Discover Ibiza in Winter: A Guide to Off-Season Wonders

Ibiza is a different island during the winter off-season. Compared to summer, you’ll experience much more relaxation and an entirely different crowd of people – it’s really the best time to see the island’s natural landscapes and sunsets. In fact, Ibiza in winter delights all the senses, offering its more authentic and inherent aspects. 

The island’s off-season also lets travellers enjoy its local charm and captivating community and heritage. Fortunately, there are many sunny days, and the temperatures are usually very pleasant, making it possible to enjoy a few beers in the sun, join the local community events and explore the island’s social scene.

Read on to discover what to do in Ibiza during the winter and why we love it! 

What to do in the Winter: Ibiza’s Natural Habitat 

A stroll along in absolute solitude is always a delight, and nothing beats Mother Nature. A refreshing walk through Ibiza’s countryside, along its coastline or overlooking the glorious winter sunsets is always best when there are fewer people, and the air is cooler.

Portitxol Ibiza

The Beaches and Hidden Coves in Ibiza

At the very top of our list, we recommend visiting beaches such as Las Salinas (Ses Salines) and Es Cavallet (here you can walk between both beaches, passing by the Torre de Ses Portes), Playa d’en Bossa or Platges d’en Comte. 

Yet, Ibiza also has plenty of hidden coves that are suitable for active travellers who are interested in the journey as well as the final destination. These idyllic coves are most enjoyable for relaxing and enjoying a picnic after a long hike. Here, you can discover many charming coves and spots along the coast, such as Cala d’Albarca, Es Portitxol, Cala Llentrisca and Punta Galera.

Over the winter, it is more than possible to find many of our beaches lined with large quantities of algae. There is nothing unusual about this –– it’s part of the remains of Posidonia Oceanica, the world’s largest living plant between Formentera and Ibiza. These meadows have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Their oxygenating action on the water makes the Pitiusas Islands’ sea clean and crystalline. 

The Campo and Hiking Opportunities in Ibiza 

Nothing is more rewarding than walking the lush, golden countryside, a road less travelled but very rewarding. There are several areas worth exploring, including farmlands and places of interest. Sant Agnes’ almond blossoms are particularly beautiful during the winter season. Generally, the season lasts from the end of January to mid-February and is the most magical and special time of the year. These days also herald the arrival of spring on the island.

There is a great variety of hiking and walking options to participate in, from the hills of Sa Talaia, the highest point on the island with outstanding mountaintop views, the hills of San Juan, the natural springs of San Mateo, and the village of Santa Inés with its unique land, captivating beauty and sanctuary of cultivated almond trees; an exceptional sight and a truly preserved part of the island.

Exploring the island through various hiking and touring companies is similar to navigating the diverse gaming landscape at Fair Go Casino Log In. Just as Ibiza offers numerous routes for all levels, Fair Go Casino provides a range of games to suit different player preferences, all easily accessible with a simple login, much like downloading a route from the Ibiza Tourism website.

Ibiza Sant Mateu D Albarca San Mateo White Church

The Glorious Winter Sunsets in Ibiza

A little cloud in the sky over the winter months actually enhances Ibiza’s sunsets, which are even more spectacular than usual. Moreover, the sea and the sky have a much wider spectrum of colours in winter, and the sunsets are more attractive. If you are unfamiliar with Ibiza sunsets, we recommend checking out Es Vedra from Cala d’Hort or up on the cliffs, Cala Comte, Benirras, and even Talamanca for a rather unusual pink sky.

What to do in the Winter: Cultural and Community Attractions

You’ll find plenty of cultural and social experiences to keep your Ibiza winter filled to the brim. Ibiza is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and history, unique and lively artisan markets and great community events.

Dalt Vila, the Old Town and Ibiza’s City Centre

The walled city of Dalt Vila is located in the city’s centre. The best way to experience the town is by wandering its cobbled streets and getting lost among them. During the summer, it is too hot to climb to the top where the monument castle and cathedral reside –– but in winter, it is a delight to discover the many viewpoints overlooking the city, the sea, and Formentera that can be found at various locations. You won’t want to miss the stunning architecture and views this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers!

Ibiza’s Street and Hippie Markets

Street markets are charming places to shop and are one of the most interesting things to do.  Various markets, including Sant Jordi market, are interesting places to look for second-hand items. Aside from regular sellers of clothes, costume jewellery, music or books, you can also find plenty of sellers with antiques and collectable jewellery. We also recommend the famed Las Dalias hippy market. At Christmas time, this market puts on its most impressive stalls, welcoming local visitors from all over the island. Sa Forada Market is likewise worth visiting. This market is frequented by locals, and you have lots of local fruit, vegetables and local products. 

The Villages of Ibiza

Many white villages dot the island’s interior, imparting a dreamlike quality to the island. Each has little local bars and restaurants where you can find some of the island’s finest and most typical specialities, including fresh seafood, Jamons, and bocadillos. A leisurely stroll around any of these villages, watching the true local spirit, or sitting on terraces with friends and family is the most idyllic way to experience the island’s authenticity.

Santa Gertrudis is one of the most popular villages to visit, with much atmosphere and vibrancy. This traditional village is architecturally styled to perfection, with a recently renovated main square plaza filled with traditional bars and restaurants, such as  Macao Cafe, Bar Costa, Musset, and Can Mimosa and a central white and yellow decorated church with matching surrounding lined streets of beautiful terrace housing and apartments –– a much-recommended visit!

Bar Costa Santa Gertrudis

What to do in the Winter: Fiestas, Parties and Restaurants 

In Ibiza, a ‘fiesta’ way of life is different from the usual party culture you may experience in the summer. Ibicencan culture is notorious for getting festive regularly, whatever the occasion. There are a variety of activities in different villages on the island most months of the year. These festivities often involve market stalls, live music, parades, fancy costumes, sports, competitions, and folk dancing.

Don’t forget the options are still plentiful if you’re looking for that typical Ibiza-style party or something different and more social. Various day events, parties, and club nights are held regularly at Las Dalias and Akasha throughout the year. The Standard Hotel Ibiza is booming with Bingo players every week, and restaurants like Yemanja, Juntos Farm, Club Nautico, and La Escollera are thriving with locals all year round.

winter in Ibiza - Juntos farm Ibiza

Indulge in Seasonal Gastronomy

Savour the flavours of Ibiza’s unique gastronomy, from the traditional Sofrit Pagès at the local restaurants to the delightful Salsa de Nadal, a Christmas dessert made with sugar, almonds, and chicken stock. Explore a diverse array of culinary delights. Whether it’s a Flamenco Night, a laid back Tapas lazy afternoon in Santa Gertrudis or a Middle Eastern Fusion Brunch, Ibiza’s culinary scene promises to elevate your festive experience:

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    Professional Home Evaluations in Ibiza – Everything You Need To Know Before Selling Your Property in Ibiza

    It can be a testing and complex process to sell a home in Ibiza. Nonetheless, if you work with a knowledgeable agent, you can maximise your chances of a successful, hassle-free sale.

    Selling a home in Ibiza takes an average of 10 months. However, there are many things you can do to speed up the process with a little strategic planning and smart thinking.

    Here is a guide to help you navigate the process of home evaluations and everything you need to know about selling your property in Ibiza.

    Selling Property in Ibiza and Home Evaluation

    Is it time to choose a reliable agent to sell your Ibiza property?

    You might wonder if you even need an estate agent to sell your Ibiza property – and the answer is: No, you don’t – but you’ll wish you did. It’s not difficult to put up a sales sign and list your property on online portals such as Fotocasa and Idealista. However, working with a professional real estate agency with the right skills, knowledge, and infrastructure will make the whole process much easier – especially when completing a reliable evaluation of your Ibiza home.

    You need to find a reliable Ibiza real estate agent to understand the local market dynamics. The demand for various properties, local valuation trends, and factors currently influencing the market, like seasonal fluctuations and increased peak activity, will all be under the belt of an experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy agent. The best realtors will also take into consideration a property’s legal situation, its location, its immediate surroundings, its age, size, plot, and condition, as well as its style, amenities, and views. In addition, they can offer advice on how to prepare your property for an optimal sale, highlight unique features for increased value, and market it effectively.

    Need more convincing? Check out our article here: "15 Great Reasons to sell your property with Prestige Properties". 

    Selling Property in Ibiza and Home Evaluation

    Getting ready to sell your home in Ibiza and preparing for an evaluation 

    Getting a real estate expert to assess your property’s real market value can help you set a realistic sales price, prepare your property to an optimal selling standard, and sell more quickly. 

    When a realtor visits your property for a valuation, he or she will conduct an inspection to identify any potential issues that may surface during the buyer’s viewing and to forecast a realistic and competitive price for your property. 

    An experienced real estate agent knows how important presentation is for marketing your property effectively and can offer the best advice on how to portray it. Taking these simple steps will optimise your property’s chance of a decent valuation and quick sale:

    1. (un)Dress the home – remove all personal items, declutter and leave it as minimalistic as possible; add mirrors and plants; redecorate in neutral colours; have it as light as possible; remove any signs of pets or sources of unpleasant smells.
    2. Do the repairs – address any minor repairs or maintenance issues. A well-maintained home is more appealing to buyers.
    3. First impressions matter – ensure your home’s well-maintained exterior, with trimmed lawns, clean driveways, freshly painted façades and attractive landscaping.
    4. Professional photos & videos – Market your property well: have the most impressive presentation by taking the highest quality possible photos and videos to promote your property in its most appealing light (this is often included in the service of a professional real estate agency, especially when you sign an exclusive sales mandate).

    Knowing the legal requirements and having your property’s documentation prepared will ensure that things will run smoothly and fast, with no unpleasant surprises either for the buyer or yourself. 

    The following is a summary of the information required from the seller in preparation for the signature of the title deed (and ideally already in preparation for placing the property for sale so that potential buyers can have quick answers to questions related to the property’s documentation). 

    Ideally, you will have: 

    • The Title Deeds to the property
    • Cédula de Habitabilidad (Valid)
    • Licencia and/or Final de Obra
    • Receipts for the local municipal property tax (impuesto sobre bienes inmuebles or IBI)
    • Copies of latest utility bills
    • Details of the community statutes (for apartments and gated communities) 
    • A list of any items of furniture, etc, which will be included in the sale
    • Your residencia card if you have residency status or NIE
    • An Official Energy Certificate (Certificado de Eficiencia Energetica) 

    All these documents will help us understand your property’s legal situation, which will both help and impact the valuation process.

    For a full list of the legal requirements and documentation needed to sell your property, check out Sellers Guide: How to Sell Your Property in Ibiza 

    Getting a Realistic and Fair Evaluation for Your Ibiza Property

    In our role as professional real estate agents in Ibiza, we will compare your property with properties that have been SOLD within the last six months with similar attributes. Market prices are always based on final sales prices. We never compare with properties that are still for sale. A slightly higher price can be tested first and adjusted if needed depending on the owner’s personal idea or timeframe. Keeping a bit of a negotiation margin in mind is also a good idea since clients often like to haggle –– but being open to what the market is willing to offer is always recommended especially if you want things to move faster and not drag on endlessly, risking also that your property will lose its value over time due to overexposure on the market.

    Are you ready to sell your Ibiza property?

    At Prestige Properties Ibiza, our extensive experience in the local market will help you find the right buyer in no time at all. We can confidently sell your home with great satisfaction. 

    Our team is always ready to help you with your seller’s journey and will ensure you get the best opportunities with us, so why not get a free valuation with us today?

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      Exclusive Homes and Villas for Sale near the Most Popular Beaches in the South of Ibiza

      There is much to love about Ibiza, not just for its trendy tourism, cosmopolitan lifestyle, A-list hotspots, amazing restaurants, and beach clubs – but also due to its spectacular beaches and natural surroundings. It’s really no wonder that the real estate market and popularity of buying second homes on this Balearic Island, especially in the luxury housing sector, has skyrocketed in the past decade as Ibiza becomes one of Europe’s top destinations. 

      Having your dream home or villa in one of the island’s most sought-after areas and coveted locations could not be more appealing. We invite you to explore our premium locations and exclusive homes and villas for sale near some of the best beaches in the south of Ibiza –– read on to discover what’s on offer.

      What are the prime locations to buy a property near the beach in the south of Ibiza?

      Most people associate the south of the island with its vibrant Mediterranean culture and luxury lifestyle. The area is home to a stunning coastline, exciting nightlife, a vibrant capital, VIP celebrity hotspots, and Ibiza’s most extravagant port. So, what are some of the top prime locations to consider buying an exclusive home or villa near the beach in the south of Ibiza?

      Properties for Sale in Marina Botafoch and Ibiza Town near the Southern beaches, Talamanca and Es Figueretas.

      Living in the city centre, old town (Dalt Vila), its extension or in the Marina Botafoch and Paseo Maritimo area offers nothing less than being in the centre of it all with close proximity to some of the area’s best beaches, socialite spots and, of course, the airport. This area tends to attract buyers of all kinds –– particularly those who appreciate historical architecture and life in the centre of the city’s vibrant culture, especially during the height of summer. 

      Ibiza town Dalt Vila night view
      Living in Ibiza - Marina Botafoch and Talamanca aerial view

      Areas such as Marina Botafoch and the Old Town (Dalt Vila) are very popular but pricey, which tend to suit a higher-profile and cosmopolitan clientele, particularly second-home buyers and investors. Specifically, Marina Botafoch has become a highly sought-after socialite hotspot with an international nightlife scene and some of Ibiza’s most luxurious apartment buildings right in front of the island’s main Marina Port. Close to here is where you will also find residential communities like Vista Alegre, which is home to the most spectacular newly built villas on the island, designed by world-renowned architects.

      Ibiza Town’s and Marina Botafoch’s closest beaches are Talamanca and Ses Figueretes. Here, you get the best of both worlds: living close to the trendy city, the marina, beach life, and a family-friendly young community.

      Talamanca offers several contemporary Mediterranean villas and new apartments, while Figueretas caters more to young couples and families seeking more reasonably priced vacation homes.

      Read our recent blog here for more on buying a property in the area of Ibiza Town 

      Properties for Sale near the south’s best beaches in the area of Jesús, Ibiza

      Jesús offers an undeniably chic and cosmopolitan lifestyle in a convenient and refined island setting. Despite being in the municipality of Santa Eulària des Riu, the village is close to Eivissa, the main town, and the airport as the popular beach of Talamanca as well as the numerous tourist hotspots of Marina Botafoch, Destino, and Pacha. Jesús is an excellent location due to its direct access to several island destinations, a chic village and a sophisticated lifestyle. The properties available to buy and rent tend to be exclusive, modern, contemporary villas in the surrounding countryside or private urbanisations. This naturally offers its residents and visitors plenty of upscale living. 

      Jesús is conveniently located near all the best beach hotspots previously mentioned, and both Talamanca and Es Figueretas in the Ibiza Town and Marina Botafoch area.
      For more on the area, visit our blog life in Jesús.

      Properties for Sale near the south’s best beaches in Ibiza – Ses Salines, Es Cavellet and Cala Jondal

      The most popular area in the south for second-home international buyers to invest is undoubtedly Ses Salines, Es Cavellet and Cala Jondal. These up-market locations all offer easy access to the unspoiled countryside, Ibiza Town, and the island’s most popular beaches, as well as fashionable bars and restaurants frequented by A-list celebrities like Sa Trinxa and El Chiringuito, the famous Blue Marlin Ibiza Beach Club. These southern Ibiza spots are considered the finest and most attractive places for lifestyle vacationers to enjoy exclusive VIP status. 

      Las Salinas (Ses Salines) - buy a property in Sant Josep

      There are only a few villas present in Cala Jondal, Es Cavellet and Ses Salines, so finding a property for sale here is a rare commodity. Despite its low supply, this spot in the south is always in high demand – with a demand for spectacular cliff top villas and modern architecture. Those who find a home in these areas are incredibly lucky to reside in an unbeatable up-market and affluent area.

      Ibiza’s most popular tourist resort, Playa d’en Bossa is also one of the best beaches in the south, with its long sandy beach (3km!) and many fashionable beach clubs aimed at young and affluent guests. Although Playa d’en Bossa is primarily considered a summer destination, local residents often visit and reside in the area and is deemed a prime location for those looking to buy an exclusive home or villa near the beach in the south of Ibiza.

      Villas for Sale near the Best Beaches in the South of Ibiza, Es Cubells

      Es Cubells is one of Ibiza’s smallest villages. Besides its white Ibicencan church, which is beautifully located on the edge of the cliff, there are only a couple of local bars making up the entirety. Located at the foot of striking cliffs typical of this area are three little coves separated by rock formations. The pebbled beaches and crystal waters entice one to bathe among the rocky sea bottoms where divers can discover countless interesting corners. Es Cubells’ cliffs are renowned among hikers and nature lovers for its spectacular views from the top.

      Cala Llentrisca Ibiza

      Es Cubells offers miraculously peaceful and unparalleled surroundings combined with the most authentic local fishermen beaches and coves like Ses Boques, Cala Llentrisca, Es Torrent, Porroig, and Cala d’Hort Natural Park. Buying a property near the beach in Es Cubells is hard to come by –– but when found they tend to offer expansive landscapes and grounds with sweeping, south-facing sea views.

      For more on the area, visit our blogs, buying a property in San José.

      Let’s Help you Find your Perfect Property for Sale near the Beach in the South of Ibiza

      Let’s talk about finding the right investment property for you. We’d love to hear from you! 

      Whenever you see a property that meets your needs, we strongly recommend you contact us. Investing in Ibiza is a great option, and demand is almost always higher than supply, so properties often sell quickly –– especially for exclusive homes and villas for sale near the beach in the south of Ibiza.

      Take advantage of the opportunity to make an appointment to visit any of our properties mentioned above or others we currently have on the market with us today. We also offer virtual tours upon request. 

      Do you have any questions or need more info?
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        Is Ibiza a good place to buy a property?

        Is Ibiza a good place to buy a property? The property market in Ibiza has always been reliable. There is no denying that our island’s real estate market has seen a significant influx of residents and foreign buyers, particularly in the luxury segment – and it has undoubtedly become one of the world’s top property hotspots. 

        Its idyllic location and high property demand have made Ibiza a safe investment for quite some time. As the current market stands, investing in a home in Ibiza makes for a secure return on investment, irrespective of whether it is residential, a second home, a villa for tourism rental purposes, or an early project phase property.

        In light of Ibiza’s vibrant property market, we are excited to share our latest market update showing why Ibiza remains a great investment.

        The island of Ibiza is not only an attractive investment but also one of the most sought-after locations in the world. Known for its pleasant climate year-round, natural environment, and extraordinary lifestyle, our island has much to offer. Our island’s picturesque beaches and sunsets, social networks, events, and laid-back lifestyle continue to attract many home buyers seeking a place in the sun where other international and cosmopolitan communities align. 

        Moreover, our island draws in many remote workers and entrepreneurs who can work from anywhere – including those with children due to its quality schools, natural surroundings and level of safety.

        Many visitors from afar are impressed by its increasingly easy international connection (not only direct from London, but direct flights from New York to Mallorca are now available, allowing you to reach Ibiza in approximately 8 hours), making travelling to and from Ibiza much simpler and more enjoyable.

        Prestige Properties presents Ibiza’s Luxury Housing Market 2022/2023

        Soon, we will be taking a look at the housing market statistics once again as we enter the last quarter of 2023. Yet, as far as we can predict and according to our internal insights, we have continued to rise since our previous audit. 

        Our 2022 annual market report and 2023 forecast shows that Ibiza’s real estate market has always been more resilient than our neighbouring Islands and Spain’s mainland. Ibiza’s luxury sector has experienced a considerable upturn since 2020 compared to our peers. 

        Our Prestige Properties Ibiza’s sales data for 2022 show the following:

        • An overall 10% increase in price per square metre between 2020 and 2022 across all areas on the island
        • Our sales volume doubled between 2020 and 2021 – and remained stable throughout 2022
        • An 87% rise in enquiries over the past two years
        • A drop of around 50% in (published) listings (suggesting a high demand versus low supply market)
        • 58% of our buyers purchased a property as a second home

        For our Full Market Report and more statistics, please visit our 2022 Annual Ibiza Property Market Report and 2023 Forecast.

        Overall, following the main boom of 2021 (which saw even higher numbers than the pre-covid highs in 2017), the market remains steady and continues to rise. With fewer sellers on the market, property values are predicted to increase as the race against a low supply continues, making this a good time and Ibiza a good place to buy a property.

        buying and selling of homes in the balearic islands 2022

        Ibiza Real Estate Properties for Tourism and Rentals

        Ibiza generally continues to grow, especially in the hospitality and tourism sectors, making it a premium place to travel. Due to this growth, housing and infrastructure demand has also increased, making it a good destination for those looking to buy a property for tourism purposes.

        Buying an Ibiza property with a current tourist licence is the ideal situation. The application process and legal certificate will already be completed, and, what’s more, regular tourism customers are likely to return to this same property and book their holidays year after year. Buying a property for tourism is a win-win situation. This type of investment will likely be fully booked year after year as the tourism industry is booming and its prestige VIP status continues upward.

        You can learn more about purchasing a property with a tourist licence or obtaining your own in our guide entitled How to Obtain a Tourist Rental License in Ibiza.

        Ibiza’s Real Estate Market for Long-Term Residents and Families

        Our island’s relaxed lifestyle and tranquil environment make it a popular destination for long-term residents, families, and professionals (young and old) who can work remotely. Those who can afford it will naturally prefer a purchased home over long-term rentals (which are also challenging to find). 

        The island is experiencing a sensational rise in interest as internationals and families become more active in their purchasing journeys, resulting in an increase in prices, a decrease in supply, and an increase in demand.

        So, is Ibiza a good place to buy a property and is now the right time?

        Overall, one thing is for sure: You’ll have a better chance of getting a decent return if you buy a property in a highly valuable location, highly sought-after and in constant demand. And, yes, Ibiza is most certainly one of those places!

        Are you looking to buy a property or luxury villa in Ibiza? Well, now is a perfect time!. If you want to view our Buyers Guide or speak with an agent about the current market and investment opportunities, contact us today

        We would be more than happy to talk you through Ibiza’s Real Estate potential.

        Do you have any questions or need more info?
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          Top 5 Authentic Ibiza Restaurants: A Gastronomic Journey of Flavours

          Ibiza has many authentic and traditional restaurants that most certainly merit a visit. The quality of our local restaurant scene is greatly enhanced by our island’s fresh produce, daily seafood menus, and typical Ibicencan flair.

          With a long list of family-friendly restaurants offering tasty menus and picture-perfect beachside locations overlooking the turquoise-blue Mediterranean Sea – we’re sure you’ll find something you like. Read on to explore our top-recommended gastronomic experiences and traditional Ibiza restaurants.

          Balafia Restaurant – San Lorenzo, Ibiza

          Balafia has been run by the Marí family since ‘Lina and Toni’ built this small establishment many decades ago. The restaurant is ideally located close to the quaint and charming village of San Lorenzo, alongside an orange tree orchard. These days Antonio Junior grills delicious food in an authentic wood oven while his sisters Lina, Toñi and Marita serve their customers. It is the perfect place to recover after a long beach day or have a delicious meal of grilled meats under the evening stars on their spacious Mediterranean terrace.

          Authentic Ibiza Restaurants: Balafia Restaurant - San Lorenzo, Ibiza

          El Carmen – Cala d’Hort, Ibiza

          In one of the most picturesque locations on the island of Ibiza, El Carmen Restaurant is situated in a place that can only be described as magical  – facing the sea in front of the islets of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell. Whether day or night, under the sun’s heat or in the evening before the breathtaking sunset, you can enjoy a feast full of typical specialities, especially fresh fish and seafood. Here you can enjoy a taste of one of these plates in an environment that is pleasant, familiar, surrounded by nature, and with spectacular views.

          Authentic Ibiza Restaurants: El Carmen - Cala d’Hort, Ibiza

          Cas Pagès – San Carlos, Ibiza

          As one of the island’s oldest restaurants, Cas Pagès was established in 1972 by Carmen and Lucia Pagès. This small restaurant on San Carlos Road has served grilled meats and homemade dishes for over 50 years. They offer a variety of great rice dishes to their guests, including their famous "arroz de matanza", a delicious rice dish that contains the finest pork cuts available, and the "sofrit payès", which consists of lamb and chicken with sobrasada, potatoes, toasted almonds, and various herbs and spices. This menu is both wholesome and filling.

          Authentic Ibiza Restaurants: Cas Pagès – San Carlos, Ibiza

          El Bigote – Cala Mastella, Ibiza 

          El Bigote is a beach-shack-style, no-frills restaurant with a view of Cala Mastella’s picturesque cove. The local restaurant is so popular that the King of Spain was allegedly turned away because he didn’t have a reservation. Reservations here are often months in advance, and there’s no answer on their mobile phone. It can take hours or even days to get through, so it is usually advised to drive there to reserve a table. Here’s where our Concierge Services can help you ensure your reservations are secured! 

          El Bigote only serves a minimal menu of authentic dishes – bullit de peix (fish cooked in saffron with potatoes) and rice cooked in fish broth. This authentic restaurant experience is worth the trek.

          Authentic Ibiza restaurants: El Bigote – Cala Mastella, Ibiza 

          Restaurante Salvadó – Pou des Lleó, Ibiza 

          Salvadó Restaurante is a historical place on a boat dock where fishermen sold fresh fish. They’ve been running a family business for over 30  years with classic recipes passed down generations for you to enjoy from one of the island’s most authentic spots. This is a secret corner where you can experience the original flavour of the island in its purest form. 

          Salvadó Restaurante serves a wonderful array of seafood and fresh fish dishes, but we would highly recommend the traditional dish Bullit de Peix and Paella. It’s one of the best on the island!

          Authentic Ibiza restaurants: Restaurante Salvadó – Pou des Lleó, Ibiza 

          Book your Ibiza Restaurant Reservations with Us

          There is nothing quite like a great culinary experience to remember your Ibiza holiday. Remember, when you book your villa vacation stay with us, we’ll help you make restaurants and reservations in Ibiza. Many local and authentic restaurants have long waiting lists for a table, are walk-in only or have a no-card policy. Make sure you check in with our team to ensure that we can assist you with your reservations. 

          Do you have any questions or need more info?
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            Top 5 Fine-Dining Restaurants in Ibiza | Explore Ibiza’s Culinary Experiences

            There are many fine dining and chic restaurants in Ibiza that are well worth checking out. Due to the diversity of our culinary influences and top chefs pushing the boundaries of our restaurant scene, our island offers some amazing food.

            With tasty menus and rooftop locations overlooking the Mediterranean, there is no shortage of elegant restaurants to choose from for a memorable night out. In every part of the island, there is something to please any palate and several fine dining eateries to experience.

            Read on to explore our top-recommended gastronomic experiences and stylish restaurant guide.

            Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay: 5-Star Dining Experience on Talamanca Beach

            Ibiza’s Nobu Hotel has a beautiful panoramic view of Talamanca Bay. Their dining facade offers a multitude of sexy, fun and immersive dining experiences. With five restaurants, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. 

            Nobu serves Japanese cuisine like no other, including Tiradito, Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño, and Black Cod Miso –– all in an unpretentious yet captivating atmosphere.

            Gusto, led by Michelin-starred chef Nieves Barragán Mohacho, takes you on a culinary journey through Spain. From the tapas bars of Andalucía to the seafood restaurants of Galicia, Gusto promises to be an unmissable, interactive feast for all the senses.

            Chambao’s relaxed beachside chiringuito offers a laissez-faire seaside vibe. Ideal for long lunches and early dinners, with specialities such as freshly grilled fish, authentic Valencian paella, fresh salads, beautiful cocktails and a carefully selected wine list.

            Next is the Bay Café and By the Pool Deck for healthy, wholesome cuisine choices and a perfect daily menu with freshly prepared sushi rolls, light dishes, and fruit platters. 

            Lastly, there is a beautiful rooftop terrace with a view of Talamanca Bay and Ibiza Town. This is certainly the place to be for hotel guests and locals looking for a distinctive night out after their evening meal.

            Zuma Ibiza: Alluring Japanese Restaurant near Ibiza Town and Dalt Vila

            Among Ibiza’s vibrant dining scene and luxury boutiques, Zuma’s rooftop restaurant provides an unforgettable panorama overlooking Dalt Vila and the historic old town of Ibiza. Zuma’s sushi counter, main kitchen, and robata grill offer an extraordinary Japanese menu that’s both authentic and modern. Zuma’s dishes emphasise simplicity and sophistication, using high-quality ingredients and bold flavours.

            Juntos House Ibiza: Farm-to-Table Restaurant in the Tranquil North-West

            Juntos House is a modern farm-to-table restaurant in the quaint village of Sant Mateu. With a modern twist, this kitchen sources delicious, locally grown food from its regenerative farm and local partners. With a strong emphasis on working hand in hand with the farm, they ensure fresh and delicious food! Juntos House is pure dining magic, with a restaurant, courtyard, garden, cocktail bar and boutique selling carefully selected products.

            Amalur Ibiza: Iconic Dining Spot in Charming Santa Gertrudis

            Ibiza’s iconic dining spot Amalur has been at the centre of gastronomy for four decades, housed in a blue-hued finca in Santa Gertrudis. Concerning its rich culinary and cultural heritage, the legendary establishment has recently undergone a masterful evolution. 

            Amalur was originally named after the Basque goddess of Mother Earth by former owners Juan Félix Lurrita and Emilio Zurbano. Today, Amalur is helmed by renowned restaurateur Francesco Manzoli. From the elegant furnishings and striking artwork on the walls to the creative, contemporary menu plus impeccable service, his unwavering passion for perfection and respect for the restaurant’s heritage is obvious at every turn. Using only local produce; the Ibiza fine dining restaurant creates high-end cuisine using creative, contemporary and colourful plates and dishes that taste as good as they look.

            Nudo Ibiza: Mediterranean Beachside Kitchen in Scenic Es Figueral

            At Es Figueral, there’s a surprising new restaurant spot along Ibiza’s shoreline this summer – Nudo. Following a gentle polish, a group of friends transformed an ageing beach bar into a fully-fledged Mediterranean kitchen with a hint of Mexico and Japan, merging flavours from Italy, Guatemala and the Nordics. It focuses on island-sourced ingredients with minimal intervention on the raw materials to offer something fresh, new, and different. The place specialises in serving natural wines mainly made by small producers from the Balearic, using organic grapes.

            Book your Ibiza Restaurant and VIP reservations with us

            There is nothing quite like a great culinary experience to remember your Ibiza holiday. Don’t forget, when you book your villa vacation stay with us, we’ll help you make restaurant and VIP reservations in Ibiza. Our goal is to ensure you enjoy the best Ibiza has to offer. Stay tuned for more insider local knowledge!

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              Ibiza Retreat Villas: Relax and rejuvenate with a wellness program tailored to your Ibiza villa from our concierge service

              Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some much-needed time to recharge your batteries? We all know how stressful modern life can be, so it’s essential to take some time to rest, recover, reconnect, and just enjoy life. So, if you are looking for some extra ‘me-time’ without committing to an all-inclusive retreat package, we have the perfect solution for you.

              Feel relaxed from the moment you walk through the door at your Ibiza retreat-style villa with everything you need from private yoga and fitness classes, massage treatments, meditation and healthy private chef catering.

              If you want to disconnect in totality, you’ll love what our concierge service offers. Why settle for the ordinary when you can indulge in a little luxury?

              Get pampered and re-energised with Ibiza’s wellness and retreat culture

              There is no surprise that Ibiza has a thriving health and wellness community. Over the last few years, our island has become a hotspot for many entrepreneurs and industry professionals, bringing the health and wellness culture to a whole new level. 

              You can now find massage therapists, yoga instructors, meditation teachers, Reiki practitioners, ritual experts, reflexologists, and healthy vegan chefs who will come to your villa location for the ultimate private wellness retreat experience. 

              Discover what’s possible from our concierge team during your next Ibiza vacation.

              Ibiza Retreat Villas: Finca Delica
              Ibiza Retreat Villas: CAN PEP DE SA GUAITA

              Treat yourself to a relaxing massage at your Ibiza villa

              A good massage is something we all enjoy from time to time. There are, of course, many benefits to massage that go beyond pampering and treating yourself. Besides promoting relaxation, massage also reduces muscle tension, improves circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces stress hormones, increases joint mobility and flexibility, improves skin tone, and promotes soft tissue recovery.

              So why not have breakfast in bed, take a light swim, and book a well-deserved therapeutic massage whilst on your Ibiza holiday – your body will truly appreciate it.

              relaxing massage Ibiza villa

              Stay fit with one of Ibiza’s top personal fitness trainers or yoga instructors 

              If you are interested in staying fit and healthy during your holiday, we are more than happy to arrange a training or yoga program at your villa, outdoors at the beach, or even at a professional centre if that would be more preferential for you. Maintaining or improving your fitness while on vacation is more than possible. This can be done on a 1:1 basis, in a group, at your own pace, as much as needed. You can combine a personal training session with yoga and a massage for a complete wellness day.

              fitness trainer Ibiza

              Connect with yourself through an Ibiza sound bath and meditation ceremony 

              Get out your mat, blankets, and pillows and experience a transformational journey under the calming moonlight sky. Meditation and sound bath therapy can help you reset your mind and body, allowing you to completely disconnect and disengage from life’s pressures. Several experienced practitioners are offering guided meditations and sound baths here in Ibiza. Take a short journey into another world as you listen to the sounds of crystal bowls, tuning forks, shamanic drumming, and percussion instruments.

              Keeping healthy in Ibiza is easy with a vegan caterer or private chef

              You deserve the best food on your holiday, so why not hire your own private chef or have a catering team take care of everything for you? Our concierge team can help you plan the perfect culinary experience – whether you have dietary restrictions, are on a summer health kick, or enjoy vegan cuisine. We offer a wide choice of foods prepared by talented chefs, ensuring local sources and sustainable foods that will be the highlight of your stay.

              CAN MATEUS

              Unwind in luxury at one of our Ibiza retreat villas

              The Prestige holiday experience promises a world of luxury, comfort and infinite beauty. Whether you want a retreat-style vacation or a relaxed and simple holiday, we have everything you need. We’ll help you find the perfect Ibiza holiday property – be it a peaceful countryside setting, a traditional Finca or farmhouse, a modern white villa, or a property with sea and sunset views.

              Why not take a look at Villa Love, one of our top recommended retreat-style villas – a quiet and private oasis in the middle of nature. Here, you can enjoy picturesque sunsets and stunning sea views from every room, the veranda, and the pool. 

              Located in the west of Ibiza, near Cala Carbó, this six-bedroom, seven-bathroom villa overlooks the sea with an elegant interior that blends beautiful Mediterranean elements with luxury furnishings. In a sleek modern style chosen with attention to detail, this property creates an ambience of luxury and contemporary design. The perfect relax-and-retreat villa for you to call home for the week.

              It’s never been easier to escape

              Getting away from the day-to-day has never been easier, especially since everything can be arranged from the comfort of your own holiday villa. Our concierge services can help you take care of the finer details when planning your perfect Ibiza-retreat holiday. You’ll get the highest quality service from the most reputable collaborators, whether you’re looking for hiking tours or watersports, in-house chefs and catering, wellness, yoga, personal training sessions, private massage treatments, or even a home cinema set-up.

              See here some of our top Ibiza villas for retreats:

              Do you have any questions or need more info?
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