We believe in giving back

Our company’s philosophy is to ensure we advocate an equal balance between economic prosperity, environmental protection, and social stability.

Our Top 5 Actions:

  1. Reducing Co2 Emissions through Calculation and Reduction & Recycling – and, coming soon: Offsetting!
  2. Donating Part of Our Commission of Every Sale and Rental to IbizaPreservation
  3. Regular Contributions to Local Charities Focusing on Social Equality
  4. Supporting Local Sports and Youth Clubs via our UD Ibiza Sponsorship and others
  5. Advocating Green Living & Advice for Ibiza Property Owners and Tenants

At Prestige Properties Ibiza, we understand just how fortunate we are to live on an idyllic island filled with exceptional beauty and natural resources.

These natural resources and this exceptional beauty are what bring both local well-being and prosperity. However, with growing populations and tourism, we must proactively take responsibility and embrace the opportunity to protect and nurture our patch on the planet, Ibiza.

Together we must act, whether as locals, workers, or visitors to maintain a healthy natural environment by protecting biodiversity in freshwater, marine, and terrestrial land, through raising awareness, reducing our carbon footprint, reusing, recycling, and off-setting as best we can.

Prestige Properties Ibiza is proud to be a role model of sustainability within our industry, where we actively collaborate with our local community and environmental organisations like The Ibiza Preservation Fund for the islands’ well-being and future, so the environment and community can always thrive together.

Our role also includes developing awareness of, and actively promoting, the natural side of Ibiza, such as upholding traditional architecture, promoting sustainable "green living" housing solutions, healthy and outdoor activities, honouring and respecting the island’s history and the local population, supporting local businesses, giving to those less fortunate and in need, as well as actively seeking and encouraging our clients and collaborators to embrace the same ethos and spirit.

Green living helps make Ibiza, and the planet, sustainable and habitable. Together we can be the change for the future of our island and the generations to come.

We believe in Giving Back.
We believe in Going Green.
We welcome you to join us in this pursuit!

Find out more about our initiatives and projects and how to get involved in the articles below!

"We are visitors on this planet. We are here for one hundred years at the very most. During that period we must try to do something good, something useful, with our lives." Dalai Lama XIV

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