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The world is constantly evolving and Real Estate needs to adapt. We have the technology nowadays to help you to buy or sell your properties from a distance. Whether we are facing a health crisis like Covid-19, or if you are away for business, family holidays or any other important matter and cannot be there in person, we, at Prestige Properties, are committed to keep doing our job for you as safely and efficiently as possible.

Our Virtual Services

Buyer Consultations
Property Viewings
Property Valuations And Listings
Negotiations And Closings
Mortgage Approvals


Virtual Buyer Consultations

If you are thinking about purchasing a home in Ibiza but are unable to be here in person, now is the perfect time to prepare all the information you need for upcoming decisions.

We offer online meetings with our agents through video conferences so you can get to know us and ask all the questions you may have regarding specific areas, financing, legalities, the rental market or any other relevant matters. This will also be the perfect time for us to understand your needs and select the most appropriate properties for your viewings.


Virtual Property Viewings

If you are not available for meetings in person, we can arrange virtual tours of your favourite properties either via pre-recorded video material or via applications like Facetime, Zoom, Skype or any other type of video call.

During periods of health crises like Covid-19, we should all make sure to stay safe and keep social distancing, but this does not mean that your search for your ideal Ibiza home should be put on hold nor that Prestige Properties can’t keep working on finding the property of your dreams for you.


Virtual Property Valuations and Listings

You would like to sell your property but you are away or social distancing is needed, we can start the selling process through our virtual program. We can organize a tour of your property either through a conference call with you or by giving access to one of our agents. We would then use our knowledge of the local market and our database of comparables to make sure we set the correct price in accordance with you. Defining the best strategy to achieve the price your property is worth in the timeframe you want. 

Our team would take care of all the details needed to present your property on the market in the best possible way.


Virtual Closings

Most of the important steps of a purchase or a sale of a property can be dealt with from a distance. Negotiations, offers, would happen by phone and email with the assistance of our agents. Documents can be signed electronically. Local advisors with whom we would work by can manage the legal part of the closings.

Enjoy a stress-free and safe process by buying or selling your home online.


Mortgage Approvals

Don’t wait to be here to start enquiring about the financial aspect of your investment, be prepared; we can be your local contact and connect you with partners who will guide you to get the best rates for your loan. Your mortgage can be pre-approved online from start to finish. 


Contact us about virtual buying or selling

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