Buying a Property in Santa Eulalia del Río, Ibiza 2022

If you are considering buying a property in Ibiza, and you are looking for a local, modern, yet family-friendly atmosphere near some of the best beaches in the east, then Santa Eulalia del Río might be the perfect location for you.

Santa Eulalia’s diverse property market offers plenty of attractive purchasing possibilities for families, couples, first-time buyers, and high-profile clients seeking more exclusive second-home investment opportunities.

Locals, as well as international residents, live and socialise in the beautiful area of Santa Eulalia del Río, where many diverse communities, cultures, and lifestyle prospects reside all year round. With its enchanting attractions, breathtaking scenery, pristine beaches, agricultural land, quaint villages, and a stunning Marina Port, why not see if Santa Eulalia is the right place for you to buy a property in Ibiza this 2022?

Santa Eulalia del Río Promenade

Life in Santa Eulalia del Río Town Centre

The town of Santa Eulalia del Río offers one beautiful relaxing strip of golden sand and turquoise waters perfectly complemented by a range of contemporary bars and great restaurants, as well as a buzzing seafront promenade, and an abundance of yachts and sailboats from its Marina Port.

The town itself has seen an up-market makeover since 2019 which is quickly competing against its more affluent counterparts, such as Talamanca, Ibiza Town, and Marina Botafoch. New and exciting places have arrived, boosting a casual cosmopolitan lifestyle for both locals and tourists. You’ll find a variety of trending places here, including restaurants like the VE-Cafe, and the award-winning coffee shop Meke Cafe Spanish Specialty Coffee Roasters. Recent new outlets to hit the scene since late 2021 include Pepita, Higo, and WOM (Word of Mouth – Radio Cafe) which are among the most appealing latest additions with their great atmosphere, global cuisine menus and regular socialites. Furthermore, the new W Hotel and Aguas de Ibiza continue to provide the town with a 5-star luxury experience over the summer, strengthening the area’s high-end expectations and attracting affluent tourism.

From retail to food, yoga and pilates studios, watersport and boating activities, and those old-time favourite authentic local spots, Santa Eulalia Town really has it all.

Buying a Property in Santa Eulalia del Río, Ibiza

Buying a property in Santa Eulalia del Río Town can offer anything from traditional whitewashed architectural homes to modern villas and some of the most sought-after newly built apartments on the island. The mountain of Siesta may also be of interest with hillside properties overlooking the town, Marina Port and the turquoise Balearic Sea at particularly attractive prices, for those seeking properties with spectacular sea views.

Life in Santa Eulalia Villages: San Carlos, Santa Gertrudis & Jesús, Ibiza

For a little less hustle and bustle, Santa Eulalia also has three charming villages to choose from, each with its very own unique stamp and character. San Carlos, the closest to Santa Eulalia’s main town is known for its cultural heritage and community spirit. Once an important meeting place and residence for hippies during the 60s and 70s, this wonderful village is now a picturesque place offering a vibrant local community and iconic spots such as Bar Anita and the island’s biggest hippie market, Las Dalias. The village is surrounded by outstanding countryside, offering residents and visitors a more peaceful and authentic way of life.

Next, the picture-perfect and charming Santa Gertrudis is the second closest village to Santa Eulalia’s main town. This architecturally perfected village features a newly remodelled main square and a white and yellow central church which coordinates excellently with the houses and apartments that surround it. The village is home to a mix of modern cafes, pizzerias, fine dining restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries, as well as being incredibly convenient for those wishing to access both the public and private schools, including the renowned Morna International College.

Lastly, Jesús, a small yet extremely cosmopolitan village situated slightly farther afield, is known for its easy access to Ibiza Town as well as its proximity to summer hotspots like Destino, Marina Botafoch, and Pacha. All year long, Jesús is filled with life and atmosphere especially on the weekends due to its popularity with local residents, booming coffee culture and weekly artisan farmers’ market. The area is also incredibly popular among tourists during the height of the season due to its renowned high-class gastronomic and nightlife opportunities including Sa Punta, Patchwork, Ginger, and Chambao at the luxurious Nobu Ibiza Bay Hotel

Buying a Property in Santa Eulalia Villages

Homes for sale in San Carlos, Santa Gertrudis and Jesús offer a wide range of styles and locations. In Jesús, there are several exclusive cliff-top properties. These properties can often be found within three of five private communities of Santa Eularia des Riu, which include Cap Martinet, Can Rimbau and Can Pep Simo. However, due to the location and high-end tourist appeal, buying a property in Jesús comes with a very high price tag compared to the rest of the municipality.

On the other hand, the villages of San Carlos and Santa Gertrudis predominantly present different styles of property, which are commonly sought after by families looking for country lifestyle homes in idyllic settings including renovation projects or remodelled fincas, farmhouses, and modernised authentic villas.

Life in Santa Eulalia Beach Resorts, Ibiza

In addition to the 300m-long white sandy beach of Santa Eulalia Town, beautiful nearby beaches and charming resorts can also be found along the coastline, including Cala Pada, Playa Niu Blau, Cala Martina, Es Cana, Cala Nova, Cala Llenya, Cala Mastella, Cala Boix, Pou des Lleó, Es Figueral, Aguas Blancas in the north and Cala Llonga, Cala Olivera and Cala Bonita towards the South. Here there is a sense of peace and tranquillity in these smaller residential locations, accompanied by an intimate local community during the winter and a vibrant atmosphere and excitement during the summer.

Though these areas are particularly reserved in the off-season, they have a completely different appeal during the summer with venues such as the Bless Hotel, a variety of luxurious beach clubs like Babylon Beach, Aiyanna Beach Club, Atzaro Beach Restaurant, and Chiringuito, and the VIP Amante Ibiza Beach Club in Cala Llonga, creating a very desirable area for many tourists visiting the island.

Cala Nova Ibiza in Santa Eulalia del Rio municipality

Buying a Property in Santa Eulalia’s Beach Resorts

Santa Eulalia’s beach resorts offer many well-positioned homes within walking distance of the local beaches and coastal paths. The most popular property choices are located near Cala Llonga, giving buyers quick access to the cosmopolitan village of Jesús and the private urbanisation with its very own golf course, Roca Llisa. Here, you can find a selection of property styles ranging from apartments to detached family homes and large exclusive villas, all suitable for young couples, families, and buy-to-rent clients seeking a local community and a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle at a more affordable price.

Looking to buy a property in Santa Eulalia del Río?

If you are interested in the area of Santa Eulalia del Río and are looking to buy a property in the near future then why not visit our in-depth article Why Buy a Property in Santa Eulalia for further information, or alternatively take a look at our quick read, Living in Santa Eulalia Blog here.

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    Living in Ibiza: Life in Las Salinas

    With countless natural wonders, staggering scenery, a World Heritage Site, top trending beaches, and an array of fashionable bars and restaurants – it is no wonder that Las Salinas is one of the most sought-after and regularly visited areas in Ibiza.

    Noted for its ecological value and UNESCO World Heritage Site, ‘The Natural Park of Ses Salines d’Eivissa and Formentera’ comprises protected marine life, rare bird species, fascinating sea salt flats, and two immensely beautiful beaches, Las Salinas Beach and Es Cavallet.

    The Natural Park & Salt Flats

    In 1995, Ses Salines of Ibiza and Formentera was declared a natural reserve and in 2001, a natural park. The area extends from the most southern tip of Ibiza to the north of Formentera and includes the sea channel separating the two islands. Spanning across 3.000 hectares of land and 13.000 hectares of water, the national park is home to 210 different bird species and 178 plant species. The sea represents the highest proportion of the park’s total area and is an exceptional space due to the dense prairies of oceanic Posidonia (seagrass) meadows, important endangered wildlife found only in the Mediterranean.

    You can enjoy everything natural here from the beautiful beaches, tiny coves, salt flats, wetlands, dunes, and forests. For bird lovers, there are literally hundreds of birds to observe, including Flamingos and Black-necked Storks.

    Why not pop by the visitor centre in San Jose, or visit IbizaPreservation for more information on the park’s conservation projects.

    The Beaches: Las Salinas & Es Cavallet

    Both Las Salinas and Es Cavallet are situated at the southernmost tip of the island and are both considered to be very popular and attractive with extensive stretches of crystal clear water and white sands.

    Las Salinas Beach

    Ibiza’s Las Salinas beach is one of the most iconic, with golden-white sand, pine and Sabina trees, and turquoise waters. Though Salines is a great place to relax and soak up the summer sun, there is also a lot of vibrant activity during the height of the season where you can expect a steady stream of party parades, ticket sellers, and beach merchants strolling along the sand and chatting with people throughout the day. A wide array of famous chiringuitos line the shores with Balearic beats and DJs playing regularly well into the late night. Las Salinas combines Ibiza’s glamour, nudism and a family-friendly atmosphere all rolled into one. The beach is especially good for adventure walks in the winter since the surrounding area is truly amazing!

    Las Salinas beach Ibiza

    Es Cavallet Beach

    Es Cavallet is renowned for being one of the gay community’s favorite beaches and was one of the very first beaches in Spain to embrace nudism. Long and narrow, the beach has water that is transparent with pockets of seagrass meadows and sand that is white, all of which are perfectly surrounded by dunes that protect the area’s flora. Although Es Cavellet is still very crowded and lively during summer days, it may be considered to be ‘less party’ and ‘more sophisticated’ with a number of high-end beach bars and quality restaurants where you can eat, drink, and enjoy the views in an elegant setting.

    Living in Ibiza: Es Cavallet beach in Las Salinas area

    The A-list VIP & Celebrity Attraction

    Las Salinas and Es Cavellet are extremely popular with the affluent, which makes it an ideal destination for the jet-setting crowd. At these hot spots you can expect to be brushing shoulders with a mixture of well-known celebrities, football players, models, and influencers who are all attracted to the fun party vibe and glamorous lifestyle that this island has to offer – however, as with most of Ibiza, you will still find people from all walks of life here, from Spanish families to hippy nudists – all drawn to these spectacular island jewels.

    The Restaurant, Beach Clubs and Hot Spots in Las Salinas, Ibiza

    Almost all of Ibiza’s top beach clubs, including the legendary Sa Trinxa, Jockey Club, Beso Beach, and El Chiringuito, are located in the area of Las Salinas and Es Cavellet, which are known for their gourmet food, attractive clientele, and great locations. There is always plenty of fun to be had at these beach bars and restaurants which are renowned for playing a quality selection of dance and Balearic music across the course of the summer, especially during the hotter months when the beach is frequented by international tourists.

    Las Salinas Cultural Spots

    If you fancy visiting some of the area’s historic cultural attractions then Sant Francesc is an eighteenth-century church originally intended for the salt workers, who could regularly attend services at this temple. The church, very simple but with a huge charm, is located directly next to the ponds. Immediately after you pass the church, you will come straight upon a silhouette of a man carrying a basket above his head. The bronze sculpture which has been signed by the sculptor Pedro Hormigo is a tribute to the Ibizan saliners.

    Located just before the port of Sa Canal, is the Ship of the Salinera, a former ship of Ses Salines that stored salt before leaving the island. Just a few years ago, this space was sold to a collector, gallerist, and hotelier, Lio Malca, who also has projects in New York and Tulum, Mexico. It has since been transformed into a spectacular exhibition centre where modern art and all kinds of cultural events are held throughout the year.

    Property in Las Salinas, Ibiza

    Ibiza property buyers can find a unique niche in Las Salinas. Because of their proximity to these two stylish and renowned beaches. Las Salinas villas for sale are highly desirable among second-home buyers and therefore these are always in high demand. Ses Salines is an incredibly difficult place to buy property, especially due to the numerous restrictions imposed by the nature reserve and the protected area. As the area has a low level of properties available, the property value margin is understandably higher in comparison to the rest of San José.

    Click here to see All Properties Currently For Sale (and Rent) in Las Salinas area

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      The benefits of living in the countryside – why Ibiza is an ideal option


      Living in the countryside, surrounded by nature, and incorporating a more sustainable lifestyle has never been a more desirable life choice, than this year 2020, since the start of the pandemic.

      From the summer of 2020 and onwards, the media have been reporting the consistent interest of the general population to escape from the globe’s busiest cities and to return to the countryside, whether in the short or long-term. People have been actively fleeing overcrowded cities, noise, and pollution, and alternatively seeking a drastic change, with life out in the open, in quiet and sparsely inhabited spaces; all to be as far away as possible from the adverse effects of the virus.

      One of the main benefits of living in the countryside is the purity of the air. The reason is very simple, the low volume of vehicles and environmentally damaging components mean air pollution is low. In fact, a study by the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs reveals that people living in the countryside have fewer respiratory problems due to this very reason.


      Personal well-being and the practice of "Slow Living" is also a key benefit of countryside living. A lifestyle that invites individuals to become more aware of themselves, achieving a greater connection with Mother-Nature, and ultimately appreciating all that is good and beautiful in their surroundings and daily lives.

      Imagine the scent of a wild rose… Or the sound of goldfinches singing and fluttering around at sunset… In practicing mindfulness, we learn to appreciate the beauty of nature and the multiple benefits of the rural world, developing an inherent sense of gratefulness, which is said to increase happiness and general well-being. Through slowing down and developing awareness, we ultimately improve our mental health and prevent disorders such as stress and anxiety.

      Adapting to a "slower" lifestyle can initially feel difficult and the change quite abrupt. However, when considering our sensory dependence on the over-stimulation generated through contact with the city, initial ‘teething-periods’ and uncomfortable feelings are to be expected. Research demonstrates adaptation is usually quick and brings about very positive long-term changes, including an increase in energy due to the improvement of the quality of sleep, and its effectiveness in repairing and restoring cells to optimal health. In fact, in the United Kingdom and Ireland, doctors have begun to integrate into their prescriptions the idea of going for walks in nature as a measure to alleviate stress and improve mental and physical health.

      In July of this year, Esquire Magazine talked about ‘The New Ibiza’, in which it drew parallels with the Ibiza of the ´80s, where visitors flowed with the breeze and to the rhythm of the New Age sound of Sade, connected with nature and its artistic sensitivity. Maybe some of you still remember?

      Living in the countryside: The village of Buscastell, Ibiza

      Today, we wanted to introduce you to one of the "healthiest" and most natural villages on our island: Buscastell. This small village of about 1,000 inhabitants, located between San Antonio and San Rafael, in the center-west of Ibiza, is the picture-perfect setting for those interested in the benefits of living in a rural setting.

      Buscastell is an agricultural area with five square kilometers of fertile and cultivable land, distributed across beautiful Ibicencan terraces on different levels, and, not to mention, where the spring of es Broll resides, the most important aquifer of Ibiza. The feeling here is one of absolute peace and tranquillity.

      Amongst the orchards, the murmur of the water coming from the torrent follows its course with small rises, passing pools, and numerous canals and ditches whose origins date back to the period of Arab domination.

      It is here in Buscastell, where the prestigious architect Jaime Romano, created one of his most renowned projects: Villa Natura Buscastells. The property is the perfect blend of an authentic estate with all the modern comforts for contemporary living.

      This property for sale has a fertile 80,000 m2 plot of land, with enough space to have your own vegetable allotment, and even start a new business venture, using the area’s natural resources in a sustainable way.

      Villa Natura Buscatells Ibiza
      Villa Natura Buscatell in Ibiza's countryside
      Villa Natura Buscatells Ibiza's countryside

      The gardens are filled with flowers, plants, fruit trees, and a large vineyard as well as boasting an impressive 20-meter infinity pool, with plenty of chill-out spaces and outdoor showers.

      The 450 m2 house is located in the southern part of the plot. From the main room and all of the bedrooms, the views overlook the wondrous valley in front. The spacious living room and dining room linked with an open-plan approach and huge sliding glass doors connecting the internal and external areas. The kitchen is certainly one of your favourite spaces, perfectly equipped for authentic Ibicencan and homemade cooking.

      Villa Natura Buscastells also has a total of four spacious and luminous double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The Master is an outstanding room with views over the valley and sliding glass doors that can be hidden into the walls, creating a unique open and infinite feeling with the great outdoors.

      If your dream is to be able to live with your family in Buscastells, don’t forget that the small village also has a public rural school for Infants and Primary School. And if you want to practice sport, there are also many routes and paths for hiking and cycling in the area.

      We want to promote the continuous journey of improving health and quality of life! Everything can start with a simple step; exchanging your busy city lifestyle for a country home on the wonderful island of Ibiza could be the first one to take.

      Interested in knowing more about the Municipality where Buscatell resides, San Antonio de Portmany? Then check out our in-depth guide and property article here.

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