Private Chef in Ibiza

At Prestige Properties, we’re dedicated to ensuring your Ibiza escape is nothing short of exceptional. Why not enjoy the luxury of having your own private chef preparing gourmet dishes at your Ibiza villa – by day or night? Whether you fancy classic Mediterranean flavours or innovative culinary creations, our chefs are dedicated to satisfying your every craving. So sit back, unwind, and allow us to cook while you enjoy the tranquillity of luxury villa living.

Private Chef and Catering Services at Your Ibiza Villa

Breakfast & Brunches in Ibiza

Welcome to your bespoke breakfasts and brunches in Ibiza, where every morning is a masterpiece of flavours tailored just for you. Wake up to the enticing aroma of a breakfast spread meticulously prepared by your private chef and curated explicitly by our dedicated Concierge Service.

From classic favourites like scrambled eggs and pancakes to refreshing fruit platters, your breakfast options can be varied and delicious. Why not add a touch of indulgence with champagne, caviar, and freshly baked croissants?

If you’re after a health kick or have special dietary requirements, fear not—your concierge has you covered with green smoothies, Greek yoghurt, and nourishing vegan or gluten-free alternatives. Protein-packed options like lean meats and protein shakes will keep you fuelled as you maintain your active lifestyle, but don’t forget to satisfy your sweet tooth! Cakes, muffins, and waffles expertly crafted by local patisserie chefs are just a few of the tasty treats you can enjoy.

Each morning at your villa is a visual feast, setting the stage for a day filled with luxury and personalised culinary experiences. So sit back, relax, and savour every moment of your Ibiza morning ritual, where every detail is carefully handled.

Lunches and Dinners prepared especially for you

Get ready for a culinary journey unlike any other on your Ibiza getaway. From Japanese delights and sushi to Mediterranean feasts, sizzling BBQs, and fresh local seafood, we’ve got a professional team for every meal available for your perfect lunch and dinner catering.

You can even improve your dining experience with our "Special Dinners on Request" service. Our local Ibiza expert works hand-in-hand with personal chefs to turn your gastronomic fantasies into reality.

Culinary extravagance and exclusive dining service at your Ibiza villa:

  1. Tailored to Perfection: Our renowned chefs leave no detail untouched, crafting a dining experience that perfectly suits your tastes and themes.
  2. Seamless Collaboration: We partner with the best private chefs, catering services, hospitality teams and event planners to go above and beyond. Whether it’s sourcing rare ingredients, creating themed decor, or serving up a multi-course masterpiece, consider it done.
  3. Endless Flexibility: From anniversary bashes to Gatsby-inspired soirées, our chefs thrive on challenges, ready to make your culinary dreams a delicious reality.
  4. Exclusive Venue Choices: Our venues set the scene for culinary excellence, whether it’s your private villa or a breathtaking outdoor setting. Let the ambience complement the culinary delights on your plate, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Planning Your Ibiza Event & Catering Needs

Whether it’s your 40th birthday or a romantic proposal, our luxury catering service turns special moments into unforgettable experiences. From beachside evenings to intimate gatherings beneath the stars, where personalised paellas and gourmet delicacies steal the show––we recognise the significance of these occasions. We are committed to making every detail remarkable. Let our trusted Concierge craft the perfect catering for you.

Special Ibiza Events

Tailor Made Ibiza Catering

Whether an intimate gathering or a significant event, our bespoke catering service is tailored to your needs.

We offer:

Variety of Dishes: Our dishes are diverse and delicious, from elegant snacks to international buffets.

Drinks and Cocktails: Cocktail bar with expert mixologists to surprise your guests and beverage in style.

Service Staff: Our waiters and kitchen staff ensure your event runs smoothly.

Gastronomic Experience Outside of Your Ibiza Villa

Our Concierge is dedicated to discovering the finest lunch options for you, from delightful paellas to the exquisite experience of having a private chef on board.

Get ready for a unique culinary adventure while enjoying a day under the sun. We offer exceptional delicacies prepared with the freshest and tastiest ingredients. Whether planning a day on the water, a beach getaway or just an outdoor lunch, we have the perfect private chefs to satisfy your appetite and enrich your Ibiza experience.

Set sail for an unforgettable day on the Mediterranean with your family or friends, indulging in a delightful on-board dining experience abroad on a boat or yacht, surrounded by crystal-clear waters, with our chefs crafting special dishes and cocktails to enhance your maritime adventure.

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Ethics

At Prestige Properties, we are committed to sustainability and ethics. Our chefs and services are carefully selected from local and sustainable practices wherever possible. We prioritise:

Zero Waste: We adopt zero waste practices in our catering to minimise our environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: We use eco-friendly and compostable packaging and utensils.

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