15 Great Reasons to Sell a Property in Ibiza with Prestige Properties

Sell Faster

  1. We are a natural magnet for buyers after more than 35 years leading the market in Ibiza
  2. We invest in extensive marketing on our website, social media and property portals, as well as in print media so that your property will be impossible to be missed
  3. We collaborate with an extensive network of partners which will increase your property’s visibility and chances of a quick sale
  4. We make your property shine in its best light with professional photography, personalised presentations and marketing plans
  5. Our team is highly experienced, trained, professional and motivated
  6. Our history and professionalism inspires confidence and trust in buyers

Sell At The Best Price

  1. Professional market valuations based on continuous collection of market data and access to decades of trends will guarantee that your property will be sold at the best price
  2. We won’t allow your property to get devalued through overexposure or slow reaction time; we control its dissemination into the market, monitor the sales trajectory and advise on how to adjust pricing & market placement accordingly
  3. We advise and assist you with any legal/bureaucratic procedures you might want to take to prevent reduced offers based on problematic paperwork

Enjoy A Stress Free Sale

  1. Don’t worry about a thing – after almost 40 years, there’s nothing we haven’t seen or won’t be able to take care of for you
  2. A bespoke approach – special requests or a preferred way of working? No problem – we’ll adjust to your wishes and preferences
  3. Remove the risks of working with inexperienced, one-man agencies who might lack reliability, transparency and accountability
  4. We guide and advise every step of the way, with transparency and honesty and your best interest at heart
  5. Empathy – It’s an emotional ride, and each one of us understands the journey you are on. Our empathy, understanding and experience will support you every step of the way
  6. Don’t just take our word for it – read here what our clients say about working with us

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