Ibiza 2022: The end of a significant year here at Prestige Properties Ibiza

We at Prestige Properties Ibiza are proud to say that 2022 has been an exceptionally successful year, despite its unexpected hardships. Together as a team, we are stronger than ever and are proud to announce our company milestones and share our accomplishments with you.

Here is a brief summary of what the past year has brought us, our progress, and the new adventures we plan on taking on in 2023.

Tribute to Pascale – a truly exceptional woman

2022 kicked off with a very unexpected loss for Prestige Properties. Sadly, on Friday, April 1st 2022, we said goodbye and celebrated Pascale Dufournier’s life after losing her fight with cancer. We lost a wonderful person who was our beloved company’s very heart and soul. A young woman from Paris, Pascale came to Ibiza in 1976 to follow her dreams. Her passion for design, elegance, and the island she loved led to the creation of Prestige Properties in 1983. 

The many beautiful qualities that Pascale brought to her life and work will never be forgotten – generosity, a caring way of being, exquisite style and humour, a joyful zest for life, and her love for the island of Ibiza. Throughout the course of her life, she was dedicated to sharing her joy with family, friends, and those of us who were thankful to be a part of her company. As Pascale often said, "Prestige has never been "work" to me; it has been my family." She will be so deeply missed, yet her presence remains with us in our lives and at Prestige. Read our full tribute to the wonderful Pascale here, a truly exceptional woman.

Social responsibility, community Initiatives and going green campaign Ibiza

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is what we at Prestige Properties Ibiza consider a humble way of giving back to Ibiza. As a company and individuals, we are grateful for our home and opportunities, which motivates us to acknowledge our accountability through change.

Since 2017, we have prioritised green living and charitable giving as part of our company and lifestyle. These actions include:

  1. Reducing Co2 Emissions through Calculation, Reduction & Recycling
  2. Donating a portion of every sale and rental commission to IbizaPreservation
  3. Regular Contributions to Local Charities Focusing on Social Equality
  4. Supporting Local Sports and Youth Clubs via our UD Ibiza Sponsorship and others
  5. Advocating Green Living & Advice for Ibiza Property Owners and Tenants – Guides on sustainable tourism and energy efficiency in homes

Throughout 2022, we have invested in more hybrid cars, participated in beach clean-ups, and devised home guides for owners and tourists, ensuring energy efficiency and promoting sustainability in Ibiza. We have all the latest news, home guides, collaborations, and achievements on our going green page.

In an exciting development, we have recently launched our most recent green campaign as part of our commitment to the environment and love for the island. 

Our recently launched campaign, ‘Campaña Escombro‘, was developed in collaboration with Novaforma construction company to clean up illegal construction dumping on the island. Contributing to solving problems caused by tourism, renovations, and the influx of ongoing construction projects. Here, we encourage everyone, from our clients, collaborators, local businesses and island residents, to actively participate and join forces with us in "Going Green & Giving Back". 

You can read more here and learn how to get involved, be part of the solution, and make a difference for Ibiza’s optimal habitat. 

Last but not least, in keeping with our green campaign and to ensure that our clients have the most enjoyable Ibiza experience, we now include the De Angel amenities line of organic hair care and body care in our rental welcome gift pack. De Angel makes natural body cleansing products that are 100% natural and derived from local sources. A little something to make your stay both sustainable and memorable.

Going green campaign Prestige properties Ibiza

New team members at Prestige Properties Ibiza

The island has certainly grown more than expected in general since the pandemic, becoming a much more desirable and trendy place to live, with both the selling of homes and long-term rentals, as well as tourism at an all-time high, especially among families and international buyers. The influx of inquiries was such that Prestige Properties Ibiza had to hire more staff by the summer of 2021 to handle the influx of inquiries. This trend continued directly into 2022 as well. So, with that said, a special warm welcome and thank you to our brand new team members from 2022, Edgar, Gabriel Dufournier, and Carlos.

Prestige Properties Ibiza team 2022 /2023

Our new Prestige Properties Ibiza concierge service

Having built up reliable connections and collaborations on the island, we launched our brand new concierge services in 2022, ensuring the finest service on the island. Whatever you need, we can arrange it. Our services include airport pick-up and return, yacht charters and island boat tours, in-house chefs, event management referrals, grocery shopping, delivery and pre-stocking, wellness, yoga, personal training, spa and massage treatments, home cinema and entertainment, VIP reservations, and much more. We’ll do everything we can to ensure you experience the best of Ibiza.

With Prestige Properties, we offer multiple complimentary packages, or you can also choose from our paid packages for that extra memorable stay! Visit our concierge page or a recent blog for more information.

Almost time to celebrate our 40th anniversary at Prestige Properties Ibiza

The year 2023 will be an exceptional one for us at Prestige Properties Ibiza, as the year that will mark our 40th anniversary in business. It would be an understatement to say that the journey has inspired us all so far. We are proud of our role as one of the leading real estate agencies in the island’s luxury housing market. As part of celebrating this milestone, we have invested in renovating and reconstructing the Ibiza office to make it more energy-efficient and comfortable for our team members. Even though the process is still in its infancy, we look forward to revealing a redesigned and improved office that will also provide our clients with an inviting and exciting environment to do business.

Looking forward to a great year ahead in Ibiza 2023

Our company is grateful for the success we have experienced this year, and we are looking forward to the next year with great anticipation. You can keep up to date with all our latest news and updates here at Prestige Properties Ibiza!

With love, Team Prestige wishes you all a happy new year 2023! 

The best Ibiza property is waiting for you, whether you’re just starting out on your buyer’s journey, considering selling your villa, or looking for your dream summer holiday home… let us help you with our exceptional service and the finest island portfolio! Contact us today!

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    Welcome Gift from De Angel Natural Soap made in Ibiza

    At Prestige Properties we realise how fortunate we are to live on a beautiful island. To preserve the beauty of Ibiza and to ensure that many generations after us can live just as happily and healthily, we try to contribute in many ways to a greener local environment. To this end, we have set up our Prestige Goes Green campaign. For example, as part of this campaign, we donate part of our commissions from every sale and rental deal to IbizaPreservation, to support local environmental initiatives.

    In line with our green campaign and to ensure that our clients have the best Ibiza experience we now include the De Angel amenities line of natural hair and body care in our rental welcome gift pack. Our wish is to make you to feel at home and enjoy the very best of what the island has to offer.

    De Angel is a family-run business that is committed to making sustainable and natural body cleansing products in solid format. In the creation of their products, De Angel tries to use as many natural, locally sourced ingredients as possible. The results are natural soaps that provide a refreshing experience and the natural care that your body deserves.

    The founders were inspired by the island’s beautiful nature and their products aim to bring its essence into your home. The products are cut and packaged carefully by hand. Their paper packaging makes them stand out from other products as the impact on the environment is almost zero. In addition, the solid products lasts much longer than any liquid alternative.

    De Angel Natural Soap made in Ibiza

    Are you familiar with the De Angel history?

    Luz and Ramon, the owners of De Angel, decided to move to Ibiza in 2011 together with their children, as they were tired of hectic city-life in Valencia. After a beautiful summer on the island and a family conversation about natural soaps, they decided to start their own company to develop soaps with natural ingredients inspired by the island. This was a new challenge for them because they had no experience in this, but they knew that together they would make a good team because Luz was always busy with handicrafts and Ramon had a background in graphic design.

    During those winter months they discovered more of the beauty that Ibiza offers, and all the natural ingredients they could use for their recipes. With this inspiration they started experimenting with countless ingredients such as plants, vegetable oils etc. The results were beautiful products which they became more enthusiastic about every day, and which gave them the motivation to continue.

    De Angel Natural Soap made in Ibiza

    As Spring approached, they had created some wonderful products, with beautiful and handmade packaging. However, they did not have any customers since their products were not yet known among the islanders and tourists. To make sure their name grew, and their products were recognised, they started selling their products in the famous markets of Ibiza: Las Dalias, Sant Joan and Hippie Market Punta Arabí. Soon they received enthusiastic client responses about the quality of their products and to this day they continue to distribute them to the markets from their store in Port des Torrent, in the south of Ibiza.

    De Angel Natural Soap made in Ibiza

    We hope you enjoy this little welcome gift, and we invite you to be a part of the green solution by checking out some of the ways in which you can make your Ibiza stay more sustainable and help to preserve our beautiful island:

    If you are still looking for a place to stay in Ibiza, our Rental team will be happy to help you. Take the stress out of planning the details of your holiday and let us make your dream vacation become a reality.

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      Prestige UD Ibiza Competition Giveaway

      Are you an UD Ibiza fan? Your Chance To Win!

      In collaboration with UD Ibiza we are giving away 2 tickets to the end-of-season final football match at home on the 22nd of May 2022, plus an official Ibiza UD football shirt to 3 lucky winners in three stunning colours (light blue, dark blue, and grey)!

      How to enter our competition to WIN UD Ibiza match tickets and your very own official team shirt:

      For your chance to win, follow these steps:

      1. Follow @prestigepropertiesibiza and @ibizaud

      2. Tag a friend!

      3. Leave a comment with your preferred colour of shirt (light blue, dark blue, grey)

      We will announce the 3 lucky winners on Monday 16th, 2022 at 12:00.

      Everything you need to know / T&C

      1. Our Instagram giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram
      2. This giveaway is made possible by Prestige Properties and UD Ibiza
      3. This giveaway begins on Thursday, May 12, 2022, at 12:00h and ends on Monday, May 16, 2022 at 12:00
      4. Participants must be present in Ibiza during the last competition of UD Ibiza, May 22, 2022. There is no age restriction
      5. You can participate in this giveaway by following the above points
      6. The winners will be chosen on Monday, May 16, 2022 at 12:00
      7. Winners will be announced on our Instagram account, @prestigepropertiesibiza, on Monday, May 16, 2022, and will be sent a personal message. 
      8. They have until May 21, 2022, to pick up their prize at this address: Prestige Properties, Av. de Bartomeu de Roselló, 1, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears
      9. For pick up, please note the opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9:30 – 13:30 – 16:00 – 19:00
      10. Your favorite shirt color is not guaranteed to be the one you win.  The three winners are randomly selected, so choosing your preferred shirt is a first come first serve basis when collecting the prize from our office.  

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        Ibiza COVID-19 News 2022

        Updated – May 6, 2022

        We are pleased to announce that the use of masks related to COVID-19 is now only mandatory in the following cases:

        • In all health centres, services, and establishments, whether by workers, visitors, or patients, with the exception of those who remain in their private rooms.
        • On all means of public transportation, whether by air, bus, or boat, where it is impossible to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres, except in cabins when they are shared by a number of occupants.

        It is still recommended that those who have been exposed to COVID-19 continue to wear masks in situations where prolonged contact with persons less than 1.5 metres away will occur.

        Further, using masks responsibly in enclosed public spaces where people pass through or remain for extended periods, as well as during mass events. Family gatherings, private meetings, or celebrations, are also encouraged to take responsible action depending on the vulnerability of the participants.

        Stay Updated Here – Spain Travel Health 

        For Travel Entry Requirements – https://www.spth.gob.es

        Updated – February 28, 2022

        Applicable to all of the Balearic Islands from February 28th, 2022:

        We’ve finally said goodbye to COVID-19 Full Vaccination Certificate (covid passport) and face masks in all outdoor areas including courtyards, terraces, and all educational facilities.

        All restrictions have been placed at a minimum, yet it is a requirement to follow the below four measurements:

        • Maintain a safe distance as much as possible
        • Wear a face mask (covering nose and mouth) in largely populated public indoor spaces when it is not possible to maintain a safe distance of 1.5m in overcrowded areas
        • Maintain personal hand hygiene 
        • Smoking remains prohibited on the terraces of establishments for public use or similar spaces

        In the case of hotels and restaurants, when indoors guests should always be seated and wearing a mask, except at the time of consumption. Hotel and catering employees must wear a mask at all times. 

        Within these establishments, 100% capacity is authorised with a minimum of 4 square metres per table to maintain the interpersonal safety distance and with hydroalcoholic gels and hand sanitisers available.

        Travelling to Ibiza? Please check out our Ibiza Travel Forecast 2022

        Stay Updated Here – http://safetourism.illesbalears.travel/en 

        Updated – February 15, 2022

        Applicable to all of the Balearics Islands from February 10th:

        We’ve finally said goodbye to COVID-19 Full Vaccination Certificate (covid passport) and face masks in all outdoor areas including courtyards, terraces, and all educational facilities.

        All restrictions have been placed at a minimum, yet it is a requirement to follow the below three measurements:

        • Maintain a safe distance as much as possible
        • Wear a face mask (covering nose and mouth) in largely populated public indoor spaces when it is not possible to maintain a safe distance in overcrowded areas
        • Maintain personal hand hygiene

        Travelling to Ibiza? Please check out our Ibiza Travel Forecast 2022

        Stay Updated Here – http://safetourism.illesbalears.travel/en 

        Updated – February 1, 2022

        Applicable to all of the Balearics Islands from January 10th:

        You may be required to present your COVID-19 Full Vaccination Certificate in the following places (it is at the discretion of each establishment to ask customers for the vaccination certificate): 

        • Restaurants, Bars, Cafeterias, Social Clubs, Night Clubs, or any venue where dancing is permitted 
        • Celebrations, Congresses, Seminars, or Similar
        • All Tourist Establishment or Premises with Shared Rooms
        • Cinemas and Other Cultural Spaces
        • Gyms or Similar
        • Competitions and Outdoor / Indoor Training (except for those under the age of 12 years)
        • Sport Events

        All restrictions have been placed at a minimum, yet it is a requirement to follow the below three measurements:

        • Maintain a safe distance as much as possible
        • Wear a face mask (covering nose and mouth) everywhere in populated public indoor spaces
        • Maintain personal hand hygiene 

        Travelling to Ibiza? Please check out our Ibiza Travel Forecast 2022

        Stay Updated Here – http://safetourism.illesbalears.travel/en 

        Do you have any questions or need more info?
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          The Ibiza Travel Forecast 2022

          For the first time in almost two years, 2022 is appearing to be the very best year to date for travel. Naturally, travel and tourism still involve advance planning and remaining patient and flexible, but as countries are easing restrictions, and vaccination passports, passenger locator forms, and health testing are becoming the new normal, the vast majority of travellers are finally feeling confident to plan and take their next vacation as normal. 

          Gratefully, there was a lot of unexpected optimism in the tourism industry here in Ibiza over the past two seasons, particularly in the luxury travel sector. Although we all hoped that the optimism would continue, recent "good news" from the media and the nightclub industry have given us every reason to expect the summer of 2022 to be an even better year for Ibiza, attracting tourists from across the globe and bringing things back to how they once were.


          Ibiza Night Clubs are Due to Open for their First Full Season this 2022

          In addition to the nightclubs announcing their opening this year, they have also planned to open two weeks earlier than usual, from the end of April, through until October, or possibly November if all goes well.

          As part of the island’s nightlife season, all major operators are working hard to get ready. With a possible 65% capacity, a valid COVID passport, differentiated zones to ease into things safely, and a few necessary restrictions, the clubs will hopefully be fully operational in early Spring. 

          So far, Amnesia has announced their opening party for 2022 and it has not taken long to revolutionise clubbers around the world, who are already placing their bets on the lineup of the opening. On May 21 Amnesia opens its doors and tickets are already on sale too.

          General COVID-19 Restrictions and Measurements in Ibiza

          Even though we can’t predict what the season ahead holds, Ibiza adapted well both during the summer of 2020 and 2021, maintaining a very positive attitude and safety throughout, where the majority of activities and many social events continued to operate as usual. It is evident from the past two seasons, even during much uncertainty, that tourism and events in 2022 will continue to increase and thrive on the island. 

          We have not only seen an increase in culinary experiences, including the opening of numerous new restaurants, especially in the Santa Eulalia area, but tourists have also taken a deeper interest in a multitude of outdoor activities such as sunset charters, private yachts, and the discovery of the island’s hidden gems! All of which has led to many tourism sectors having reported experiencing their best summer seasons, even when compared to prior to the pandemic. 

          Over the winter period 2021/22 we saw a brief tightening of restrictions, whereby proof of ‘COVID Vaccination Passports’ was required for entering restaurants and attending large-scale events. However, these restrictions eased after 2 weeks as the social Christmas season returned back to normal. Like many European countries, mandatory masks are still required in busy urbanised areas and when attending public places like supermarkets and indoor venues, something that will likely continue and is preferred for the safety of us all. 

          So right now, apart from the above-mentioned mask-wearing, there are NO Covid-related RESTRICTIONS in Ibiza. 

          For more info, check out our Ibiza COVID-19 News 2022

          Travel to Ibiza Safely this Season 2022 – Entry Requirements to Enter Spain

          It is very important to stay up-to-date on both the requirements for entering Spain as well as the restrictions that may apply once you arrive in Spain.  

          In light of the fact that the Pandemic is constantly changing, here are a few links and information points to keep in mind.  You can take the majority of the stress out of your travel experience if you have a solid understanding of what to expect before you go and can effectively plan everything that you need. 


          Do I need a  Health Control or Passenger Locator Form to enter Ibiza?

          The safety of tourism is dependent on the health control measures taken. The Balearic Islands require that all visitors entering from other international countries, regardless of their nationality, age, or any other consideration, complete a health check or a passenger locator form. 

          It is important to note that the only travellers to whom this form does not apply to are international passengers in transit at a Spanish airport with a final destination in another country, provided that the transit lasts less than 24 hours and that the passengers do not leave the airport premises. It is imperative that each form is fully completed accurately on an individual basis in order to check-in and fly. Each form can only be associated with one trip at a time.Health Check Forms for all travel into Spain can be found here: https://spth.gob.es


          Do I need a Vaccination Certificate, Diagnostic Test or Recovery Certificate to enter Ibiza?

          All passengers arriving from another country must present one of the following documents in order to enter Spain:

          1. A certificate of Vaccination against COVID-19 

          Valid from 14 days after the complete vaccination schedule (x2) and for up to one year after the date of vaccination.

          1. A negative certification of an active infection diagnostic test

          Required 72h prior to arrival in the Balearic Islands or a rapid antigen test, 48h prior to arrival in the Balearic Islands. Currently, at the point of publishing this type of certificate is NOT accepted in the case of passengers arriving from the United Kingdom (UK).  A full Vaccination certificate is required.

          1. A certificate of recovery after having contracted the disease

          Corresponding to a test within a period not exceeding 180 days after the date of the first positive result of an active infection diagnostic test (NAAT) and no earlier than 11 days following the date of that positive result. Currently, at the point of publishing this type of certificate is NOT accepted in the case of passengers arriving from the United Kingdom (UK).  A full Vaccination certificate is required.

          These certificates (vaccination, diagnostic test, recovery) must be the original, written in either Spanish, English, French, or German, and may be presented in paper or electronic format.

          For regular updates and more information see Safe Tourism Illes Balears Travel.


          Find a COVID Test Centre in Ibiza 

          Tourists and residents of the Balearic Islands can take the rapid antigen test upon arrival without an appointment at the Balearic Islands Health Service’s COVID EXPRÉS testing centres.

          Here you can find your Covid Express Testing Centres 

          Thanks for staying updated with Prestige Properties Ibiza.  We are looking incredibly forward to another successful tourist season and the slow return of one of our main tourist attractions, Ibiza’s globally recognised Night Clubs.

          If you are considering travelling to Ibiza this season 2022 and are still yet to book accommodation, then why not check out our villas on offer.

          Alternatively, our team members are always ready to help you with your travel opportunities and are happy to assist you with any of your questions, so get in touch with us today!

          Do you have any questions or need more info?
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            How to find the Best Real Estate Agency in Ibiza

            You can expect a great experience when buying or selling a home in Ibiza if you work with a real estate agency who knows and understands the market. A reputable and experienced agency is more likely to sell or find your property quickly and efficiently, at the best possible price. But with so many real estate agents available on the island it’s hard to know who to trust. Finding the perfect match may prove more difficult than you expect.

            So, to help with the real estate selection process: here is some useful advice and professional tips on choosing the very best Real Estate Agency in Ibiza.

            Choosing the Right Real Estate Agency in Ibiza

            To begin, you might want to speak to those around you who have recently worked with an Ibiza real estate agency and ask them for recommendations. Finding the right real estate agent is a very personal process and a referral is often an incredibly valuable resource. However, if you are completely new to Ibiza then these may be hard to come by. Either way, we advise any client who is planning to buy or sell a property in Ibiza (with or without recommendations) to follow the advice outlined below to ensure they are working with a trusted realtor.

            Ibiza property with pool and sea view

            Find a Reliable and Professional Real Estate Agent in Ibiza

            Select an agent who is reliable in every sense of the word. Too many real estate agents in Ibiza are working virtually as "one-man bands" without an official, physical office that they can show to the public. You should always be able to visit a reliable real estate agency in person and find out what they’re doing and how they operate.

            Just as an expert in any industry would have education, credentials, professional body certifications, and insurance, real estate should be no different. Look out for agencies that are well-trained and registered to a professional body in Ibiza like PIMEEF and APIBIZA. 

            Experience and professionalism are unmatched advantages when buying or selling a home. Expert agents can help you find the perfect property in your price range, discuss neighbourhood demographics, introduce you to local schools and places of interest, as well as provide accurate valuations for sales, and always negotiate the best price and terms. In other words, a good agent will remain in a client’s corner throughout the entire process and will leave no stone unturned. Even if an individual agent is new to real estate, the experience, and support of the company he or she belongs to is crucial.

            Well-Connected Real Estate Agents in Ibiza

            In Ibiza, great estate agents will be well connected: demonstrating a good portfolio of direct listings and shared listings with partners of integrity. They will be able to provide a full range of services to clients in collaboration with property managers, builders, architects, lawyers, notaries, and gestorias, all in a variety of languages. They will also have access to the entire Ibiza property market, enabling them to offer clients the most suitable home, even if it is listed by another agency.

            Should you list your property with various agencies or just one? Both options have positives and negatives; for a more detailed analysis read our article on "Why sign an exclusive mandate with Prestige".


            Ibiza Property Agents With the Best Marketing Efficiency and Online Presence 

            It is always essential to go online and search for ‘real estate agencies in Ibiza’. What are the first results you see? How is your potential agency position on Google? Do they appear on the first page?

            The real estate agency that excels in its marketing and online presence will always appear at the top of your Google search results. Additionally, they will have a user-friendly website with a wide range of well-presented properties. Ensure that the property descriptions are well written and there is consistent professional photography, videos, virtual 3D tours, and notes on special features and unique selling points throughout.

            How about their offline marketing? Real estate agents with authority in their industry have regularly printed publicity through billboard advertising, company cars, public relations, and magazines. Finding out your chosen agency’s online presence, presentation and marketing strategy is a clear way to determine its strength in the real estate sector, especially when it comes to selling your home.

            While investigating an agent’s online presence, it’s also a good idea to take a look at their client experiences, which can usually be found on their Facebook or Google Reviews pages.

            Transparency in the Ibiza Property Market

            You should always hire a real estate agent who is upfront, honest and transparent. Don’t be shy to ask questions or ask for all the information you need. Make sure all the fees, costs and general agreements are clearly stated and acceptable to you. It is extremely important that you always feel comfortable during the entire process, that you are properly informed, and you are able to ask every single question you have (regardless of how big or small they may seem). If you ever feel you are being pushed to make any type of a decision, or someone is withholding information, then don’t be afraid to move on. Invest time in finding someone you respect and trust.

            Choose an Ibiza Agent who is Right for You Personally 

            The process of buying and selling a home is considerably less stressful if you work with a professional real estate agency that has the necessary skills, knowledge and infrastructure. Once you’ve narrowed your options down to a handful, contact them and ideally make an appointment at their physical offices to get a real feel for their market placement, work-ethic, and to see if you connect with them on a more personal level too. 

            We hope our article, "15 Great reasons to sell your property with Prestige Properties" will give you confidence that there are estate agents in Ibiza that are every bit as reliable, trustworthy, and efficient as we have described above. 

            Prestige Properties Ibiza - How to find the Best Real Estate Agency in Ibiza
            Prestige Properties Ibiza -  Best Real Estate Agency in Ibiza

            If green living is an important factor to you as a homeowner and citizen, you may wish to consider an agency that advocates for the same environmental practices and ethical awareness. Check and see what kind of Social & Sustainable Activities your chosen Real Estate Agency in Ibiza partakes in and if their values as a company match yours.  For more information on our personal Corporate Social Responsibility follow our link below.

            Thank you for staying updated with us at Prestige Properties. We hope to see you soon!

            Do you have any questions or need more info?
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              Prestige Properties Ibiza – It’s the Season of Giving Back

              Every year around Christmas, Prestige Properties supports a local charity. For 2021, we have chosen two charitable purposes: Ibiza Food Bank, which collects food for people in need, and Peacharoo, a caring heart who is raising funds to build a school for orphans in Uganda. 

              Ibiza Food Bank – Alleviating Poverty in Ibiza

              Image: Food for Ibiza

              Undoubtedly living through a global pandemic, for the last two years, has been quite challenging for everybody. While some were able to rearrange their way of living and working, others have lost their jobs, homes, and loved family members. Particularly here in Ibiza, people have suffered immensely due to the pandemic, as it has had a dramatic impact on the island’s economy. While many were able to work during the summer months, when tourism is booming, many fall into unemployment in winter. 

              As plenty of Ibiza’s inhabitants lose their regular income in winter, they must live from what they’ve earned during the high season, hence finding themselves in a miserable situation, with little or no income, no savings, and in the worst cases, without food. 

              Image: Food for Ibiza

              For this reason, Ibiza Food Bank started their initiative, supporting those who cannot afford to buy food. Their volunteers collect food donations and cash donations across the island. The donated food is then sorted in Playa Den Bossa, stored, and distributed to their charity partners (The Red Cross, Caritas, Mother Teresa Food Bank in Jesus, Equip Voluntario, Food for Ibiza, and Doctors of the World). With their help, around 4000 people are being fed, weekly. 

              To maximise their time and donations, Ibiza Food Bank has partnered up with Carritos Solidarios, making sure to be able to provide enough food during the hard winter months. Together they place trollies at the entrance of around 70 supermarkets in Ibiza, which are accompanied by two volunteers in uniform, encouraging shoppers to leave dry food donations and sanitary items. 

              Image: Food for Ibiza

              It is self-evident that feeding so many hungry people each week is a huge challenge. Furthermore, it is most likely that the number of people who depend on these donations will be rising. Besides their food donations, Ibiza Food Bank adds a 10€ voucher to the food pack to be spent in Spars supermarkets, which are located all around the island, making it easy for everybody to buy in a supermarket close to them. Furthermore, Ibiza Food Bank started a GoFundMe, where everybody can donate money easily, which is being used to top up the food parcels.

              Camino de Santiago for Uganda Orphans

              Image: BHHNP

              Another cause, for which we decided to raise awareness and donate money to is Peacharoo Peachey’s charity. Peacharoo is a good friend of one of our sales agents at Prestige, who started the Camino de Santiago from Valencia by himself in October to raise funds for Ugandan Orphans in rural Kabale. To finance the Camino, he sold all his belongings, as he sees this opportunity as a personal challenge and a possibility to help these kids. 

              Image: BHHNP

              Together with the local project BHHNP, his goal is to raise 70,000€ to buy land with school structures and to pay for the education of 163 orphans. All these kids have lost their parents to diseases. Some of them live with their relatives, others live in the wild, but all of them need food, love, and education. The local project’s objectives are to help the needy people and orphans in their community. It provides educational and medical services, to reduce the number of street kids and people in need. Currently, they are providing food, clothes, personal hygiene articles, and medical services.  

              Image: BHHNP

              From Prestige Properties Ibiza, we want to bring visibility to some of the charity initiatives that are organised by different associations and people of Ibiza. It is paramount we see the island as a whole and with equal opportunities for all, and where there are inequality and need, we desire to stand together to make a difference and create long-lasting improvements for the health and well-being of our local community. Especially this year, with the global impact of the pandemic, we also wanted to focus on a charity abroad.

              If you want to volunteer your time or get involved, check out the links below. Your support and help will be greatly appreciated by those who are struggling to care for themselves. 

              Image: BHHNP

              Ibiza Food Bank:

              Website: https://ibizafoodbank.com/

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                Renovating a Property in Ibiza – Everything you need to know!

                Renovating a property in Ibiza can be a very rewarding experience! A perfect opportunity to create your dream home with character and a style all of its own. If the planning and renovation process is done properly, the investment can also pay off with an impressive return.

                However, serious property renovations can also be very challenging. A lack of effective planning, previous analysis and project management can cause renovation projects to eat up money and cause a lot of unwanted stress. 

                For us at Prestige Properties Ibiza and for our clients, we feel the benefits far outweigh the risks. With the right knowledge and team behind you, renovating a property in Ibiza, be it a traditional finca farmhouse or restructuring an entire villa property, can be an incredibly exciting journey that is definitely worth the effort and the final result.

                So, if you are looking to buy a new house in Ibiza with a view of renovating, then check out our guide below on Renovating a Property in Ibiza – Everything you need to know! which contains everything you need to know about renovating a property in Ibiza.

                Property Renovations in Ibiza – Initial Considerations

                When considering any aspect of the property market in Ibiza, it is important to be fully informed. Renovating a home can be a complex process that can lead to unforeseen problems and costs, so being well prepared is key to any successful renovation project. 

                Properties in need of a renovation can usually be found and bought through local real estate agencies. However, finding a property with the right renovation potential in the right location through a trusted agent is the first step.

                If you go any further than a replacement of installations and paintwork, our first (and, as you will learn, ultimate) recommendation is to seek the advice of a qualified, local architect. Despite popular belief, an architect in fact optimises and economises the costs of a renovation (moreover of guaranteeing the quality of the work) and unifies the management of trades and suppliers (masons, plumbers, electricians, builders, suppliers, carpenters, etc.). He is the central figure in the renovation puzzle who will analyse the legal status and the current state of construction of a property and based on this, estimate the legal and material possibilities and average costs of intervention respecting the town’s planning regulations.

                So, before you begin your renovation and get started on your project, here is an overview of the different steps you need to consider, ideally in this very order:


                • Analysis of the property’s current legal status: if it has an original building licence from the Town Hall, if there are any "non-registered" parts and if so, what can be done with them depending on their nature (year of construction, etc.). This is a very important step to avoid problems further down the road.
                • Analysis of the possibilities: the potential of the house in view of the urban planning regulations. Degree of intervention to be performed, maximum of m2 to be extended according to local and regional laws. 

                Effective Planning: 

                • Analysis of the current physical state of the property: state of the structure, state of the installations, watertightness, etc…
                • Definition of the renovation and proposal for improvements.
                • Permits and licences: communicating with the Town Hall and applying for the necessary permits
                • Estimation of total costs 
                • Simulation of planning and runtime of project

                Execution and Control: 3, 2, 1… Action!

                • Execution of the works. Checking that the works are being carried out to satisfaction on a technical level. More extensive renovations will also require on-site management: coordination of the trades, control of the work carried out and the execution according to deadlines.


                1. Planning your Ibiza Property Renovation Project Effectively

                "Before you begin with any physical works, it is vital to have the big picture and a long-term vision in place. Taking the time in the beginning and creating a really detailed and well-thought-out plan will help with getting accurate building costs before you start the renovation, it will eliminate the need to make rushed (and possibly bad or regretful) decisions, and at the end of your renovation, you will (hopefully!) end up with a consistent look and feel throughout your home that is every bit what you imagined it would be!" – Robin van Den Driessche – Architect & Founder at RVdD Arquitectura

                Renovation & Construction Works and Construction Surveys

                Often it is not possible to get an accurate idea of the cost or extent of renovation until the property has been acquired and a proper evaluation of the structural integrity and foundations of the existing building has been made. 
                It is advisable to obtain a full building survey at the time of purchase to gain a better understanding of the structural and superficial works that need to be considered.

                This information can then be used by architects and construction workers before carrying out the necessary work, when renovating your home.

                Remember that there is almost always a solution to most structural problems. While these may cause an increase in your renovation budget, identifying them early will allow you to plan better and make the right future decisions.

                In Spain it is usually an architect or a technical architect (Arquitecto Técnico) that can carry out the necessary Construction Surveys.

                Choosing the Right Architects and Contractors

                As mentioned in the introduction, the use of an architect is an invaluable asset to any renovation project and should not be regarded as an optional "extra". The reality is that many of those direct client-builder renovations without an architect or project manager end up with legal problems (extensions without a licence, fines), with construction problems due to poor execution (without a technician to supervise), with cost overruns (without economic control and hidden commissions). Apart from their role in literally managing and overseeing the entire renovation project from start to finish, their experience and training gives them the unique ability to see things from the widest possible perspective. A recommended architect like RVdD Arquitectura can make a real difference to the project, focusing on the finest details while keeping in mind the larger impact of the entire design. Additionally, under the Spanish building regulations and laws, an architect is initially responsible for ensuring that all safety measures are followed during renovation projects. 

                To choose a suitable architect or builder, it is advisable to ask for demonstrable references such as photos and plans of renovations already carried out, and if possible ask for photos of before and after the renovation. In them you will be able to see the architect’s ability to transform spaces, and the quality and level of detail of the builder. If they also come recommended by someone you trust (a family member or friend who has already worked with them), it will be a great advantage and a sign of confidence on which to rely.

                Extra Tip from Robin:

                To carry out a quantity survey of the work is essential in order to be able to compare quotes from different builders. Without them, extra work will appear as you go along and the final budget will go up, which could have been avoided with a more accurate forecast.


                2. Creating an Efficient Timeline 

                A typical renovation schedule depends on the type of project and on the location of the property. To estimate a deadline and create an overall timeline, three things should be taken into account.

                Management of Permits and Licences in the public administration

                The management of permits and licences with the public administration varies according to:

                • Type of renovation: If it is a simple renovation (change of interior partition walls, coverings and materials) with a "Previous Communication" (Comunicado Previo) it can be started at the same moment of notifying the Town Hall. If it is more complex (modifying the façade, habitability and number of bedrooms, or touching something structural) then an Urbanistic Licence must be applied for, and it can take from months to a couple of years.
                • Type of land category. If it is urban, the concession of a license is quicker than in rustic land, as in the latter the applications go through more public bodies (Consell Insular, Patrimonio, Recursos Hídricos). In urban land, for extensions, it is usually 1 – 2 years. In rustic, for extensions, 2 – 3 years.

                That is why good technical/legal advice from an experienced professional is necessary from the very beginning.

                Design Time 

                For renovation works that go beyond changes of coverings and installations, the Town Hall requires an architect’s technical project upon which the license will be based. The estimated time an architect needs to create this project will vary depending on the complexity of the renovation, for a design of a complete renovation of a house of 200-300m2, it could be around a month.

                Execution Time

                The final timeline of execution will always depend on the complexity of the work. As an example, for a complete renovation of a 200-300m2 property, it could take around 6-8 months.


                3. Property Renovation Costs

                "Renovations often cost more than expected. In most cases buying a second-hand home means that essentials like structure, façades, and installations need a full overhaul. These are costs that are often forgotten as the focus tends to be on the more "beautifying" aesthetic changes you envision for your new home. Here your architect should thoroughly assess your property’s bare necessities and provide you with a detailed list of recommended works and associated costs. This way, you have a clear idea of how much of your budget is left for the more "superficial" changes that you envisioned." – Robin, Architect & Founder at RVdD Arquitectura

                Accurate Idea of Initial Costs  

                It’s so important to consider all the possible costs involved. Of course, the cost of renovating a house in Ibiza is harder to estimate than the cost of a new build, because until you start, you don’t always know what you’re up against.

                An accurate idea of the cost of the renovation can initially be estimated by professionals, however, often it can only be gained once the work has already started, and you can properly assess the structural integrity and foundations of the existing building.

                Ongoing & Extra Cost 

                Regardless of your budget, you should always allow for a margin for unforeseen items that will not become apparent until after the work has begun.

                When obtaining estimated costs, consider site preparation, foundation, professional fees, finishes, installations, landscaping, garden, pool, and taxes. 

                Always clarify whether it is a fixed price for a clearly defined task, or an estimate based on currently available information (which may increase dramatically as the actual scope of the project becomes clear). Before you take the plunge, keep in mind that aside from the work involved in renovating a home, there are many additional costs that you should factor in.

                4. Legal Information: Local Laws and Regulations for Renovations in Ibiza

                "Before embarking on your home renovation journey in Ibiza it is absolutely essential to familiarise yourself with the local urbanistic laws and regulations. Especially here in Ibiza, where even small works require prior declarations or building permits from the town hall. Consult with your architect, in order to be fully informed and aware of possible limitations that might affect your design ideas." – – Robin, Architect & Founder at RVdD Arquitectura

                Legal Information: Licenses & Permits

                If you are looking for a property to renovate in Ibiza, you must make sure that the local authority Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) has issued the relevant permits. 

                In some cases, your chosen architect will need to provide detailed plans for the building project. 

                Permits and licenses are required for the following projects:

                • For a simple renovation (coverings and installation replacement), you do not need a license and with a "Previous Communication" (Comunicación Previa) you can start works immediately.
                • For any other type of renovations that include changing the interior layout, structural modifications and façade modifications, an Urbanistic Licence will be required.
                • Since the COVID-19 pandemic, to try to facilitate the administrative procedures, if the renovation is on urban category land, in existing buildings that are legal, the architect can present a "Declaration of Responsibility" (Declaración Responsable) together with the technical project, and start the works immediately (similar to the "Previous Communication"). In this case, the architect assumes and justifies that the renovation complies with the regulations, and can therefore start immediately.

                In order to understand the possibilities and limitations of the renovation in question, you (or your chosen architect) must understand and analyse the scenario based on the urban laws and regulations that apply. Each of Ibiza’s five municipalities has its own rules, a "PGOU" or "Normas Subsidiarias". Then there are specific rules within each municipality with Partial Plans, Areas of Action and Detailed Studies that affect some specific areas, which are specific rules only for those areas. And above all, there is the "PTIE" which is a regional regulation of the Consell that regulates above all the rustic land and protects the landscape.

                Apart from that there are other state or regional regulations on agricultural land, coastal areas, etc. that also need to be taken into consideration.

                In terms of urbanistic laws and regulations it might be fair to say that Ibiza is one of the most complex regions in the whole of Spain. On order to analyse and understand the existing scenario you need to have an experienced professional at your side who understands all the intricate levels on which these laws and regulations operate. Therefore, we would like to reiterate how strongly we recommend working with a trusted, local architect. 

                Extra Tip from Robin:

                Ensure that both the architects and the contractors have their own insurance in place before they start work on your project. Not only for safety and to protect yourself from personal liability, but also because if you are financing the purchase and the renovation through your bank, only approved tradesmen in Spain are allowed to carry out building works (this ensures they have the correct insurance).

                Robin Local Ibiza Architect RVdD Arquitectura

                Prestige Recommends: Local Ibiza Architect RVdD Arquitectura

                We would like to give a very special thank you to Robin, founder of RVdD Arquitectura for taking the time and sharing his knowledge on this subject with us and our readers. Robin is of Franco-Belgian origin but was born and raised in Ibiza. He graduated from the Val de Seine School of Architecture in Paris and set up his studio "RVdD Arquitectura" on the island in 2011. He specialises in renovations, as well as new-builds, landscape design, consulting, and project management. Over the years he has worked on numerous renovation projects for both international second-home buyers, local residents, and investors. All images featured in this article are examples of some of his works.

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