What’s on in Ibiza this Summer 2022

All of a sudden, everything got a lot more exciting! Travel vaccination passports and health tests are no longer required for entry into Spain, you do not have to wear a mask in most circumstances, dancing is finally allowed, and everyone’s smiling. Ibiza is back to being as vibrant as ever, and it feels awesome.

Last month’s International Music Summit (IMS), which provides panels for the electronic music industry gave the feeling that this year is destined to be bigger and better all around. You can literally sense it in the air, everyone is ready for Ibiza 2022, and the tourism industry is already in full bloom.

Summer 2022, Ibiza is the perfect place to be if you’re looking for a vacation with a great atmosphere and pure freedom. Besides the nightclubs opening for the first time in two years, the island also offers a variety of cultural activities, natural landscapes, and of course, some wonderful places to eat, so let’s see what Ibiza has to offer in 2022.

Ibiza summer 2022: IMS Ibiza 2022

Ibiza nightclubs are open – get your party event calendar

Ibiza’s nightclub scene has already begun its opening season two weeks earlier than usual, with venues such as Ushuaia, Pacha, and being the first to kick-off following the IMS 2022 finale. Ibiza is set to have its longest clubbing season to date, which could extend as far as November. And, of course, this year’s line-ups are looking to be of an excellent standard too!

If you want to keep on top of your Ibiza party schedule, you can take a look at the Ibiza Spotlight event calendar, which has day-by-day updates on all clubs and DJs, with ticket and VIP table information. Updates are made constantly throughout the season so be sure to keep checking in.

If you like a little party but attending large-scale clubs is too intense, then check out the latest nightclub from Las Dalias, Akasha.  Open from Friday through until Sunday until 5 am, the club hosts a more relaxed atmosphere where its concept intends to generate a community spirit among the people who visit.

Ibiza summer 2022: Ushuaia and Hï

The classic things to do in Ibiza – things that you won’t want to miss

There is no shortage of cultural classics to experience in Ibiza and those that never go out of fashion either. The famous Las Dalias Hippy Market is always a popular island tourist attraction and home to more than 200 stalls, selling handmade clothes, jewelry, and home decor that can be enjoyed casually roaming around over drinks and freshly baked pizza or street food – all while listening to live music and local DJ’s in their tranquil psychedelic setting. Additionally, the San Juan Hippy Market is a great experience that is known to attract a more authentic crowd with locals and tourists alike flocking out into the streets to enjoy a relaxing Sunday morning.

Perhaps you prefer to stay away from the crowds and be out on the open waters enjoying mother nature at her finest. Well, in every case a day out at sea will never disappoint. There are a number of experienced boat charter companies based in Ibiza, from where you can create your own day trips, using a qualified and knowledgeable skipper, and set sail to explore all the hidden beaches, coves, and unique spots the island has to offer. There is no doubt in our minds that it is worth considering planning a trip to Tagomago and Formentera, two of our favourite neighbouring islands. We recommend checking out our collaborator Say Yachting, a low-emission boat and yacht charter company on the island that supports our ethos for sustainability. 

Say Yachting Ibiza

The top recommended dining experiences in Ibiza

The majority of vacationers in Ibiza enjoy luxurious and relaxing Mediterranean evenings with great food and a few nights out to let their hair down. With elegant sea and sunset views, open-air rooftop terraces, and some excellent concept cuisine, there is no shortage of incredibly stylish restaurants to choose from.

Besides the usual favourites like Amante, Bambuddha, and Cotton Beach Club, Ibiza has seen an influx of some great new restaurants and bars opening in a variety of locations around the island.

Under Michelin Star (12) Chef, Martin Berasategui the BLESS Hotel takes guests on a gastronomic journey at the new Etxeko Ibiza. The ultimate dining experience that celebrates the joys of dining, the ancient flavours of San Sebastián, and the most sublime products of the Cantabrian Sea and the Mediterranean. 

LayLah Ibiza is a restaurant and lounge bar, combining food, music, heart and soul, where globally inspired flavours are showcased through a menu of sharing plates featuring dishes such as roasted cauliflower with tahini & green chilli, fresh grilled artichokes with Parmesan, spiced chicken crispy cigars, and white fish skewer with ginger & lime salsa.

Last but not least, we recommend Boodiou Ibiza, a cocktail bar and French restaurant in the heart of Ibiza Town, serving fine dining and enriched sharing plates of French cuisine.  Artfully decorated with contemporary pieces and decorations, this small boutique restaurant will not disappoint.

Your best Ibiza summer starts here – book your perfect Ibiza holiday rental villa

If you are looking for a getaway that will offer you more than you can imagine, we highly recommend taking into account having your own holiday rental villa, where you can spend the long summer days in complete style. 

If you want a relaxing vacation with your family and friends in a comfortable and spacious setting, a villa rental is an ideal choice, especially if you want privacy and the freedom to escape the crowds, while maintaining easy access to all the island’s wonderful activities.

Ibiza Summer 2022 book your holiday rental villa today

Keep yourself in the loop with our travel COVID-19 updates

We are so happy to announce that masks for COVID-19 are required only at health-care facilities, such as hospitals, for workers, visitors, and patients, and on public transportation, such as by air, bus, or boat, where a distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained.

The use of masks is still recommended for those who have been exposed to COVID-19 in situations where prolonged contact less than 1.5 meters away may occur, as well as during mass events and celebrations where the participants may be vulnerable.

As it currently stands Spain has no travel entry requirements such as vaccination passports or mandatory health tests.  A passenger locator form is still applicable for all tourists entering the Balearic Islands.

Stay Updated Here – http://safetourism.illesbalears.travel/en 

The upmarket villa rentals we offer cover all of Ibiza’s municipalities, including Santa Eulalia, Santa Gertrudis, San José, San Antonio, Eivissa, and San Juan, which come in many sizes, styles, and budgets.

Check out our website rental page or see our special offers for your perfect vacation in Ibiza.

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    Why is Ibiza a great place to buy a property for investment?

    In general, buying property has always been a reliable investment. Of course, it does involve numerous factors and variables. But, one thing is for sure, you’ll certainly have a better chance of getting a decent return if you buy a property in a location that’s highly valuable and sought-after.

    Ibiza has been a safe choice for property investment for quite some time now, mostly because of its idyllic location and its ongoing high demand for properties. Whether you are looking to buy a second home, a villa for tourism rental purposes, or you are interested in your own renovation or an early project phase property – as the current market stands, purchasing a home in Ibiza will make for a secure future return of investment.

    Read on to find out why we are optimistic about the real estate property market in Ibiza, and what investment opportunities are available here.

    Why invest in a property in Ibiza – the general property market

    Over the past decade, both sales and house prices have shown continual and stable growth across the Balearic Islands. It was not until late 2019 and into early 2020 that house prices and sales started to fall for the very first time since the start of the financial crisis in 2007. This suggested the beginning of a minor stagnation that later increased due to the circumstances of COVID-19.

    buying a property Balearic Island Price curve

    However, from early 2020 through to the end of 2021 we saw buyer activity quickly thrive again, with property sales continuing to rise across the whole of the Balearics. It was more than evident in Ibiza, as you can see from our end-of-year property market report 2021 that a surge of numbers and growth in the second-home international real estate market was occurring. People’s priorities were changing due to COVID-19, and living among beauty and nature, away from the big cities became increasingly more appealing. The high-end property market in Ibiza continues to be a magnet for second-home buyers. After the initial sales spike of 2021, things have marginally slowed down as the post-pandemic effect has worn off, but the fact remains that demand for properties still continues to far exceed the number of sellers on the market, thus resulting in a strong and unwavering price curve.

    Casa Sunny Vadella

    Buying a Property in Ibiza with a Touristic Rental License

    In Ibiza, there are many people who wish to buy a villa to rent out for tourism purposes. Despite this, it is not as simple as many would believe. Not every property in Ibiza can legally be rented out to tourists for short-term holidays. Those who wish to proceed with renting their property will need a final tourist license. And, any application for a tourist license must satisfy a strong set of requirements. For more information on obtaining a rental license in Ibiza including the current legal requirements and the application process, see the article on Tourist Rentals in 2021 by Ibicasa.

    Finding a property to buy in Ibiza with a current tourist license is more than ideal. You will already have all the application processes complete and the legal certificate in place, and, what’s more, there are likely to be existing regular tourism customers who are ready to come back to this same property and book their holidays year after year. This is alongside the possibility of already having a professional property agent and management team in place who are doing a great job.

    If you’re keen to find a great property with a rental license then check out this tastefully renovated and upgraded 4-bedroom house, located in a very peaceful and secluded area. Casa Sunny Vadella is perfectly located within walking distance of the local beach, Cala Vadella – which is known for its child-friendly atmosphere and a wide range of pleasant beach restaurants. This property has already been certified with a final rental license which makes it a top investment.

    Alternatively, Penthouse Olea Cala Llonga is another great tourist license property that offers an attractive investment opportunity in Ibiza. Within steps of the beautiful beach and local resort of Cala Llonga, this penthouse apartment is the most sought-after property within the apartment complex due to its large and spacious floor plan and ideal orientation within the complex. It’s the only apartment with three terraces, two on the main floor and one on the rooftop. This property comes fully furnished and with a management company that looks after the rentals and regular bookings. An excellent investment opportunity.

    Cas Figueroa

    Buying an authentic property in Ibiza for a renovation project

    It is becoming more and more difficult to find older, authentic properties now in Ibiza that can be renovated and re-sold with good returns on investment. A few years back, this was a great option with many more properties readily available. Now, it is becoming harder to find this type of property with the potential to create a modern boutique-style home and gain a decent return. But, of course, it is still possible if you employ the support and expertise of a good estate agent who knows the market well and can advise the right construction teams to employ for such projects.

    Cas Figueroa is an outstanding traditional Ibizan Finca with two guest apartments.  The perfect property investment opportunity for a renovation that has the potential to a beautiful modern-authentic style home. Located between San Rafael and Ibiza Town, surrounded by beautiful countryside, with a 60 m2 pool, this quaint setting is a wonderful opportunity for a renovation property project.

    Casa con proyecto Portinatx

    Buying a Property in Ibiza during ‘off-plan’ or during the ‘project phase’

    There is also the option of purchasing a property off-plan or when the project is still in the development phase, where you then would continue to build the home yourself. If you have time, patience, and passion on your side, there is a good chance that you can save quite a bit of money too, making for a great investment opportunity. Further, this kind of property can also be resold with a bit of a profit margin, or leased on a long-term basis, excluding short-term holiday rentals. As we previously mentioned, obtaining a tourism license encounters a strong set of requirements, and new build properties must wait 5 years before they can apply for tourist rental licenses, and it can still prove challenging even after that.

    Casa Con Proyecto Portinatx is a two-house property with a project license, located in Portinatx, at the northern point of the island, on the second line of the beach. Located on a plot of 1.000m2 with a permit approved in January 2020, the property can be expanded and modified to a total of 399 m2. The project takes into account all the conveniences of modern living and places a living room, kitchen, pantry, and laundry on the ground level. There is also a basement and a garage. There is space outside to build a swimming pool and chill-out area, so all in all, this is a great investment opportunity for anyone looking to start their own building project.

    Buying a property in Ibiza for investment

    Ibiza in general is a very good market to invest in, being stable and safe, especially for long-term investment and ongoing increase in property value. There are often some really great investment opportunities here. But as the demand is almost always higher than the supply if the perfect investment property is not already on the market, then actively registering yourself with the right agent as early as possible comes highly recommended. This way, as soon as the right investment opportunity property becomes available that is suited to your personal requirements, you’re ready to get the process started as soon as possible.

    Are you looking to buy a property here in Ibiza?

    Why not chat with one of our agents to help you find the perfect property investment that is right for you! We would love to hear from you! 

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      Looking Through the Keyhole of Ibiza’s Top Rental Villas – Can Rocas

      Now that travel is back on everyone’s agenda, Ibiza is of course getting ready to enjoy another great season. If you’re still undecided about when or where to take your summer vacation, then take a look at our rental property – Can Rocas – which may be exactly what you are looking for!

      This modern property with typical Ibicencan architecture and state-of-the-art gardens offers nothing short of an oasis of relaxation. The perfect retreat for friends and family to spend a week or two under the heat of Ibiza’s sun.

      With easy access to many of the island’s best beaches (between Ibiza Town and San José), Can Rocas is ideal for those who want to stay in a highly cosmopolitan part of the island, but still want to be able to escape the hustle of tourism crowds.

      Sound appealing? Why not venture with us and take a look through the keyhole of one of our top Ibiza rental villas?

      Can Rocas: An Exclusive Ibiza Property to Rent with Stylish Designs

      On arrival, you will feel immediately assured that you have entered an exclusive Ibiza home, where every single detail has been meticulously crafted, in line with 5-star accommodation standards. This completely renovated villa combines modern interior design with a sober mix of ethnic touches throughout. Living spaces are bright and spacious woven with clean organic and neutral colours. Despite its minimalist style and approach to decor, this elegant Ibiza property is laced with luxury and high-spec fixtures and furnishings.

      With its floor-to-ceiling french patio doors and windows, the house offers a pleasant indoor/outdoor experience, with direct access to the large swimming pool and gardens from almost any room. In spite of its open-plan nature, Can Rocas has been thoughtfully designed with separate zones for quiet time and individual space. And that’s just the beginning.

      Can Rocas: Five Bedroom Ibiza Rental Property with Elegant En-Suite Bathrooms

      Each of the five bedrooms, which are designed in the same style as the main body of the house, has its own elegance and sophistication. The en-suite bathrooms in each bedroom have either a high-end bathtub or shower, and you may be left wondering whether the features of the en-suites rival the main aspects of the rooms themselves. It’s hard to deny that the Master Bedroom’s freestanding bathtub, located directly at the foot of the King-size bed andoverlooking the garden, is one of the most attractive features of the house.

      Can Rocas: An Ibiza Holiday Rental with Large Lush Mediterranean Gardens & an Elegant Swimming Pool

      Why would you book a holiday to Ibiza if not for the hot summer weather in the Mediterranean? And, for you to make the most of the great weather, you need to book a villa in Ibiza with large surrounding gardens, a big swimming pool, lots of chill-outs, and outdoor dining spaces. Well, Can Rocas ticks all these boxes and much more.

      You will certainly enjoy plenty of privacy and tranquillity on the grounds of Can Rocas. The garden itself is dotted with inspirational sculptures, including a large Buddha, an apple, and a stylish set of DJ headphones. In fact, there is something sensational about all its various features from the well-maintained lush lawns, tropical palm trees, pine trees, and the long, narrow pool that runs the length of the villa. Of course, there are also plenty of cushioned sun loungers, a relaxing hammock, and a large comfortable sofa chill-out zone, perfect for events. Similarly, the outdoor dining area boasts a solid wood-oak banquet table fully covered by a terrace canopy for all those wonderful outdoor dining occasions. A central courtyard with a feature olive tree is also noteworthy, which gathers the main bedrooms together, all opening through their sliding french doors offering direct access to an outside shaded chill-out space.

      Can Rocas: A Perfectly Located Rental Villa Close to Ibiza Town, San José and all the Top Beaches of the South

      All within a 15-minute radius to the most beautiful beaches of the south, the nightlife of Ibiza Town, Marina Botafoch, Las Salinas, and some of the island’s most renowned beach clubs like Blue Marlin, this wonderful holiday home sits close to all the action, yet quietly in a rural setting.

      What’s more, you don’t even need to lift a finger while you’re here. There are two housekeepers, a laundry and towel service, and a property manager to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. And, if you wish to really indulge in an extra relaxing week, Can Rocas offers the right facilities so you can also hire a private chef and a hospitality team to cater to your every need. Our Prestige concierge agents will arrange all those extras required to make your stay as pleasant and memorable as possible.

      Book your Luxury Ibiza Holiday Rental Property with Prestige Properties Ibiza

      Vacation rentals at Can Rocas are an excellent choice for a relaxing getaway. Take a well-deserved break and spend time with your family and friends by booking today.

      The upmarket villa rentals we offer cover all of Ibiza’s municipalities, including Santa Eulalia, Santa Gertrudis, San José, San Antonio, Eivissa, and San Juan, which come in many sizes, styles, and budgets.

      Check out our website rental page or see our special offers for your perfect vacation in Ibiza.

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        Our Top 5 Ibiza Rental Villas

        If you are planning on escaping to Ibiza for a week or two this summer season, then having a comfortable space to retreat to and call your own may be high on the agenda. For a truly special vacation, you need to find a unique holiday home that provides total relaxation, privacy, and the kind of spectacular facilities you’ll never forget. As one of Europe’s top vacation spots, our island is known for luxury villa rentals with upscale interiors, luxurious pools and magnificent views of the surrounding natural environment.

        Read on to discover our top most rented villas and we invite you to use them as sources of inspiration to help you plan your next luxury villa holiday right here in Ibiza.

        Our Top 5 Rental Villas in Ibiza


        Located on the exclusive peninsula of Porroig, Cana Bonita enjoys spectacular views of the Mediterranean sea and coves. With its stunning location, this beautiful 5 bedroom villa is set on 2000 m2 of land with beautifully manicured gardens hosting a large terrace, a recently renovated infinity pool, a gorgeous Balinese gazebo, a lovely covered outdoor dining area with a barbeque, and enchanting pockets of ‘secret garden’ areas. Additionally, there is a substantial roof terrace with sun loungers.

        It is a spacious bright house with modern furniture and fittings throughout, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. This property has 5 double bedrooms, three of which have their own private terraces, as well as 5 bathrooms, making it the perfect holiday villa for large families and groups of friends who wish to enjoy the local beaches, but also wish to gaze at distant yachts as they sail by.

        Top 5 Ibiza Rental Villas: CANA BONITA


        Villa Comte is a stunning modern villa with four bedrooms located only 400 metres from the beautiful beach of Cala Conta and the well-known restaurant Sunset Ashram. The villa offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and a complete set of modern luxury amenities that will make your stay a complete haven.

        Located around the perimeter of the house is an infinity pool (15×4), a dining area, and a number of areas for relaxation, as well as a beautiful lawn that wraps around both the front and back of the house. Inside the villa, there is a spacious bright living room, which has a beautiful fireplace, a dining room and an open kitchen, all of which are fully equipped with all the modern conveniences. In total, there are 4 bedrooms with sky rain showers in each en-suite bathroom and a bathtub in the master bedroom. Additionally, you’ll find a spacious cinema room in the basement for plenty of home entertainment if you can tear yourself away from the outdoors Mediterranean lifestyle.


        Can Basetas is a brand new and totally remodelled 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom villa that enjoys a privileged location, resting on a hilltop, only minutes away from the charming village of Santa Gertrudis. Views of the ocean and open forest will delight your eyes from every angle of this beautiful house.

        With bright open space throughout, this property offers an ideal dining room to enjoy a lively dinner, a cosy living room featuring Mediterranean-style built-in sofas with a wide window facing the terrace, and an amazing view of the countryside. On the same level, there is a separate rustic style kitchen that is fully equipped and also enjoys great views.

        Here there are many pleasures to be found outdoors, with a variety of spaces for entertainment and relaxation on all terraces and balconies. The pool house, complete with outdoor living and dining, will be a favourite place to spend Mediterranean evenings. This unique villa is a completely tranquil retreat and an oasis of relaxation.

        CASA SUN

        This five-bedroom, 6-bathroom villa is perfectly located just 5 minutes from Cala Jondal, one of the most famed destinations on the island, which makes it the perfect choice for a luxurious stay. With its exclusive environment and unique details, Casa Sun is an ideal property for an unforgettable holiday with a completely glamorous Ibiza style.

        Located in the centre of a 25.000 sqm garden, the villa is completely surrounded by plants, flowers, and fruit trees. There are several places in the garden and on the terraces to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing moment. The swimming pool, whirlpool, ping-pong area, gym, and all the common areas are perfect for experiencing life under the sun with friends and family.

        The villa is stylishly furnished with bright and wide spaces and lots of intricate design details that create an amazing atmosphere.

        CAN SITGES

        Can Sitges is an elegant holiday property located in a peaceful countryside region just 10 minutes from San Carlos and 15 minutes from the family-friendly town of Santa Eularia. This authentic Ibicenca house offers several amenities including a beautiful pool, barbecue, outdoor kitchen, and a covered alfresco dining area for big groups of friends and families that want to enjoy the outdoors in an idyllic setting.

        With over 300 years of history, this five-bedroom, five-bathroom home is an ideal blend of classic and contemporary and offers all the comforts of home to make your vacation memorable. It may also be noted that this finca has been adapted and laid out to serve as a practical venue for larger events such as weddings or yoga retreats.

        We hope you enjoyed getting to know our 5 most popular rental villas! To see our complete selection of exclusive rental properties just click here:

        See more Ibiza Villas in our Rentals Portfolio

        With plenty of properties to browse through, we are sure you’ll find the perfect villa vacation rental just for you. Whether you wish to stay in the heart of the action, away from the tourist crowds, close to the beach, or you prefer a pleasant country location, everything is possible with us at Prestige Properties Ibiza.

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          Inside Ibiza’s most Exclusive Villas and Luxury Homes

           Ibiza’s most Exclusive Villas and Luxury Homes

          Ultimate luxury can often be associated with living or vacating in a lavish home that can offer exceptional quality to its guests. Whether we refer to a rare architectural gem, impeccable interior design and decor, large landscaped grounds, the authenticity, rarity and history of a house, or quite simply the divine location and the breathtaking views on offer; an exceptional property confidently guarantees an exclusive lifestyle opportunity.

          Villa Ibiza sea view

          Defining Exclusivity & Luxury in Ibiza

          When referring to the term ‘luxury’, ‘exclusive’, or ‘prestige’, we must account for the versatile considerations of the term itself. Defining such terminology is relative to the client in question and therefore may vary from person to person. What defines ‘luxury’ for one may not be the same for another!

          However, when defining the exclusivity of properties here on the white island of Ibiza, we tend to refer to those homes that are at the very top of the property market, whether purchasing or renting. Those residences that hold in excess of a million price tag, offer expansive grounds, strike curiosity in style with high-end fixtures and furnishings or boast of phenomenal panoramic views of the island. These incredible residences prove ‘luxury and exclusivity’ are matched to rare sophistication, size, location and an expensive price tag.

          Some of the most exclusive homes with luxury amenities will also often offer fully serviced property managers and household staff, to ensure the luxury of these properties goes beyond the villa itself. Thus, proving these homes are more than just unique and unparalleled when compared to the general market, but also require high levels of maintenance, care and hosting of its visitors or owners by skillful and trained personnel.

          In terms of location, Ibiza is divided into five regions, Eivissa, Santa Eularia, Sant Antoni, Sant Josep and Sant Joan. Each one of these regions offer a different culture and this can be equally reflective of housing style and property values.

          Although each area certainly provides a variety of luxury properties, the majority of higher-end properties on the market are predominantly located in the popular municipality of San Josep, quickly followed by Santa Eulalia, with San Joan boasting of the highest value per square metre, due to a very low supply versus demand scenario, when referring to sales.

          Within the municipalities of San Jose and Santa Eulalia we find a collection of private urbanisations and secure gated communities such as Roca Llisa, Can Rimbau, Vista Alegre, Can Furnet, Cala Conta 33, Sabina Estates and The White Angel, where a vast majority of these status homes are to be found.

          Villa Noemi pool with sea view

          History of the Exclusive Property Market

          The property and tourism market have swiftly developed over the past 50 years. Landing on the island during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s offered a more rural and humble environment, as the island of Ibiza began to see the very start of its real tourism.

          As tourism moved into the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Ibiza saw an influx of celebrity clientele. Famous artists like Freddie Mercury, George Micheal, Grace Jones and Jimi Hendrix frequented the island and were known to visit Pikes Hotel and Las Dalias regularly.

          Ibiza adopted a clientele of artists, bohemian lifestylers and affluent youth looking for an alternate lifestyle. This significant tourism development, cultural change and visiting of high-profile celebrities, moved the island to reach a far higher standard than ever before.

          By the late 1980’s, Ibiza started to become a point of reference for the ‘discotech’ culture, where many travelled from across Europe for its lively nightlife and club scene. This was supported by the attraction for nautical activity, where motor-boats and super yacht chartering became a huge industry, and continued to push the travel economy into a first-class destination.

          Spectacular beaches, great weather conditions, the surge of beach clubs and chiringuitos, regular DJ’s, plus ever-evolving creativity and development continued to increase the island’s global recognition; which in turn, bought even more luxury clientele by the mid 1990’s and onwards, including footballer’s, movie stars, high profile businessmen and influencers.

          Ibiza has experienced nothing less than a tremendous transition from farmland, locals and many Arabic residents, to an island known across the globe for its beauty, exclusivity and innovative social and nightlife scene. Naturally, as the attractiveness of Ibiza increased and the island’s potential skyrocketed, so did the real estate market, whereby generating exclusive holiday and second home properties was high on the agenda.

          Land and property development opportunities quickly became available, where famous architects, investors and property agents set themselves in motion and established renovating old finca farmhouses into artisan vacation homes (for those affluent bohemian lifestylers), to building brand-new Miami standard, white complexes and contemporary exclusive homes (with the focus on the more fashionable and private luxury clients).

          Ibiza Old Town later being declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1999, and the ‘Natural Parc de Salines’ including much of Formentera also being listed as protected as a Natural Reserve, only added to the island’s cultural and natural wealth, whereby property market values and the travel economy has been on the up ever since.

          And, of course there are some pretty spectacular properties out there!

          We take a look through the keyhole, inside some of the most exclusive villas in Ibiza.

          Exclusive Villas with Ibiza Prestige

          Villa Pearl

          Villa Pearl is a stunning 6 bedroom holiday villa located in one of the most affluent areas on the island, Es Cubells. This south-facing property is known for its magnificent panoramic views, looking across the glistening Mediterranean Sea and out towards the Isle of Formentera.

          Villa Pearl is designed and decorated with bright interiors which allow floods of natural light and the surrounding sea views directly into all of it’s living spaces.

          Grab a refreshing cocktail at the free-standing garden bar and watch the world go by from one of the many chill-out areas or directly from the large infinity pool. If you can manage to pull yourself away from this beautiful home, a brief 5 min walk leads directly down to the local sandy beach for an extra special private feature.

          Villa Pearl Ibiza Luxury Villa with stunning sea view
          Can Rocas

          Can Rocas is a magnificent 5 bedroom modern villa located between Ibiza and San José. This newly renovated home comes with stunning ethnic touches and a sober blend of design. The internal openings lead directly out onto the well-designed exteriors and surrounding lush gardens.

          Relax in this secret haven of tropical gardens, hidden in the midst of a beautiful pine forest and be enticed to spend time lounging and soaking up the natural surroundings where you can let go of life’s troubles under the heat of the summer sun.

          Can Rocas Magnificent modern villa near the beaches, between Ibiza and San José
          Villa Unica

          Villa Unica is a 200-year old, refurbished 5 bedroom finca farmhouse, with state-of-the-art features. The house embodies a clever mix between contemporary architecture with traditional insular constructions and offers breathtaking panoramic sea and countryside views.

          This Gaudi inspired home is surrounded by 3 hectares of lush Mediterranean gardens, where fruit trees and colourful bougainvillea grow. Villa Unica features an extra special opportunity to engage in a full self-care retreat, with a fully equipped massage room from a mountain top peaceful location.

          Villa Unica Ibiza Luxury Villa
          Villa Everland

          Villa Everland is a spectacular 4 double bedroom villa consisting of a main house of and a separate 2 bedroom guest house, located at the top of a beautiful hill, in the Sant Josep de Talaia area.

          The villa is oriented to the south with fantastic views overlooking Playa den Bossa, Salinas and Formentera. The properties elegant and fashionable interiors are contrasted with an outstanding exterior, boasting lots of authentic charm, lush palm-filled gardens with plenty of courtyard and entertainment spaces to create the perfect Mediterranean vacation ambience.

          villa Everland Ibiza - Luxury Exclusive Villa
          Sa Caleta Hills

          Sa Caleta Hills is a beautiful 3 bedroom, located high in the mountainous hillside behind the bay of Sa caleta and Cala Jondal. This beautiful home is stylishly designed with the majority of furnishings custom made and specifically designed for the property itself.

          Sa Caleta Hills offers luxury views of the sea and surrounding countryside, where outdoor living is an absolute dream from this lush Mediterranean garden, comprising an infinity pool with vast terraces, ample sunbathing options and shaded areas to relax and enjoy family and friends.

          Sa Caleta Hills Exclusive Villa Ibiza with stunning sea view
          Ca Na Xica

          Ca Na Xica is a truly stunning luxury holiday rental villa with spectacular views towards Cala Jondal. This 4 bedroom property, with an additional 2 bedroom annex homes with astonishing design, resort-like amenities, world-class arts, and amazing attention to detail that is guaranteed to impress. This spectacular villa is completed by a unique amphitheater cinema set around a private lake, and an oasis spa set within tropical trees.

          In addition the exteriors offer a heated pool, beach volleyball court, petanque pitch, outdoor kitchen, al fresco dining area with a BBQ, plenty of chill out spaces and a jacuzzi. The complete Hollywood experience and a vacation home not to be forgotten.

          Ca Na Xica Exclusive Ibiza Villa
          Villa Centello

          Villa Centello is an impressive mountain-top property located on the San Jose Road, which is perfectly located for the beaches of the southwest and the nightlife of Ibiza Town. This six bedroom house offers two vast suites in addition to an annex accommodation, and boasts of some of the best southerly views over Salinas and Formentera.

          Villa Centello, offers spectacular exteriors with an array of terraces, a salt infinity pool, various peaceful waterfall features and spacious chill-out zones to enjoy each and every aspect of the properties grounds. This house is managed by a property manager and is fully staffed, completing the entire 5-star hotel treatment.

          VILLA CENTELLEO Luxury & Exclusive Villa Ibiza with view
          Casa Sun

          Casa Sun is a magnificent holiday rental villa near the area of Cala Jondal. This 5 double bedroom property comes with breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and Cap d’es Falcó in the distance.

          The villa is built on several levels with a stylish approach to decor and hints of eastern worldly and oriental furnishings and art. With a large pool, many terrace areas, outside dining, bowling, jacuzzi and a gym; this home is filled with plenty of leisure activities and options to create a family, event or celebration holiday to remember.

          Casa Sun Exclusive Villa in San Jose' Ibiza
          Villa Jumali

          Villa Jumali is a modern, contemporary 6 bedroom villa located in the exclusive private gated community of Vista Alegre, close by to Es Cubells. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and an exceptional view over Formentera and the Porroig Peninsula, this recently built home boasts of beautiful interior and exterior design.

          The villa nestles among an oasis of tropical vegetation with several terraces, a large swimming pool, a ‘beach area’ for children, jacuzzi and a massage area, which perfectly blend a modern contemporary styling with a traditional Ibizan rustic ambience.


          Why Choose Ibiza

          Aside from the exceptional standard of luxury villas and immaculately restored rustic fincas on offer, the magical white Island of Ibiza perfectly resides in the midst of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, with 300 days of glorious sunshine spreading across the entire year.

          From the beautiful hills and rural countryside in the north, to the white sanded A-list beaches, or our rustic hidden coves and super yachts adorning the harbours, Ibiza offers visitors and locals alike everything from a relaxed bohemian vibe, nature trails, typical resort vacations, to a very up-market and trending atmosphere.

          The towns and villages are laced with typical authentic white washed buildings, central churches, ancient history, artisan markets, boutiques and a multitude of global culinary experiences. Well renowned for hosting world-class DJs, as well as some of the largest and most creative nightclubs, Ibiza offers hundreds of thrilling nightlife opportunities from electronic music, summer clubbing, live performances, festivals and all day beach clubs.

          For those who are passionate about nature and leisure activities, the island boasts of plenty of watersports, diving, snorkelling and golfing to enjoy. Boating enthusiasts pile to the Balearic Islands by the bucket full each year, where Ibiza has become a desirable destination for families, groups of friends, young and old, the rich and famous, and celebrities from around the world.

          No matter your culture, vacating style or your budget, Ibiza has something on offer for everybody! Shop around and you’ll be sure to find your dream holiday rental for an enjoyable vacation in Ibiza!

          Our team is always ready to help you along your buyer’s journey and ensure you discover your dream home with Prestige Properties Ibiza – contact us today!

          Our vacation villas have also recently expanded. Why not, book your Ibiza villa with us for the season 2021.

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            Holiday villas with the 5 best sunsets in Ibiza

            Why is Ibiza one of the most famous holiday destinations in Europe?

            Sunset, dusk, twilight… are some of the names we give to an event as ephemeral as the sunset.

            Sunsets mark very significant moments in our lives: ‘the afternoon when we fell in love; the long summer days with our family; the magic of a sunset to the sound of drums; that dinner of friends that began with a burning red sky’… moments in which we feel very lucky and grateful.

            But if there is one place in the world where you can enjoy this natural wonder, it is Ibiza, with almost 275km of coastline, 300 days of sunshine a year and a peaceful and happy rhythm of life.

            In this blog we want to share with you five of the most special places where you can enjoy an unforgettable sunset. Besides, we have thought about you because in each of them you will find a selection of our fabulous holiday villas.

            The Prestige Team has participated in the vote to draw up the ranking that we present to you below.

            Nº 5 San Antonio, Ibiza

            The Paseo de San Antonio is one of the most fun and unique places on the island. It offers the possibility of water activities such as jet-skiing, jet-boating, flyboarding or parasailing, during sunset. Yes, believe it, because here you can be 50 meters high and be the king of the world! This spot is also very famous for its music and good atmosphere, this is where Café del Mar was born, a real symbol in Ibiza.

            Less than 15 minutes away are two of our holiday villas, with swimming pool and fantastic views: Casa Sandra and Can Trillo.

            San Antonio Sunset

            Nº 4 Cala Benirrás, Ibiza

            If you are lucky enough to be in Ibiza on a Sunday, you cannot leave without visiting Cala de Benirrás, where the authentic essence of the 70’s comes alive for a few hours and fills the sunset with music and percussion. A hundred people play their drums bidding farewell to the sun, while a large crowd dances and gets carried away by the good vibes and the hippie spirit. Some of the most impressive vacation villas in our catalog are in this area: S’Ermita, Can Quince, Can Rio and Can Pep de sa Guaita.

            Benirras Ibiza sunset

            Nº 3 Sa Caleta, Ibiza

            What if you want to make the sunset even more special? All you need for this is a sailboat! Cruising the waters offshore caressed by the sea breeze and feeling so close to the sun that you can almost touch it, this experience is one of the most romantic we can recommend. There are different companies that offer a wide range of boats and rentals adapted to your needs. We can help you, if you dream of living a unique sunset. But in addition, we have a selection of villas for rent located a few meters from the sea, so you can simulate the sensation of sailing: Can Cristina and Can Oasi.

            Sailboat Ibiza sunset

            Nº 2 Cala Conta, Ibiza

            They say Cala Conta is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here we give you the reasons: crystalline waters, fine, almost white sand and incredible views; they make it an earthly paradise. We highlight the gastronomy of the area, the Bullit de Peix and the paella are the star dishes. At the Sunset Ahsram beach bar, you can drink a cava sangria while you celebrate the sunset with music and good atmosphere.

            We recommend some of our holiday villas, located very close to this famous destination: Can Lib and Can Masia, ask us about them.

            Cala Conta Ibiza sunset

            Nº1 Es Vedrá, Ibiza

            And at number 1 is the islet of Es Vedrá, a magical enclave located in the southwest of Ibiza. Although you are not allowed to climb this mystical rock, which is almost 400 metres high (because it has been part of the Nature Reserve since 2002 due to its high ecological value), we recommend you climb the Es Savinar Tower, commonly known as the Pirate’s Tower, and enjoy the unbeatable views! Some of our most charming villas are just a few minutes away: Can Pelat.

            Es Vedra Ibiza sunset

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              Campos de Ibiza Your Free Gift Pack

              When you rent with Prestige Properties: We want you to feel at home! And use products that are natural, sustainable and environmental friendly. Therefore, as part of our wide range of rental services you will receive the gift of a broad range of body and hair amenities, free of parabens and not tested on animals, from Ibiza’s Campos de Ibiza.

              From Prestige Properties we are in tune with the policies implemented by this family company and therefore we are happy to provide you with authentic natural products originating from our fruitful island.

              The welcome kit created for our clients includes a shampoo and conditioner with a fresh Mandarin aroma for hair care. The kit also includes a gel and moisturising body milk with an Almond Flower aroma. The collection is completed with several display trays and a 30 gr. almond bar of soap.

              Are you familiar with Campos de Ibiza? This post will bring you a little bit closer to its history.

              Campos de Ibiza is a family owned company located in Ibiza and with more than 40 years of history producing perfumes using the best natural essences and products from the island.

              The creation of this popular brand has a history that is based on freedom and love for Ibiza… It all began when a young soldier named Maurice Stora was fighting for the freedom of his country when the Nazis invaded France during World War II. During this fight, he attempted to travel to London by boat to join the troops lead by General De Gaulle.

              On his way to England the young soldier was captured and jailed in Spain. Once in prison, Maurice became close friends with his translator Baroness Ilaria of Romania. One day, this exquisite lady made him a promise: "If we survive, I will  take you and your family to discover paradise".

              True to her word, when the war ended, the Baroness brought the young Frenchman to Ibiza in the 50s with help from her cousin, painter Mariano Tur Montis.

              Thus began a friendship that would last forever. Maurice quickly fell in love with Ibiza and returned frequently throughout his lifetime, always accompanied by his family.

              His daughter Camila came to Ibiza for the first time when she was two years old. Her love for Ibiza began with this first visit to the island, resulting in the creation of her brand of perfumes at the end of the 70s. She created aromas using fruits and flowers from the garden of her home; a paradise suspended over the cliffs of Es Cubells.

              Nowadays her daughter Aurélie Kahn runs the company and has provided it with a wider and international projection, including her own creations and placing Campos de Ibiza as a benchmark in Spanish author perfumes.

              campos de ibiza fig

              With the same love for the Island instilled by her mother and her passion for high-end perfumes has enabled the brand to overcome barriers. Her products are produced 100% in Spain using formulas supported by years of experience in the natural cosmetics field, dermatologically tested and free of parabens.

              All of this without forgetting that the containers are recyclable and are manufactured in a manner that is sustainable, generating minimal waste.

              We hope you enjoy this little welcome gift!

              Your Prestige Rental Team

              campos de Ibiza mandarina

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