    The fact that around 90% of non-newly built homes in Ibiza have had some kind of structural modification in the past but are missing the correct licenses, means that these modifications or additions are now in some form of Legal-limbo: due to the "Statute of Limitations" they cannot be destroyed or taken down (which by the way would result in 70+% of small or big parts of Ibiza homes being demolished, like garages, annexes, closed in porches), but they can also not be legalised. Enter, what we call, A-legal.

    But knowing which parts are legal, which parts are at risk, which parts are "truly" illegal, and which parts are A-legal, is not a simple task. It all depends on the classification of the land, the age of the buildings, the date of certain constructions, the height and the distances to borders, and much more. A professional agent should always let you know the exact legal situation and give you as much information about it as possible.

    Keep in mind that prices differ when a property has many Il- or A- legalities. That renovated property that you have seen with amazing sea views for a bargain probably has some issues (or might just be next to a road).

    Either way, it is important for you to know and understand that you will not get very far in your Ibiza real estate journey if the word "illegal" scares you; to realise your property dreams you have to look fear in the eye and tame the beast or have a good agent by your side.

    The Issue with A-legality in Ibiza

    Pirates of the Pityuses

    Have you ever noticed that the high, sea-facing walls of Dalt Vila (Ibiza’s fortified old town) are lined with canon bomb craters? These are remnants of the many pirate attacks the island experienced throughout its history and which have resulted in its affectionate nick-name: "Pirate Island".

    Ibiza’s fortified old town - Dalt Vila

    Nowadays, the only pirates left are the island’s so-called real estate pirates, out to make big wins with small effort and zero accountability. In Spain, you do not need any training nor diploma to register as a real estate agent. Anyone with a website and some contacts can call themselves a realtor. In some instances it goes as far as some "agents" using images from other agencies to list a property online, only to get leads from clients and then try to sell you something without knowing really how to get the deal to the notary and any knowledge of the market, later approaching the agency that has the actual sale mandate for collaboration.

    However, the job does not only consist of having properties online and showing them, there is a whole world behind the scenes (a glimpse of which I have shared with you in this article) that is just as important. Our buyers often tell us, and I cannot stress the fact enough, just how important it is in Ibiza’s real estate market to fully trust your agent and to make sure they know how to close the deal, as to avoid any rude morning-after-notary awakenings.

    Murky transparency

    In most countries, when you sell a property, you need to have all your paperwork in order, get an architect’s approval that the house is in a good state, etc. In Ibiza, this is not a requirement, which effectively means that you buy what you see and with the paperwork that is there.

    In addition, only very few institutions have access to property sales data such as final sales prices, as this is not public data in Spain. Therefore, many homeowners curious to know their property’s worth, inform themselves exclusively on online real estate sites to get an idea of price. Here they might compare their home with one of similar size or views, however, what they often don’t realise is that there are a lot of asking prices that are just that: asking prices. They are not sales prices. And there are no regulations of prices either. A professional, experienced agent, who has access to their own database of sales statistics, will always be able to tell you if the property you are interested in is priced correctly. Similarly, a homeowner wishing to sell their property in a timely manner should also consult with an established agency to receive a professional valuation based on real market statistics and sales prices, rather than the murky world of online asking prices.

    So, how to survive in the Ibiza real estate jungle?

    I hope this article has shed some light on the many challenges that await you in the Ibiza real estate jungle!

    The most important thing to remember is that with the right mindset and the right help anything is possible and dreams do come true on this beautiful White Isle.

    Get yourself an agent that is professional and experienced, that you can trust and that you know will get the job done. Here at Prestige Properties, our agents would be more than happy to become this person for you. And if you find a property online that you’d like to see, but is not listed on the Prestige website, just ask your Prestige agent about it. We know most properties that are for sale, so there might be a reason we didn’t choose to list it. Also, we work in close collaboration with about 20 of the most professional agencies on the island, so we can always ask our partners about it.

    So hang in there tight and I will hopefully see you around!

    Inge and your jungle survival experts; Prestige Properties Ibiza

    *Disclaimer: this article was written in an informal fashion, simply to introduce readers to some of the topics of the real estate market in Ibiza. For official numbers and legal information please check out our "Property Buyers Guide" here.

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      The benefits of living in the countryside – why Ibiza is an ideal option


      Living in the countryside, surrounded by nature, and incorporating a more sustainable lifestyle has never been a more desirable life choice, than this year 2020, since the start of the pandemic.

      From the summer of 2020 and onwards, the media have been reporting the consistent interest of the general population to escape from the globe’s busiest cities and to return to the countryside, whether in the short or long-term. People have been actively fleeing overcrowded cities, noise, and pollution, and alternatively seeking a drastic change, with life out in the open, in quiet and sparsely inhabited spaces; all to be as far away as possible from the adverse effects of the virus.

      One of the main benefits of living in the countryside is the purity of the air. The reason is very simple, the low volume of vehicles and environmentally damaging components mean air pollution is low. In fact, a study by the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs reveals that people living in the countryside have fewer respiratory problems due to this very reason.


      Personal well-being and the practice of "Slow Living" is also a key benefit of countryside living. A lifestyle that invites individuals to become more aware of themselves, achieving a greater connection with Mother-Nature, and ultimately appreciating all that is good and beautiful in their surroundings and daily lives.

      Imagine the scent of a wild rose… Or the sound of goldfinches singing and fluttering around at sunset… In practicing mindfulness, we learn to appreciate the beauty of nature and the multiple benefits of the rural world, developing an inherent sense of gratefulness, which is said to increase happiness and general well-being. Through slowing down and developing awareness, we ultimately improve our mental health and prevent disorders such as stress and anxiety.

      Adapting to a "slower" lifestyle can initially feel difficult and the change quite abrupt. However, when considering our sensory dependence on the over-stimulation generated through contact with the city, initial ‘teething-periods’ and uncomfortable feelings are to be expected. Research demonstrates adaptation is usually quick and brings about very positive long-term changes, including an increase in energy due to the improvement of the quality of sleep, and its effectiveness in repairing and restoring cells to optimal health. In fact, in the United Kingdom and Ireland, doctors have begun to integrate into their prescriptions the idea of going for walks in nature as a measure to alleviate stress and improve mental and physical health.

      In July of this year, Esquire Magazine talked about ‘The New Ibiza’, in which it drew parallels with the Ibiza of the ´80s, where visitors flowed with the breeze and to the rhythm of the New Age sound of Sade, connected with nature and its artistic sensitivity. Maybe some of you still remember?

      Living in the countryside: The village of Buscastell, Ibiza

      Today, we wanted to introduce you to one of the "healthiest" and most natural villages on our island: Buscastell. This small village of about 1,000 inhabitants, located between San Antonio and San Rafael, in the center-west of Ibiza, is the picture-perfect setting for those interested in the benefits of living in a rural setting.

      Buscastell is an agricultural area with five square kilometers of fertile and cultivable land, distributed across beautiful Ibicencan terraces on different levels, and, not to mention, where the spring of es Broll resides, the most important aquifer of Ibiza. The feeling here is one of absolute peace and tranquillity.

      Amongst the orchards, the murmur of the water coming from the torrent follows its course with small rises, passing pools, and numerous canals and ditches whose origins date back to the period of Arab domination.

      It is here in Buscastell, where the prestigious architect Jaime Romano, created one of his most renowned projects: Villa Natura Buscastells. The property is the perfect blend of an authentic estate with all the modern comforts for contemporary living.

      This property for sale has a fertile 80,000 m2 plot of land, with enough space to have your own vegetable allotment, and even start a new business venture, using the area’s natural resources in a sustainable way.

      Villa Natura Buscatells Ibiza
      Villa Natura Buscatell in Ibiza's countryside
      Villa Natura Buscatells Ibiza's countryside

      The gardens are filled with flowers, plants, fruit trees, and a large vineyard as well as boasting an impressive 20-meter infinity pool, with plenty of chill-out spaces and outdoor showers.

      The 450 m2 house is located in the southern part of the plot. From the main room and all of the bedrooms, the views overlook the wondrous valley in front. The spacious living room and dining room linked with an open-plan approach and huge sliding glass doors connecting the internal and external areas. The kitchen is certainly one of your favourite spaces, perfectly equipped for authentic Ibicencan and homemade cooking.

      Villa Natura Buscastells also has a total of four spacious and luminous double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The Master is an outstanding room with views over the valley and sliding glass doors that can be hidden into the walls, creating a unique open and infinite feeling with the great outdoors.

      If your dream is to be able to live with your family in Buscastells, don’t forget that the small village also has a public rural school for Infants and Primary School. And if you want to practice sport, there are also many routes and paths for hiking and cycling in the area.

      We want to promote the continuous journey of improving health and quality of life! Everything can start with a simple step; exchanging your busy city lifestyle for a country home on the wonderful island of Ibiza could be the first one to take.

      Interested in knowing more about the Municipality where Buscatell resides, San Antonio de Portmany? Then check out our in-depth guide and property article here.

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        Inside Ibiza’s most Exclusive Villas and Luxury Homes

         Ibiza’s most Exclusive Villas and Luxury Homes

        Ultimate luxury can often be associated with living or vacating in a lavish home that can offer exceptional quality to its guests. Whether we refer to a rare architectural gem, impeccable interior design and decor, large landscaped grounds, the authenticity, rarity and history of a house, or quite simply the divine location and the breathtaking views on offer; an exceptional property confidently guarantees an exclusive lifestyle opportunity.

        Villa Ibiza sea view

        Defining Exclusivity & Luxury in Ibiza

        When referring to the term ‘luxury’, ‘exclusive’, or ‘prestige’, we must account for the versatile considerations of the term itself. Defining such terminology is relative to the client in question and therefore may vary from person to person. What defines ‘luxury’ for one may not be the same for another!

        However, when defining the exclusivity of properties here on the white island of Ibiza, we tend to refer to those homes that are at the very top of the property market, whether purchasing or renting. Those residences that hold in excess of a million price tag, offer expansive grounds, strike curiosity in style with high-end fixtures and furnishings or boast of phenomenal panoramic views of the island. These incredible residences prove ‘luxury and exclusivity’ are matched to rare sophistication, size, location and an expensive price tag.

        Some of the most exclusive homes with luxury amenities will also often offer fully serviced property managers and household staff, to ensure the luxury of these properties goes beyond the villa itself. Thus, proving these homes are more than just unique and unparalleled when compared to the general market, but also require high levels of maintenance, care and hosting of its visitors or owners by skillful and trained personnel.

        In terms of location, Ibiza is divided into five regions, Eivissa, Santa Eularia, Sant Antoni, Sant Josep and Sant Joan. Each one of these regions offer a different culture and this can be equally reflective of housing style and property values.

        Although each area certainly provides a variety of luxury properties, the majority of higher-end properties on the market are predominantly located in the popular municipality of San Josep, quickly followed by Santa Eulalia, with San Joan boasting of the highest value per square metre, due to a very low supply versus demand scenario, when referring to sales.

        Within the municipalities of San Jose and Santa Eulalia we find a collection of private urbanisations and secure gated communities such as Roca Llisa, Can Rimbau, Vista Alegre, Can Furnet, Cala Conta 33, Sabina Estates and The White Angel, where a vast majority of these status homes are to be found.

        Villa Noemi pool with sea view

        History of the Exclusive Property Market

        The property and tourism market have swiftly developed over the past 50 years. Landing on the island during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s offered a more rural and humble environment, as the island of Ibiza began to see the very start of its real tourism.

        As tourism moved into the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Ibiza saw an influx of celebrity clientele. Famous artists like Freddie Mercury, George Micheal, Grace Jones and Jimi Hendrix frequented the island and were known to visit Pikes Hotel and Las Dalias regularly.

        Ibiza adopted a clientele of artists, bohemian lifestylers and affluent youth looking for an alternate lifestyle. This significant tourism development, cultural change and visiting of high-profile celebrities, moved the island to reach a far higher standard than ever before.

        By the late 1980’s, Ibiza started to become a point of reference for the ‘discotech’ culture, where many travelled from across Europe for its lively nightlife and club scene. This was supported by the attraction for nautical activity, where motor-boats and super yacht chartering became a huge industry, and continued to push the travel economy into a first-class destination.

        Spectacular beaches, great weather conditions, the surge of beach clubs and chiringuitos, regular DJ’s, plus ever-evolving creativity and development continued to increase the island’s global recognition; which in turn, bought even more luxury clientele by the mid 1990’s and onwards, including footballer’s, movie stars, high profile businessmen and influencers.

        Ibiza has experienced nothing less than a tremendous transition from farmland, locals and many Arabic residents, to an island known across the globe for its beauty, exclusivity and innovative social and nightlife scene. Naturally, as the attractiveness of Ibiza increased and the island’s potential skyrocketed, so did the real estate market, whereby generating exclusive holiday and second home properties was high on the agenda.

        Land and property development opportunities quickly became available, where famous architects, investors and property agents set themselves in motion and established renovating old finca farmhouses into artisan vacation homes (for those affluent bohemian lifestylers), to building brand-new Miami standard, white complexes and contemporary exclusive homes (with the focus on the more fashionable and private luxury clients).

        Ibiza Old Town later being declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1999, and the ‘Natural Parc de Salines’ including much of Formentera also being listed as protected as a Natural Reserve, only added to the island’s cultural and natural wealth, whereby property market values and the travel economy has been on the up ever since.

        And, of course there are some pretty spectacular properties out there!

        We take a look through the keyhole, inside some of the most exclusive villas in Ibiza.

        Exclusive Villas with Ibiza Prestige

        Villa Pearl

        Villa Pearl is a stunning 6 bedroom holiday villa located in one of the most affluent areas on the island, Es Cubells. This south-facing property is known for its magnificent panoramic views, looking across the glistening Mediterranean Sea and out towards the Isle of Formentera.

        Villa Pearl is designed and decorated with bright interiors which allow floods of natural light and the surrounding sea views directly into all of it’s living spaces.

        Grab a refreshing cocktail at the free-standing garden bar and watch the world go by from one of the many chill-out areas or directly from the large infinity pool. If you can manage to pull yourself away from this beautiful home, a brief 5 min walk leads directly down to the local sandy beach for an extra special private feature.

        Villa Pearl Ibiza Luxury Villa with stunning sea view
        Can Rocas

        Can Rocas is a magnificent 5 bedroom modern villa located between Ibiza and San José. This newly renovated home comes with stunning ethnic touches and a sober blend of design. The internal openings lead directly out onto the well-designed exteriors and surrounding lush gardens.

        Relax in this secret haven of tropical gardens, hidden in the midst of a beautiful pine forest and be enticed to spend time lounging and soaking up the natural surroundings where you can let go of life’s troubles under the heat of the summer sun.

        Can Rocas Magnificent modern villa near the beaches, between Ibiza and San José
        Villa Unica

        Villa Unica is a 200-year old, refurbished 5 bedroom finca farmhouse, with state-of-the-art features. The house embodies a clever mix between contemporary architecture with traditional insular constructions and offers breathtaking panoramic sea and countryside views.

        This Gaudi inspired home is surrounded by 3 hectares of lush Mediterranean gardens, where fruit trees and colourful bougainvillea grow. Villa Unica features an extra special opportunity to engage in a full self-care retreat, with a fully equipped massage room from a mountain top peaceful location.

        Villa Unica Ibiza Luxury Villa
        Villa Everland

        Villa Everland is a spectacular 4 double bedroom villa consisting of a main house of and a separate 2 bedroom guest house, located at the top of a beautiful hill, in the Sant Josep de Talaia area.

        The villa is oriented to the south with fantastic views overlooking Playa den Bossa, Salinas and Formentera. The properties elegant and fashionable interiors are contrasted with an outstanding exterior, boasting lots of authentic charm, lush palm-filled gardens with plenty of courtyard and entertainment spaces to create the perfect Mediterranean vacation ambience.

        villa Everland Ibiza - Luxury Exclusive Villa
        Sa Caleta Hills

        Sa Caleta Hills is a beautiful 3 bedroom, located high in the mountainous hillside behind the bay of Sa caleta and Cala Jondal. This beautiful home is stylishly designed with the majority of furnishings custom made and specifically designed for the property itself.

        Sa Caleta Hills offers luxury views of the sea and surrounding countryside, where outdoor living is an absolute dream from this lush Mediterranean garden, comprising an infinity pool with vast terraces, ample sunbathing options and shaded areas to relax and enjoy family and friends.

        Sa Caleta Hills Exclusive Villa Ibiza with stunning sea view
        Ca Na Xica

        Ca Na Xica is a truly stunning luxury holiday rental villa with spectacular views towards Cala Jondal. This 4 bedroom property, with an additional 2 bedroom annex homes with astonishing design, resort-like amenities, world-class arts, and amazing attention to detail that is guaranteed to impress. This spectacular villa is completed by a unique amphitheater cinema set around a private lake, and an oasis spa set within tropical trees.

        In addition the exteriors offer a heated pool, beach volleyball court, petanque pitch, outdoor kitchen, al fresco dining area with a BBQ, plenty of chill out spaces and a jacuzzi. The complete Hollywood experience and a vacation home not to be forgotten.

        Ca Na Xica Exclusive Ibiza Villa
        Villa Centello

        Villa Centello is an impressive mountain-top property located on the San Jose Road, which is perfectly located for the beaches of the southwest and the nightlife of Ibiza Town. This six bedroom house offers two vast suites in addition to an annex accommodation, and boasts of some of the best southerly views over Salinas and Formentera.

        Villa Centello, offers spectacular exteriors with an array of terraces, a salt infinity pool, various peaceful waterfall features and spacious chill-out zones to enjoy each and every aspect of the properties grounds. This house is managed by a property manager and is fully staffed, completing the entire 5-star hotel treatment.

        VILLA CENTELLEO Luxury & Exclusive Villa Ibiza with view
        Casa Sun

        Casa Sun is a magnificent holiday rental villa near the area of Cala Jondal. This 5 double bedroom property comes with breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and Cap d’es Falcó in the distance.

        The villa is built on several levels with a stylish approach to decor and hints of eastern worldly and oriental furnishings and art. With a large pool, many terrace areas, outside dining, bowling, jacuzzi and a gym; this home is filled with plenty of leisure activities and options to create a family, event or celebration holiday to remember.

        Casa Sun Exclusive Villa in San Jose' Ibiza
        Villa Jumali

        Villa Jumali is a modern, contemporary 6 bedroom villa located in the exclusive private gated community of Vista Alegre, close by to Es Cubells. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and an exceptional view over Formentera and the Porroig Peninsula, this recently built home boasts of beautiful interior and exterior design.

        The villa nestles among an oasis of tropical vegetation with several terraces, a large swimming pool, a ‘beach area’ for children, jacuzzi and a massage area, which perfectly blend a modern contemporary styling with a traditional Ibizan rustic ambience.


        Why Choose Ibiza

        Aside from the exceptional standard of luxury villas and immaculately restored rustic fincas on offer, the magical white Island of Ibiza perfectly resides in the midst of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, with 300 days of glorious sunshine spreading across the entire year.

        From the beautiful hills and rural countryside in the north, to the white sanded A-list beaches, or our rustic hidden coves and super yachts adorning the harbours, Ibiza offers visitors and locals alike everything from a relaxed bohemian vibe, nature trails, typical resort vacations, to a very up-market and trending atmosphere.

        The towns and villages are laced with typical authentic white washed buildings, central churches, ancient history, artisan markets, boutiques and a multitude of global culinary experiences. Well renowned for hosting world-class DJs, as well as some of the largest and most creative nightclubs, Ibiza offers hundreds of thrilling nightlife opportunities from electronic music, summer clubbing, live performances, festivals and all day beach clubs.

        For those who are passionate about nature and leisure activities, the island boasts of plenty of watersports, diving, snorkelling and golfing to enjoy. Boating enthusiasts pile to the Balearic Islands by the bucket full each year, where Ibiza has become a desirable destination for families, groups of friends, young and old, the rich and famous, and celebrities from around the world.

        No matter your culture, vacating style or your budget, Ibiza has something on offer for everybody! Shop around and you’ll be sure to find your dream holiday rental for an enjoyable vacation in Ibiza!

        Our team is always ready to help you along your buyer’s journey and ensure you discover your dream home with Prestige Properties Ibiza – contact us today!

        Our vacation villas have also recently expanded. Why not, book your Ibiza villa with us for the season 2021.

        Do you have any questions or need more info?
        Send us a message and we will get back as quickly as possible!

          [Interview] Ibiza 2020 and Property Market Update with Prestige Properties Ibiza

          A new interview with Victor, Partner & Sales Director of Prestige Properties Ibiza, about Covid-19 in Ibiza and the effect on the Island’s Property Market

          What is open and available for tourists visiting the island this summer 2020?

          The summer of 2020 has certainly encountered a slow start due to recent global events. However, with national flights between the Balearics and mainland Spain occurring from late June and international flights from July 1st, Ibiza is now officially open for the majority and enjoying a different, yet remarkable tourism season considering the circumstances.

          The good news is, all of the island’s outdoor spaces are now open for public use which includes all the beaches, marinas, outdoor activity spaces such as tennis clubs, golfing, water sports and diving clubs, general group water activities like paddle boarding and kayak excursions, boating as well as land leisure activities such as hiking and cycling.

          Most restaurants, bars and shops are back to business with more places opening each and every day. We have been pleasantly surprised at the atmospheric vibrancy of the food and beverage industry and could not be happier for businesses to be flourishing again. The only main difference when compared to previously, is the night clubs still remain closed.

          Victor, Partner & Sales Director of Prestige Properties Ibiza

          What activities would you recommend for tourists visiting this season and why?

          Ibiza is the ideal island to explore and get acquainted with the beautiful hidden gems on offer. During July, August and most of September the island is usually extremely busy, which often leaves many visitors reluctant to hire a car and hit the road with the intense traffic and lack of parking in so many spots.

          This year is an optimal summer to take a touring opportunity and adventure around different beach coves, restaurants and towns, which may otherwise be less desirable during the height of the season for most.

          We would highly recommend any kind of outdoor leisure activities. Ibiza is an ideal place for cycling, playing tennis, snorkeling, night canoeing and taking a fun day with paddle boards out to sea. There are so many great opportunities and activities across the island to engage in and enjoy Ibiza’s natural side.

          With fewer people this year, these activities feel all the more special and gain an extra sense of wide open space and quiet retreat. There are many companies that specialize in offering tours and activities for visitors to enjoy.

          Formentera is an absolute must visit. With its crystalline waters and white sands, this small sister island of Ibiza will feel very much like a personal tropical island this season. Whether renting a boat or catching the ferry from Ibiza’s Marina or Santa Eulalia, spending the day in Formentera with its spectacular beaches, luxury seafront restaurants and seeing it’s glorious sunsets is nothing short of a perfect summer day in our opinion.

          Cala Saladeta Summer 2020

          What is new in Ibiza this year?

          Every year in Ibiza new and exciting venues open and join the lively social aspect of the island. Here are the top latest additions to our home which we are sure are worth a visit during your next Ibiza holiday!

          Hotel W – Santa Eulalia

          W Ibiza is a much anticipated brand new 5-star seafront hotel boasting of luxury suites, fine dining restaurant, regular nightlife music and Dj sets as well as a stunning health, wellness and spa centre. W Ibiza strikes a pose on the palm-fringed, sand-drenched beachfront of Santa Eulalia. This is where you get to stay and play with a brand that was made for the White Isle. The hotel comes complete with its very own yet separate seafront Chiringuito Blue Restaurant and a Vegan VE Cafe.

          Alma Beach Bar and Restaurant – Port des Torrent

          Alma Beach Ibiza is a brand new boho chic styled beach bar and restaurant situated directly on the beach of Port des Torrent, who are committed to an ibizan lifestyle concept in hospitality. The restaurant offers three different restaurant proposals, sunset, brasas and wellness, with one common denominator: to promote healthy cuisine with top quality ingredients.

          Alma Beach Ibiza is a unique place in which to enjoy the magical moments that the Pitiusa island has to offer.

          Alma Beach Ibiza 2020

          Bam-Bu-Ku – San Antonio

          Bam-Bu-Ku brought to Ibiza by the famous west end O Beach, a new family friendly day experience to San Antonio. A perfect opportunity for anyone looking for a lazy day under the Mediterranean sunshine, overlooking the pool whilst sprawled out on the luxury venue beds, complete with a personal waiter service. Here you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in a paradisiacal restaurant featuring a wanderlust menu of tropical fusion cuisine.

          Bam-Bu-Ku-Ibiza 2020

          Es Birra – Es Cana

          Es Birra Ibiza is Es Canar’s new socialite place to be if you’re located in the Santa Eulalia area. The old original night club of the 90’s has been taken over by a group of young and innovative individuals where craft beer, a typical gastronomical matching menu and a variety of live music genres exists. Es Birra brings forth a brand new trendy venue with plenty of indoor and outdoor space and an authentic Ibizan tribe.

          ES Birra Es Cana Ibiza 2020

          WOW – San Rafel

          WOW is a house for people to meet, gather and enjoy tantalising cocktails, pure, honest, raw and refined food combined with vintage furniture and retro interiors. It’s everything from a co-working space, to brunches at the weekend, art exhibitions and an array of seating areas to suit any mood.

          How do you think the island will be different without the nightclub tourism scene this season?

          The island is definitely much quieter than usual for this time of the year and we hope this knowledge encourages visitors and potential visitors of tourism, that quieter is in fact safer, with less overcrowding.

          This means we are encountering more families, couples and low key groups of friends from across Europe as a result of the nightclub scene remaining closed and also many of the big tour operator hotels, which is setting a very different tone to the island.

          With less extremes over the summer, the overall atmosphere and vibe has to date been more relaxed and demonstrates a similar collective of tourists, which would normally be seen during low season in Ibiza.

          Formentera beach summer 2020

          What measurements and regulations have been set in Ibiza for health and safety management that tourists and visitors need to be aware of?

          If you are visiting or considering visiting Ibiza in the coming months, we would like everybody to feel reassured that Ibiza tourism and lifestyle is continuing on a positive path and is open for your enjoyment.

          Certain regulations and safety measures are set to keep everyone feeling welcomed and able to enjoy their surroundings whilst still minimising overcrowding. Social distancing measures of 2m and facial masks continue in all indoor public spaces such as shops and supermarkets etc.

          The Balearic Islands recently made an extra adjustment to their current measurements in relation to the health and safety standards for all citizens and tourists who are visiting this season 2020. On Monday 13th July, a minor addition was made, similar to other European countries, whereby facial protective masks must be worn in all open spaces within urban areas, instead of only in closed public spaces.

          Outdoor living and social events such as relaxing on beaches, swimming, sporting activities, eateries, walking and exploring the countryside can continue as normal, mask free!

          The general expectation of the public within these outdoor settings is to maintain respect for one another and uphold social distancing between smaller groups and others as well as reducing overcrowding as much as possible.

          All public businesses including food and beverage industries have been advised on strict health and safety standards including all members of staff checking temperatures before each working shift and the utilisation of masks at all times when serving customers.

          For more information on our current safety measurements please see our recent publication "Summer 2020: The Use of Face Masks in Ibiza" !

          Formentera paradise - pic taken from formentera.es

          Winter in Ibiza

          Do you envision a shift in seasonal tourism or an extension of the summer this year?

          We hope the latter part of the summer season will be stronger compared to the beginning of the main season and for this to continue into the early part of the winter also.

          The main season has started slowly so we hope to see September and October as good months for the local economy. We don’t envision big changes, but ultimately it will all depend on the evolution of the health and well being of the current COVID-19 circumstances and the public here in Ibiza.

          What is the meaning of "Veroño"?

          Veroño is a term made up of two Spanish words, Verano (meaning Summer) and Otoño (meaning Autumn). The term is the way we express the continuation of summer into the autumn months, and the beautiful spring-like after seasons we experience here on the Island from October through to early December.

          The sea remains warm long after the big crowds leave and the weather usually stays warm and pleasant well into November. Most restaurants and businesses stay open until Christmas and for islanders, Veroño is almost like a quiet, tranquil spring setting with the majority of low-season opportunities and social events, including a few authentic parties to mark the end of the season and celebrate with each other. Winter for us starts officially in January.

          Have you ever been to Ibiza during Veroño? Check out our latest blog.

          sunset in Ibiza

          What is exciting about the winter time in Ibiza?

          Peace and rest. For most of us it is time to regenerate and spend quality time with our families, friends and among nature. Work is always quieter, but it allows the opportunity to prepare and get creative with new fresh ideas for the following season.

          What secret hidden gems would you recommend to discover in Ibiza during the off-season?

          During the summer season, many of us are busy working and are unable to find time to take on extra activities, especially under the heat, overcrowding and traffic on the island.

          Winter offers the perfect space and weather to remember why we live here. There are so many beautiful spots to explore, hills to hike and local all-year round restaurants to visit. Ibiza is never short of a beautiful day out and there’s always something new and undiscovered, even for those that have been here as locals for many years.

          Sa Talaia, the highest point on the island offers a fantastic hike with outstanding mountain top views. The hills in San Juan are also of incredible value for nature lovers. To simply experience a coffee in a local Ibizan bar among locals or to visit the natural springs of San Mateo, near Can Suleyetas, and then grab a tasty bocadillo, are simply priceless experiences that residents treasure during the winter time.

          Current Ibiza Property Market

          Are clients’ still actively seeking to buy property in Ibiza and have there been any significant changes in the Ibiza Property Market since the announcement of the Global Pandemic?

          What we have evidently seen to date has been very encouraging. The online interest and activity has remained very strong with an increase in interactions (requests, website visits) from potential and future clients during the lockdown period. It appears many were utilising their quarantine to research and pursue buying their desired property in Ibiza.

          Buyers are far from changing their mind. Since July, viewings have resumed and many clients are arriving on the island to continue their property search now that the flights have reopened. So we can say that all is very active, yes!

          We are generally not expecting the property market to have a drop, mainly because the demand is high and the supply is always very low in Ibiza.

          We would simply advise anyone looking to buy a property in Ibiza to follow their projects and make sure you continue to work with experienced professionals and remain fully informed and updated.

          It is still very early to predict the level of impact in the long-term. There will inevitably be changes and marked impressions on a global scale. However, Ibiza has always proven to be a solid market, so if you are well informed, you will be sure to make a good profitable decision.

          Cana Xica villa Ibiza

          What is the best advice you could offer those considering or currently with a buy to rent property in Ibiza ?

          Individual situations for those looking for buy-to-rent properties and tourism licenses will very much depend on the individual needs, their mortgages, general income and their dependency on tourism rentals as a main source of income.

          However, we would highly recommend any client to consider the long term prospects, have a good strategy about pricing and think about beginning to build a good client base (which can be done by selecting a strong agent). Ibiza is a very desirable tourism hotspot across the globe and is guaranteed to drive revenue in the long-term.

          Future Outlook 

          How has Prestige Properties Ibiza as a business and a team had to adapt to recent events and how do you perceive the near future to look like as a company?

          We all had to adapt during the past few months. Working from home, working part time and taking care of our families. Gaining a new work-life balance has not been an easy time for any of us.

          Proudly, we as a team have worked closely together and hard to improve every part of the business and the service we offer to the island and our clients, which makes us positive about the future. We are ready to work our way whatever comes our way.

          We have stayed open throughout. All our agents have been active. We have been spending more time than ever finalising our website and the presentation of our properties, as well as setting up our new virtual viewings service.

          Potential buyers have still been able to get a closer feel for properties on the market and have been able to fully continue with their buyers journey.

          Do you think the tourism industry will be strongly affected in the upcoming season 2021?

          We will all have to continue to adapt to the circumstances and our ‘new normality’. Many agents have offered 2021 secure risk free bookings and more last minute deals for 2020.

          The important thing to remember is to keep all safety measures and the well-being of the public as our main priority as an island and in business. Ultimately 2021 will depend on the evolution of the virus. We hope 2021 will resume back to normal and see a much improved tourism season, as a company we will be prepared as much as possible in advance for both the best and worst case scenario.

          What can the local community, businesses and visitors do to ensure we are all supporting one another positively?

          As previously mentioned, the general expectation of the public within both indoor and outdoor settings is to maintain respect for one another and uphold social distancing and safety measures.

          It is of utmost importance all visitors respect the beauty of the island and dispose of masks correctly into the recycling bins and not leave for others to clean up, especially on the beaches.

          Lastly, if individuals do not feel fit to travel or feel unwell on arrival, then please follow the guidelines and ensure everyone is kept safe.

          Thanks for staying updated with Prestige Properties Ibiza. We hope you enjoy your stay in Ibiza this season 2020.

          If you are considering travelling to Ibiza this year and are still yet to book accommodation, then why not check out our Ibiza holiday villas on offer.

          Our team members are always ready to help you with your travel opportunities and are happy to assist you with any of your questions, so get in touch with us today!

          Are you considering to buy a property in Ibiza?

          Do you have any questions or need more info?
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            A Prestige Buyer’s Journey: Meet Joanne and Martin Davison

            Meet Prestige clients Joanne and Martin Davison!

            Both are British nationals and live and work in London. Martin is a Chief Financial Officer and Joanne works as a Sports Nutritionist. In 2019 they purchased a renovated Finca in the centre of the island, Can Coll, which they now share with their two teenage children and their extended family. Read on to find out more about their personal journey of finding their dream home in Ibiza…

            Tell us a little bit about your first experiences in Ibiza…

            Our first trip was a beautifully peaceful experience which was a surprise as Ibiza is renowned as the party place. We fell in love immediately with the beautiful beaches, stunning turquoise water and the positive energy we felt.

            What made you want to buy a property in Ibiza?

            It reminded us of California with its relaxed, international vibe and with lots of trees and vegetation. It has good quality restaurants and beaches, and the whole island is easily accessible.

            What kind of property were you looking for and why?

            We wanted a refurbished property with character and in a rural area that would suit our growing family.

            What points were you willing to compromise on and where did you draw the line?

            We were open-minded about the location and the age of the property but would not compromise on it having character and the general ‘feel’ of the house. We had made a list of our "must-haves" several years previously, and Inge at Prestige Properties worked with us to find the most suitable fit.

            Tell us a bit about your general experience of searching for a home in Ibiza?

            We had been looking abroad for at least ten years for a new home, but when we visited Ibiza, we knew that is where we wanted to settle. Like many people, we had been keeping an eye on properties available via the internet. Still, when we visited Prestige Properties and met Inge, we felt we were in good hands with a high-quality agent and a good range of properties on their website.

            What were the biggest challenges you faced during the search process, and was Prestige able to help you overcome some of these?

            It was difficult to reduce the search to a specific area as you can have fantastic properties in areas you might not think about – you need to be open-minded. You have to trust the agent to guide you. We felt Inge got to know us as a family and directed us to areas and houses that best suited our needs.

            What would your main advice to other home buyers, about to embark on a similar journey, be?

            Use a good local lawyer. Also, think carefully about who you are going to use to exchange your money into euros. There are lots of brokers, but do you trust them with your money? We already had an overseas bank with a euro account, and this certainly helped.

            Overall, what difference do you think working with Prestige made in your journey of finding and buying your dream property in Ibiza?

            Inge at Prestige was incredibly helpful and so cheerful, it was great to work with her.

            Finca in Ibiza
            Prestige Properties IBIZA clients

            Do you have any questions or need more info?
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              Land for sale in Ibiza: Realize your mediterranean dream!

              Your Project in the Mediterranean

              Realize your mediterranean dream!

              Imaging building your own style house in the middle of the authentic "campo" (countryside) of the charming island of Ibiza.

              Appreciate the beauty of this nature surrounded by orange, almond and olive trees. Find the small and white villages close by with its local markets.

              Take a deep breath of the pure air, feel the sun on your skin, listen to the silence and enjoy your property!

              Can Juan D’en Serra

              Terreno con Licencia Buscastells

              Proyecto con Licencia San Carlos

              Proyecto Olivo

              Terreno Rovira Cala Salada

              Proyecto con Licencia Cala Moli

              If you don’t want to miss our future videos, feel free to subscribe to
              Prestige Properties Ibiza’s YouTube channel.

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                Ibiza Property Market Report and Forecast 2020

                This Ibiza Property Market Report has been researched and provided by Prestige Properties Ibiza summarising trends over the past 15 years, utilising statistics and impressions from both external and internal sources.

                The analysis draws upon data and figures of property sales and pricing received between 2004 and 2019, and covers house pricing monitored over the course of 2019.

                Home sales Ibiza and Formentera 2004 - 2019

                Ibiza Property Market Price Curve

                The real estate market in Ibiza has demonstrated a durable and stable rhythm in both consumers and house prices over the past 10 years. Following the 2008 financial crisis, Ibiza by comparison to anywhere else in Spain and much of Europe, has exhibited an impressive recovery and a steady increase of both sales and prices.

                However, over the past two years, Ibiza has observed a slight decline in sales. This decline is reflective of recent developments within the newly established planning permission laws here on the island.

                Regulations are now set to ensure all new properties are built under 320sqm in non-urban areas with new build licenses often proving quite hard to obtain and processes being lengthy. Previously built properties on the market can often present legal issues and similar restrictions. While these developments are very positive for the preservation and beauty of Ibiza, it generally leaves a lack of available products. With the strengthening demand for properties, we inevitably find an occurrence of a low supply versus a high demand.

                Opposed to any real estate crisis emerging, the Ibiza Property Market is seeing the value of existing luxury homes stamped as a rare product and even with a dip in sales, the unwavering price curve continues to rise. Therefore, a more mature and sustainable market with long term stability, growth and strength is notable, which indicates a positive future market to come.

                Sales Average Price M2 Ibiza 2005-2019

                Nationalities in the Ibiza Property Market – 2019

                The island of Ibiza has an exceptionally diverse culture attracting many communities predominantly from across Europe as residents, businesses, tourists and investors. International visitors accounted for almost 80% of the total guests in Ibiza during 2019.

                The continuation of international visitors and buyers is the driving demand in Ibiza real estate, proving to raise property values overtime and inevitably improve the overall infrastructure and stability of the property market both in Ibiza and Spain.

                Although statistics for exact nationalities in the Ibiza Property Market are hard to assess, inevitably the British, French and German are incredibly strong, with a marked increase in Belgium and Dutch nationals investing more in property over the past 10 years.

                Ibiza Nationality of Visitors 2019

                Prestige Properties Market 2019

                Ibiza is distinguished by many exclusive and high-end properties. In 2019 the Ibiza Property Market with Prestige Properties Ibiza calculated an average price per sqm of 6.665€.

                The housing market between each municipality naturally varies depending on the style and size of the property, the facilities, surrounding land, panoramic views and the cultural environment of the area.

                The area of San Jose demonstrates the highest demand with a multitude of modern, contemporary and luxurious villas which fulfils many property requirements from international buyers with an average house price of 2.200.000€.

                Eivissa and San Antonio attracts buyers looking for apartments and terrace style housing which can range between 500.000€ – 1.000.000€, whereas in the north, a largely ecological area with a very specific housing style average a price of 2.900.000€. The family friendly area of Santa Eulalia, would average 1.700.000€ for a 250m2 villa with a pool.

                Ibiza Property Market - Prestige Properties Ibiza - Average price per m2 2019

                Typical Properties Per Municipality

                AreaM2Average PriceType
                San Jose3002.200.000€Villa
                Ibiza Town100500.000€ – 1.000.000€Apartment
                Santa Eulalia2501.700.000€Villa
                San Antonio150660.000€.Town House
                North5002.900.000€Country Home

                Conclusion and forecast

                The observed international interest on the island has resulted in an occurrence of a low ‘supply versus high demand’, rendering the Ibiza property market incredibly safe with extremely attractive values on a global scale.

                Following the recent international outbreak of COVID-19, global markets may adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach in the short term. However, although it is difficult to make predictions for the future at this early stage, demand has remained stable during this unprecedented crisis and clients remain positive.

                Recent studies have predicted a potential drop in the Spanish Real Estate market between 5 and 10%. Some areas in the Spanish property market will inevitably be strongly affected by the current crisis.

                However, exclusive locations like Ibiza, are least likely to be moved and we expect to see a year with increased opportunities, some swift sales, yet stable prices for the market in general.

                During the Covid-19 period, we have noticed an overall increase of enquiries and demand for properties on the island via our adapted digital e-working system and new website.

                Here’s an interview with Victor, Partner & Sales Director of Prestige Properties Ibiza, regarding the impact of Covid-19 on the Ibiza Property Market

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