Discover Ibiza in Winter: A Guide to Off-Season Wonders

Ibiza is a different island during the winter off-season. Compared to summer, you’ll experience much more relaxation and an entirely different crowd of people – it’s really the best time to see the island’s natural landscapes and sunsets. In fact, Ibiza in winter delights all the senses, offering its more authentic and inherent aspects. 

The island’s off-season also lets travellers enjoy its local charm and captivating community and heritage. Fortunately, there are many sunny days, and the temperatures are usually very pleasant, making it possible to enjoy a few beers in the sun, join the local community events and explore the island’s social scene.

Read on to discover what to do in Ibiza during the winter and why we love it! 

What to do in the Winter: Ibiza’s Natural Habitat 

A stroll along in absolute solitude is always a delight, and nothing beats Mother Nature. A refreshing walk through Ibiza’s countryside, along its coastline or overlooking the glorious winter sunsets is always best when there are fewer people, and the air is cooler.

Portitxol Ibiza

The Beaches and Hidden Coves in Ibiza

At the very top of our list, we recommend visiting beaches such as Las Salinas (Ses Salines) and Es Cavallet (here you can walk between both beaches, passing by the Torre de Ses Portes), Playa d’en Bossa or Platges d’en Comte. 

Yet, Ibiza also has plenty of hidden coves that are suitable for active travellers who are interested in the journey as well as the final destination. These idyllic coves are most enjoyable for relaxing and enjoying a picnic after a long hike. Here, you can discover many charming coves and spots along the coast, such as Cala d’Albarca, Es Portitxol, Cala Llentrisca and Punta Galera.

Over the winter, it is more than possible to find many of our beaches lined with large quantities of algae. There is nothing unusual about this –– it’s part of the remains of Posidonia Oceanica, the world’s largest living plant between Formentera and Ibiza. These meadows have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Their oxygenating action on the water makes the Pitiusas Islands’ sea clean and crystalline. 

The Campo and Hiking Opportunities in Ibiza 

Nothing is more rewarding than walking the lush, golden countryside, a road less travelled but very rewarding. There are several areas worth exploring, including farmlands and places of interest. Sant Agnes’ almond blossoms are particularly beautiful during the winter season. Generally, the season lasts from the end of January to mid-February and is the most magical and special time of the year. These days also herald the arrival of spring on the island.

There is a great variety of hiking and walking options to participate in, from the hills of Sa Talaia, the highest point on the island with outstanding mountaintop views, the hills of San Juan, the natural springs of San Mateo, and the village of Santa Inés with its unique land, captivating beauty and sanctuary of cultivated almond trees; an exceptional sight and a truly preserved part of the island.

Exploring the island through various hiking and touring companies is similar to navigating the diverse gaming landscape at Fair Go Casino Log In. Just as Ibiza offers numerous routes for all levels, Fair Go Casino provides a range of games to suit different player preferences, all easily accessible with a simple login, much like downloading a route from the Ibiza Tourism website.

Ibiza Sant Mateu D Albarca San Mateo White Church

The Glorious Winter Sunsets in Ibiza

A little cloud in the sky over the winter months actually enhances Ibiza’s sunsets, which are even more spectacular than usual. Moreover, the sea and the sky have a much wider spectrum of colours in winter, and the sunsets are more attractive. If you are unfamiliar with Ibiza sunsets, we recommend checking out Es Vedra from Cala d’Hort or up on the cliffs, Cala Comte, Benirras, and even Talamanca for a rather unusual pink sky.

What to do in the Winter: Cultural and Community Attractions

You’ll find plenty of cultural and social experiences to keep your Ibiza winter filled to the brim. Ibiza is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and history, unique and lively artisan markets and great community events.

Dalt Vila, the Old Town and Ibiza’s City Centre

The walled city of Dalt Vila is located in the city’s centre. The best way to experience the town is by wandering its cobbled streets and getting lost among them. During the summer, it is too hot to climb to the top where the monument castle and cathedral reside –– but in winter, it is a delight to discover the many viewpoints overlooking the city, the sea, and Formentera that can be found at various locations. You won’t want to miss the stunning architecture and views this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers!

Ibiza’s Street and Hippie Markets

Street markets are charming places to shop and are one of the most interesting things to do.  Various markets, including Sant Jordi market, are interesting places to look for second-hand items. Aside from regular sellers of clothes, costume jewellery, music or books, you can also find plenty of sellers with antiques and collectable jewellery. We also recommend the famed Las Dalias hippy market. At Christmas time, this market puts on its most impressive stalls, welcoming local visitors from all over the island. Sa Forada Market is likewise worth visiting. This market is frequented by locals, and you have lots of local fruit, vegetables and local products. 

The Villages of Ibiza

Many white villages dot the island’s interior, imparting a dreamlike quality to the island. Each has little local bars and restaurants where you can find some of the island’s finest and most typical specialities, including fresh seafood, Jamons, and bocadillos. A leisurely stroll around any of these villages, watching the true local spirit, or sitting on terraces with friends and family is the most idyllic way to experience the island’s authenticity.

Santa Gertrudis is one of the most popular villages to visit, with much atmosphere and vibrancy. This traditional village is architecturally styled to perfection, with a recently renovated main square plaza filled with traditional bars and restaurants, such as  Macao Cafe, Bar Costa, Musset, and Can Mimosa and a central white and yellow decorated church with matching surrounding lined streets of beautiful terrace housing and apartments –– a much-recommended visit!

Bar Costa Santa Gertrudis

What to do in the Winter: Fiestas, Parties and Restaurants 

In Ibiza, a ‘fiesta’ way of life is different from the usual party culture you may experience in the summer. Ibicencan culture is notorious for getting festive regularly, whatever the occasion. There are a variety of activities in different villages on the island most months of the year. These festivities often involve market stalls, live music, parades, fancy costumes, sports, competitions, and folk dancing.

Don’t forget the options are still plentiful if you’re looking for that typical Ibiza-style party or something different and more social. Various day events, parties, and club nights are held regularly at Las Dalias and Akasha throughout the year. The Standard Hotel Ibiza is booming with Bingo players every week, and restaurants like Yemanja, Juntos Farm, Club Nautico, and La Escollera are thriving with locals all year round.

winter in Ibiza - Juntos farm Ibiza

Indulge in Seasonal Gastronomy

Savour the flavours of Ibiza’s unique gastronomy, from the traditional Sofrit Pagès at the local restaurants to the delightful Salsa de Nadal, a Christmas dessert made with sugar, almonds, and chicken stock. Explore a diverse array of culinary delights. Whether it’s a Flamenco Night, a laid back Tapas lazy afternoon in Santa Gertrudis or a Middle Eastern Fusion Brunch, Ibiza’s culinary scene promises to elevate your festive experience:

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    Ibiza 2023 – The ultimate Easter and spring break holiday destination

    In Ibiza, the spring and Easter holidays offer fantastic experiences and are rightfully regarded as one of the happiest times of the year due to its spectacular landscapes, breathtaking beaches and perfect climate. Of course, it is remarkably quieter, so it’s a great time to enjoy outdoor activities and cultural activities alike. This means that no matter what your tastes and preferences may be, you are certain to find something that suits you. 

    Check out our top recommended things to do in Ibiza below. We’re confident you will find everything you need to make your holiday enjoyable on the island during the spring and Easter holidays.

    Nature Activities in the springtime, Ibiza

    Engaging in activities in the fresh air is one of the most effective ways to boost energy, re-awaken the brain, and lift the spirits. Spring offers a variety of hiking, biking and watersports options for exploring the most picturesque parts of our island. Here are our top favourite outdoor activities to experience during your spring or Easter stay:

    Walking Ibiza Tours

    Walking Ibiza has been taking visitors around our beautiful island since 2010. Whether you wish to enjoy the peace and quiet or enjoy insider information about the island, you will be guided by someone who knows the island and routes well. 

    Kayak Ibiza

    Kayak Ibiza has an international team that loves outdoor activities and nature. Taking you along the most scenic routes on the water and showing you hidden spots, they know Ibiza’s coastline better than anyone. Additionally, they offer guided stand-up paddle excursions and guided walks. 

    Bike Ibiza

    Professionalism, adventure, and respect for nature are the hallmarks of Bike Ibiza. Various levels of tours are available around the entire island. Depending on your preferences, you can ride a mountain bike, a road bike, or an e-bike. 

    Golf Ibiza

    Roca Llisa’s private housing urbanisation in Santa Eulalia is home to the island’s only golf course. With more than ten kilometres of outstanding countryside, breathtaking views and a constant sea breeze, Golf Ibiza is a unique and pleasant place to practice golf with family and friends during the winter season. 

    Say Yachts Ibiza

    Our preferred collaborators, Say Yacht, offer low-emission yachting in Ibiza, Formentera, and Mallorca. The boat charter company has been providing conscious yachting options on Ibiza for over 20 years, aiming to significantly reduce emissions on our beloved island by being out on the water in an eco-friendly way. The perfect way to explore the island out at sea!

    Cultural and social activities in the springtime, Ibiza

    Hippy Markets in Ibiza 

    Ibiza has a number of unique and lively artisan markets. With weekly openings, events, great food, and live music, these island attractions have always been very popular and have drawn regular recurring tourists. The spring is a great time to gather for relaxed, casual weekends filled with history, culture, and community. 

    The top four hippie markets on offer are: 

    • The famous Las Dalias Hippy Market with its brightly decorated outdoor terraces of over 200 market stalls
    • San Juan’s popular Sunday market, perhaps the most cultured hippy origin with entertaining live music, regular dancing and a delicious paella street food performance will be finally back from February 2023 onwards.
    • The grand flea market in Sant Jordi (every Saturday morning), sells an abundance of almost anything from ‘bric and brac’ to some relatively valuable household furniture.
    • Punta Arabi is a mix of San Juan’s low-key vibe and Las Dalias size…. Here, people arrive by ‘the coach load’ to shop the market stalls and enjoy a day out in Es Canar.

    Museums and Galleries

    Ibiza is known for its two main cultural attractions in Ibiza Town; the Museum of Archaeology and the Contemporary Art Museum of Ibiza. Both are well worth a visit. If archaeology is of interest, the Dalt Vila Museum preserves and researches remains found on the islands of Ibiza and Formentera over the last few thousand years. Visitors can discover ancient artefacts and excavated burial sites, tracing the history of the island from Punic to Roman times.

    If art is more your style, then The Contemporary Art Museum of Ibiza also located in Dalt Vila, is a wonderfully unique art gallery showcasing permanent collections of art from the 1960’s all the way through to new modern art. 

    Planned in Easter and spring season festivities in Ibiza

    There is no doubt that Ibiza is known as the Isle of Saints and as a place where almost all the villages and towns have been named after saints, and where each of them even celebrates their own Patron Saint. 

    Here are spring and Easter public holidays and planned fiestas for 2023 & 2024 

    March 2023

    1st March: Balearic Day – Ibiza Carnival in Ibiza Town, Santa Eulalia and San Antonio.

    19th March: Sant Josep (San José) – Patron Saint celebrations

    April 2023

    2nd April: Sant Francesc de S’Estany -Patron Saint celebrations

    5th April: Sant Vincent de Sa Cala – Patron Saint celebrations

    23rd April: Sant Jordi de Ses Salines – Patron Saint celebrations   

    Easter Weekend in Ibiza 2023

    A traditional Catholic parade through old town Ibiza that begins on Maundy Thursday (6th April) and continues until Easter Sunday (9th April). 

    May 2023

    3rd May (1st Sunday in May): Festivities in Santa Eulalia

    Medieval Festival Ibiza Town (World Heritage celebrations) – normally first weekend of May (6th to 9th May 2021) 

    17th May: Puig d’en Valls. Patron Saint celebrations 

    Book your spring or Easter vacation villa with us!

    The perfect spring or Easter getaway can be found in a holiday rental villa, which will offer you more than you can possibly imagine. Vacating in a villa rental is an ideal option for a relaxing vacation with your family and friends, especially if you want privacy and the freedom to escape the crowds while enjoying all the island has to offer.

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      Ibiza is the place to be for digital nomads and all-year round holidays

      Ibiza is the new hotspot for winter escapes and digital nomads looking to set up their offices in the sun…

      In Summer, Ibiza is buzzing with tourism; from party people, yogis and families, to anything and everything in between. In high season, the island’s temperature is hotter than hot, but from the end of the season, October the bustle makes room for peace and tranquillity again.

      To be honest, that time of the year might even be our favourite season. The post-summer temperatures can still be felt on the island, and the sea has a very pleasant temperature. The autumn and winter months in Ibiza are the perfect time to really enjoy the beauty the island has to offer.

      The digital nomad trend

      Of course, we understand that you also have your job, studies, and other obligations waiting for you at home, but have you ever thought about a digital nomad lifestyle? As a digital nomad, you have a job that allows you to work remotely and change residence regularly. Sounds quite tempting, right?

      Not only does this lifestyle sound appealing, but now more and more governments are taking steps to make it also more financially appealing and bureaucratically easier. New laws bring these globetrotters tax benefits, but the most compelling for remote workers are the details of Spain’s 2022 Startups Law (Ley de Startups).

      The most significant points include the following:
      1. Tax Breaks For Digital Nomads
      2. A New Visa for Digital Nomads
      3. Extension of Foreign Student "Stay Period" Post Graduation

      Ibiza is the new hotspot for winter escapes and digital nomads

      Why is Ibiza the new hotspot for winter escapes and digital nomads looking to set up their offices in the sun…? After the high season, it is time for the locals to start to enjoy some more free time. From the quiet beaches, outdoor activities, restaurants, bars, shops, and cultural experiences, to festivities, events, and relaxed socialising. We promise you… Ibiza is exciting, during all seasons of the year. If you would like to know more about fun winter activities on the island, read it in our Ibiza in Winter blogs: Nature and Leisure and Cultural experiences & Festivities.

      Before the business of a normal day, you can start with a relaxing yoga session in Ibiza’s nature to begin your workday fresh and focussed. During the daytime, you can enjoy the peace Ibiza has to offer and focus on your daily tasks, maybe taking a little walk in your break, and then once you have closed your laptop, and did some last phone calls you can start your weekend in a local tapas bar, holding in one hand a ‘Cerveza’ and in the other a ‘croqueta’… Cheers and Bon Profit!

      In conclusion: Ibiza is the perfect destination all year round, whether it is for a winter holiday or as your new office. Now there is only one thing you need besides your laptop… your ‘home away from home’. Let us help you find it!

      Your ‘home away from home’

      With around 150 rental properties and more than enough options for long-term rentals, one of them is bound to be right for you. Whether you prefer a peaceful country setting, a traditional farmhouse or Finca, a modern white villa, sea and sunset views, or looking to be close to Ibiza town and nightlife – we will help you to find the perfect place!

      See below a selection of our favourite winter rentals which are perfect for long-term rental:

      Ca Na Llorenceta

      Ca Na Llorenceta is an authentic and traditional Ibizan country house surrounded by almond, fig, orange, olive, and many more fruit trees.

      This property is ideal to use for a group of friends who are looking for some Digital Nomad adventures. There are six double bedrooms, many relaxing living spaces, a swimming pool and even a sports area to blow off some steam after a hard day of work.

      Ca Na Llorenceta is the perfect peaceful office during your working abroad experience.

      Casa Solymar

      This modern Villa is tastefully renovated and close to all the amenities you need. It is within walking distance from the beach of Cala Vadella.

      The house has three levels, an electric gate, a large private parking space, and is fully fenced. Casa Solymar has a big living area with a fireplace, ideal for colder winter evenings. Make yourself cosy during working hours.

      Outside is a terrace with a bbq and big dining table, and a pool area with sun loungers and daybeds. The roof terrace is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset after you finished your workday.

      Villa Paz

      This winter rental is the place to be if you are looking for a villa that offers you total privacy, and amazing open views. Villa Paz is the perfect property for a combination of a peaceful work environment combined with relaxing weekends on the island. Looking for some more buzz? Ibiza Town is only a 10-minute drive, where you will find nice bars and good restaurants.

      There are five big suites and two smaller bedrooms. The large living space is the heart of the property. Meanwhile, outside, in the big gardens, you will find a swimming pool, plenty of chill-out areas, fish ponds and even waterfalls. The view over the valley and the entire coast from Ibiza Town are beautiful, with the old cathedral, Playa d’en Bossa and Ses Salines.

      We know it can be challenging to plan every small detail of your Ibiza experience. Our Ibiza Concierge Services can help you take care of all your personal needs and wishes: from airport transfers, personal chauffeur services, island tours, and boat excursions to private chefs and catering services, grocery shopping, daily personal training & yoga instructors, private spa treatments as well as private entertainment in your villa in Ibiza. We are here to make it happen.

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        Why Ibiza in autumn is perfect to book a villa

        With mild climate temperatures and a reduced tourism season, Ibiza in autumn is perfect to discover our island’s natural beauty and culture, unrivaled by any other.

        Whether you are seeking refuge from the usual cold and rainy European winter season or planning a vacation that you will never forget, a luxury holiday home as your base offering total relaxation, privacy, and some of the best facilities to explore Ibiza freely could be right up your alley.

        With our top autumn villas and great reasons to visit during the off-season, you can start planning your next luxury villa holiday in Ibiza right now.

        Why choose Ibiza in Autumn

        In Ibiza, the off-season and Autumn can offer a whole different set of experiences for visitors and residents than the summer peak. Ibiza in autumn is filled with a sense of great outdoors thanks to Ibiza’s stunning natural surroundings and remote beaches. From water sports to golf, excursions, and boating to guided hikes and cycling tours, our leisure activities in the off-season abound.

        However, there is so much more to Ibiza off-season than just a leisurely holiday: the island also offers a wide range of cultural experiences and festivities, adding excitement to the itinerary.

        As well as local artisan markets, renowned patron and saint festivals, Dalt Vila, museums, and contemporary art galleries, the island provides plenty of local restaurants that are open year-round.  

        Check out our detailed off-season leisure activities and cultural attractions blogs to plan your perfect stay.

        Autumn in Ibiza: Our Top Rental Villas

        Villa Bora

        There is nothing better than a stay at Villa Bora, where high-tech and modern interiors meet a beautiful natural environment and complete relaxation. Within a short driving distance of Es Cubells and Es Torrent on the island’s southwest coast, this property is surrounded by 500 m2 of land in the private and secure Vista Alegre urbanisation.

        On the ground floor, you have a fully equipped kitchen with all the appliances you need, the living room, which is the central social space of the house, with a beautiful fireplace and a warm and pleasant zone with high-quality design furniture – perfect for those autumn evenings. 

        The master bedroom has a tatami round bed where you can watch TV from the ceiling. This bedroom also has a magnificent bathroom with an endless sea view, as well as a large terrace with a jacuzzi. Both the second and third suites feature king-size beds, private terraces, and spacious showers. 

        With this home, you don’t need to worry about the off-season, water temperatures because you can relax in the heated saltwater pool or jacuzzi and take in the panoramic view of Porroig Bay.

        Can Nikita

        In the heart of Ibiza, Can Nikita is an intimate oasis surrounded by nature’s abundance.  The magnificent finca is located just 10 minutes from Ibiza’s old town. A sophisticated interior design and rustic style combine to create this exceptional Finca, which can accommodate up to 12 guests. 

        Here, there are many relaxing living spaces, large entertaining areas, tennis courts, a thermal spa, a gym, outdoor yoga decks, and a large salty infinity pool with views of the forest and shady trees, all of which will keep you fully immersed in wellness – a great place to relax and recuperate over the Autumn season. 

        In addition to the bedroom suites with state-of-the-art facilities, there is also a unique Tree House with a detached double bedroom just in the middle of the orchard with an en suite bathroom.


        On Ibiza’s west coast, Isara is a luxury beach house with striking sea and sunset views. In this magnificent home with its many lawns and decked terraces, there are fully furnished chill-out zones, alfresco dining areas, and plenty of sun-drenched loungers, all of which are beautifully illuminated at night.

        Additionally, the open-plan living areas are filled with natural light, and the interiors are light-filled with soft furnishings in whites, pale greys, beechwoods, and magnolias. Furthermore, the property has a Mediterranean Sea view and lovely exterior gardens.  

        Located within walking distance of the beach, Isara is ideal for families and groups of friends on the lookout for a wonderful Ibizan getaway and engaging in plenty of Autumn beach walks in the area of Cala Moli.

        Let us help you plan your Ibiza Autumn getaway

        We can help you take care of the finer details when planning your perfect Ibiza holiday if you use our concierge services when planning your perfect holiday on this island. Whether you would like hiking tours or watersports, in-house chefs and catering, wellness, yoga, personal training sessions, private spa and massage treatments, or even a home cinema set up, we guarantee that you will receive the highest quality service from the most reputable collaborators this Autumn season.

        With plenty of properties to browse through, we are sure you’ll find the perfect villa vacation rental just for you. Everything is possible with us at Prestige Properties Ibiza. 

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          What’s on in Ibiza this Summer 2022

          All of a sudden, everything got a lot more exciting! Travel vaccination passports and health tests are no longer required for entry into Spain, you do not have to wear a mask in most circumstances, dancing is finally allowed, and everyone’s smiling. Ibiza is back to being as vibrant as ever, and it feels awesome.

          Last month’s International Music Summit (IMS), which provides panels for the electronic music industry gave the feeling that this year is destined to be bigger and better all around. You can literally sense it in the air, everyone is ready for Ibiza 2022, and the tourism industry is already in full bloom.

          Summer 2022, Ibiza is the perfect place to be if you’re looking for a vacation with a great atmosphere and pure freedom. Besides the nightclubs opening for the first time in two years, the island also offers a variety of cultural activities, natural landscapes, and of course, some wonderful places to eat, so let’s see what Ibiza has to offer in 2022.

          Ibiza summer 2022: IMS Ibiza 2022

          Ibiza nightclubs are open – get your party event calendar

          Ibiza’s nightclub scene has already begun its opening season two weeks earlier than usual, with venues such as Ushuaia, Pacha, and being the first to kick-off following the IMS 2022 finale. Ibiza is set to have its longest clubbing season to date, which could extend as far as November. And, of course, this year’s line-ups are looking to be of an excellent standard too!

          If you want to keep on top of your Ibiza party schedule, you can take a look at the Ibiza Spotlight event calendar, which has day-by-day updates on all clubs and DJs, with ticket and VIP table information. Updates are made constantly throughout the season so be sure to keep checking in.

          If you like a little party but attending large-scale clubs is too intense, then check out the latest nightclub from Las Dalias, Akasha.  Open from Friday through until Sunday until 5 am, the club hosts a more relaxed atmosphere where its concept intends to generate a community spirit among the people who visit.

          Ibiza summer 2022: Ushuaia and Hï

          The classic things to do in Ibiza – things that you won’t want to miss

          There is no shortage of cultural classics to experience in Ibiza and those that never go out of fashion either. The famous Las Dalias Hippy Market is always a popular island tourist attraction and home to more than 200 stalls, selling handmade clothes, jewelry, and home decor that can be enjoyed casually roaming around over drinks and freshly baked pizza or street food – all while listening to live music and local DJ’s in their tranquil psychedelic setting. Additionally, the San Juan Hippy Market is a great experience that is known to attract a more authentic crowd with locals and tourists alike flocking out into the streets to enjoy a relaxing Sunday morning.

          Perhaps you prefer to stay away from the crowds and be out on the open waters enjoying mother nature at her finest. Well, in every case a day out at sea will never disappoint. There are a number of experienced boat charter companies based in Ibiza, from where you can create your own day trips, using a qualified and knowledgeable skipper, and set sail to explore all the hidden beaches, coves, and unique spots the island has to offer. There is no doubt in our minds that it is worth considering planning a trip to Tagomago and Formentera, two of our favourite neighbouring islands. We recommend checking out our collaborator Say Yachting, a low-emission boat and yacht charter company on the island that supports our ethos for sustainability. 

          Say Yachting Ibiza

          The top recommended dining experiences in Ibiza

          The majority of vacationers in Ibiza enjoy luxurious and relaxing Mediterranean evenings with great food and a few nights out to let their hair down. With elegant sea and sunset views, open-air rooftop terraces, and some excellent concept cuisine, there is no shortage of incredibly stylish restaurants to choose from.

          Besides the usual favourites like Amante, Bambuddha, and Cotton Beach Club, Ibiza has seen an influx of some great new restaurants and bars opening in a variety of locations around the island.

          Under Michelin Star (12) Chef, Martin Berasategui the BLESS Hotel takes guests on a gastronomic journey at the new Etxeko Ibiza. The ultimate dining experience that celebrates the joys of dining, the ancient flavours of San Sebastián, and the most sublime products of the Cantabrian Sea and the Mediterranean. 

          LayLah Ibiza is a restaurant and lounge bar, combining food, music, heart and soul, where globally inspired flavours are showcased through a menu of sharing plates featuring dishes such as roasted cauliflower with tahini & green chilli, fresh grilled artichokes with Parmesan, spiced chicken crispy cigars, and white fish skewer with ginger & lime salsa.

          Last but not least, we recommend Boodiou Ibiza, a cocktail bar and French restaurant in the heart of Ibiza Town, serving fine dining and enriched sharing plates of French cuisine.  Artfully decorated with contemporary pieces and decorations, this small boutique restaurant will not disappoint.

          Your best Ibiza summer starts here – book your perfect Ibiza holiday rental villa

          If you are looking for a getaway that will offer you more than you can imagine, we highly recommend taking into account having your own holiday rental villa, where you can spend the long summer days in complete style. 

          If you want a relaxing vacation with your family and friends in a comfortable and spacious setting, a villa rental is an ideal choice, especially if you want privacy and the freedom to escape the crowds, while maintaining easy access to all the island’s wonderful activities.

          Ibiza Summer 2022 book your holiday rental villa today

          Keep yourself in the loop with our travel COVID-19 updates

          We are so happy to announce that masks for COVID-19 are required only at health-care facilities, such as hospitals, for workers, visitors, and patients, and on public transportation, such as by air, bus, or boat, where a distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained.

          The use of masks is still recommended for those who have been exposed to COVID-19 in situations where prolonged contact less than 1.5 meters away may occur, as well as during mass events and celebrations where the participants may be vulnerable.

          As it currently stands Spain has no travel entry requirements such as vaccination passports or mandatory health tests.  A passenger locator form is still applicable for all tourists entering the Balearic Islands.

          Stay Updated Here – 

          The upmarket villa rentals we offer cover all of Ibiza’s municipalities, including Santa Eulalia, Santa Gertrudis, San José, San Antonio, Eivissa, and San Juan, which come in many sizes, styles, and budgets.

          Check out our website rental page or see our special offers for your perfect vacation in Ibiza.

          Prefer to chat with one of our agents to help you find the perfect holiday property in Ibiza? We would love to hear from you! Contact us Today

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            Ibiza in April | Top 13 things to do in Ibiza in April

            April is one of the best months to come to Ibiza, because the temperature is pleasant, the island is green and blooming and you can still enjoy the peacefulness and the beautiful places in Ibiza, before tourism is in full swing. If you are considering coming to Ibiza in April for the spring break but are not sure what there is for you to do while here, then this blog is for you.

            Below we have listed our favourite activities and locations, all of which are in line with our "Going Green Campaign". You can use these as inspiration for your Easter vacation in Ibiza, so you can fully enjoy this beautiful island in a sustainable way.

            Outdoor Activities

            Walking Ibiza – Sant Carles de Peralta

            Since 2010, Walking Ibiza has been taking you through the beautiful island. You can choose between their top 10 walks or community walks. The community walks take place on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. You will be guided by someone who knows the island and the routes well and can provide you with inside information about the island or you can enjoy the peace and quiet. Also, the guides speak different languages like English, French, German and Dutch.

            Kayak Ibiza – Es Figueral

            "Kayak Ibiza has an international team that loves nature and outdoor activities. They know Ibiza’s coastline better than anyone and will take you along the most beautiful routes on the water. Just like the experts at Rohrreinigung Berlin know the ins and outs of maintaining the city’s plumbing infrastructure, our team knows the hidden gems of Ibiza’s waters. They’ll show you hidden places that are as fascinating and intricate as the underground networks of a bustling city. They also rent and organise stand-up paddle guided excursions and guided walks. These sustainable activities will give you a completely new perspective of the Ibiza coastline.

            Bike Ibiza – Santa Eulalia

            Bike Ibiza stands for professionalism, adventure, and a conscious approach to nature. They offer all kinds of tours, at different levels, around the whole island. You can choose between a mountain bike, a road bike, and an e-bike. They use the latest bikes, and the guides have a lot of experience with outdoor activities. For those who might need assistance with other types of outdoor equipment, such as maintenance or repair, services like Rohrreinigung Münster can be a reliable choice, ensuring that every aspect of your adventure is taken care of.

            Shopping & Markets

            Hippy Market Las Dalias- Sant Carlos

            The hippy market in Las Dalias, a vibrant and eclectic spot, originated during Valentine’s Day in 1985 and today consists of more than 200 stalls. As you wander through the market, you’ll see the beautiful clothes, jewelry, and decorations, each piece telling its own story. In the midst of this lively atmosphere, it’s not uncommon to overhear conversations about various services like bachelorarbeit ghostwriter, a testimony to the market’s diversity and the rich blend of people it attracts. Take a moment to enjoy a relaxing massage while listening to music and admiring the colourful stalls. Las Dalias also has a restaurant, various bars, and Street Food stalls, where you can enjoy all kinds of delicacies, from local favorites to international cuisine.

            Sluiz – Santa Gertrudis

            Sluiz was founded in 2006 by a Dutch couple, who only wanted to sell products that they like. Among their unique offerings, they introduced a special line called Ghostwriter, featuring an eclectic mix of stationery and writing accessories inspired by literary greats. The department store is filled with quirky and bizarre home decoration and clothing, and after a long day of shopping you can unwind in the restaurant, which is open for breakfast and lunch. It is definitely worth a visit for the ones who love to be surprised.

            Sunday Artisan Market – San Juan

            Every Sunday, this picturesque market takes over almost every street of the San Juan village, in the north of the island. Here you can admire paintings and sculptures by artists, see jewellery and clothing, listen to live music and visit local restaurants and bars. The size of the market and its atmosphere make it popular not only for islanders but also for tourists.

            Retreats & Time for Yourself

            Ashramibiza – Santa Eularia

            In the yoga and meditation center of Ashram, a variety of yoga styles are offered to help you relax and improve your flexibility. The different classes are available in multiple languages, creating a cozy and friendly atmosphere. After all, yoga is so much more than just a workout, it is restoring your emotional well-being.

            Can Curreu – San Carlos

            If you want to relax in the middle of nature, the special Day Pass of Can Curreu is the perfect option for you. To unwind both physically and mentally, you can use the spa with its jacuzzi, heated loungers, sensation showers, massage booths, etc. or enjoy a delicious dinner at the gastro Restaurant where they serve Mediterranean cuisine. Not to mention that you also venture out and can explore the beautiful surroundings on horseback.

            Family Special

            Can Muson – Santa Eulalia

            If you are a lover of nature, then you must visit Can Muson. This ecological finca and farm offers endless possibilities for children and adults. They sell local products, organic fruits and vegetables and you can enjoy a great breakfast or lunch, with natural juices and smoothies. You and your kids will learn to love nature by checking out their vegetable garden and interacting with the farm animals. Can Muson is the perfect destination for a fun family day out.

            Acrobosc Ibiza – Santa Eulalia

            If you and your children love acrobatic outside activities and love a challenge, Acrobosc Ibiza is a great option for your daytime activity. For those who might need assistance in planning or documenting these adventures, services like facharbeit schreiben lassen can be a valuable resource. They offer different levels at Acrobosc Ibiza, so you can decide how big you want the challenge to be. Please note that under the age of 18, an adult must always be present, making it a fantastic opportunity to reconnect altogether as a family.

            Easter Special – Easter in Ibiza

            Samos Deli – Santa Eulalia del Río

            Easter is a tradition celebrated all over the world with treats and decorations to usher in the start of spring. To celebrate Easter in Ibiza in a different way, Samos Deli offers traditional German Easter dishes. Besides the universal treats such as chocolate eggs and sweets, a German tradition is to eat Hefezopf and Hefekranz, a fluffy and soft braided bread, for breakfast on the Sunday morning.

            La Ruta de la Sal – Sant Antoni de Portmany

            In May 1846, sailors were challenged to complete a journey across the Mediterranean due to a shortage of salt.  In 1989, the ANAM launched the first sporting edition of the Salt Route. During the Ruta de la Sal, more than 2000 sailors cross the sea from Barcelona to Ibiza & Formentera in search of the white gold: salt! In 2022 the trip will take place from April 14 to 16.

            We hope that these suggestions have inspired you and, most importantly, convinced you to book a trip to Ibiza this Spring!

            So check out our Special Spring Offer with up to 15% off on some of our most beautiful rental villas for the month of April!

            If you are searching for your ideal accommodation, the Prestige Rental team will be happy to help you. Whether you want to be close to the city, at the beach or high in the mountains, with our wide range of options there is always something for you.

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              Our Top 5 Ibiza Rental Villas

              If you are planning on escaping to Ibiza for a week or two this summer season, then having a comfortable space to retreat to and call your own may be high on the agenda. For a truly special vacation, you need to find a unique holiday home that provides total relaxation, privacy, and the kind of spectacular facilities you’ll never forget. As one of Europe’s top vacation spots, our island is known for luxury villa rentals with upscale interiors, luxurious pools and magnificent views of the surrounding natural environment.

              Read on to discover our top most rented villas and we invite you to use them as sources of inspiration to help you plan your next luxury villa holiday right here in Ibiza.

              Our Top 5 Rental Villas in Ibiza

              CANA BONITA

              Located on the exclusive peninsula of Porroig, Cana Bonita enjoys spectacular views of the Mediterranean sea and coves. With its stunning location, this beautiful 5 bedroom villa is set on 2000 m2 of land with beautifully manicured gardens hosting a large terrace, a recently renovated infinity pool, a gorgeous Balinese gazebo, a lovely covered outdoor dining area with a barbeque, and enchanting pockets of ‘secret garden’ areas. Additionally, there is a substantial roof terrace with sun loungers.

              It is a spacious bright house with modern furniture and fittings throughout, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. This property has 5 double bedrooms, three of which have their own private terraces, as well as 5 bathrooms, making it the perfect holiday villa for large families and groups of friends who wish to enjoy the local beaches, but also wish to gaze at distant yachts as they sail by.

              Top 5 Ibiza Rental Villas: CANA BONITA

              VILLA COMTE

              Villa Comte is a stunning modern villa with four bedrooms located only 400 metres from the beautiful beach of Cala Conta and the well-known restaurant Sunset Ashram. The villa offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and a complete set of modern luxury amenities that will make your stay a complete haven.

              Located around the perimeter of the house is an infinity pool (15×4), a dining area, and a number of areas for relaxation, as well as a beautiful lawn that wraps around both the front and back of the house. Inside the villa, there is a spacious bright living room, which has a beautiful fireplace, a dining room and an open kitchen, all of which are fully equipped with all the modern conveniences. In total, there are 4 bedrooms with sky rain showers in each en-suite bathroom and a bathtub in the master bedroom. Additionally, you’ll find a spacious cinema room in the basement for plenty of home entertainment if you can tear yourself away from the outdoors Mediterranean lifestyle.

              CAN BASETAS

              Can Basetas is a brand new and totally remodelled 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom villa that enjoys a privileged location, resting on a hilltop, only minutes away from the charming village of Santa Gertrudis. Views of the ocean and open forest will delight your eyes from every angle of this beautiful house.

              With bright open space throughout, this property offers an ideal dining room to enjoy a lively dinner, a cosy living room featuring Mediterranean-style built-in sofas with a wide window facing the terrace, and an amazing view of the countryside. On the same level, there is a separate rustic style kitchen that is fully equipped and also enjoys great views.

              Here there are many pleasures to be found outdoors, with a variety of spaces for entertainment and relaxation on all terraces and balconies. The pool house, complete with outdoor living and dining, will be a favourite place to spend Mediterranean evenings. This unique villa is a completely tranquil retreat and an oasis of relaxation.

              CASA SUN

              This five-bedroom, 6-bathroom villa is perfectly located just 5 minutes from Cala Jondal, one of the most famed destinations on the island, which makes it the perfect choice for a luxurious stay. With its exclusive environment and unique details, Casa Sun is an ideal property for an unforgettable holiday with a completely glamorous Ibiza style.

              Located in the centre of a 25.000 sqm garden, the villa is completely surrounded by plants, flowers, and fruit trees. There are several places in the garden and on the terraces to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing moment. The swimming pool, whirlpool, ping-pong area, gym, and all the common areas are perfect for experiencing life under the sun with friends and family.

              The villa is stylishly furnished with bright and wide spaces and lots of intricate design details that create an amazing atmosphere.

              CAN SITGES

              Can Sitges is an elegant holiday property located in a peaceful countryside region just 10 minutes from San Carlos and 15 minutes from the family-friendly town of Santa Eularia. This authentic Ibicenca house offers several amenities including a beautiful pool, barbecue, outdoor kitchen, and a covered alfresco dining area for big groups of friends and families that want to enjoy the outdoors in an idyllic setting.

              With over 300 years of history, this five-bedroom, five-bathroom home is an ideal blend of classic and contemporary and offers all the comforts of home to make your vacation memorable. It may also be noted that this finca has been adapted and laid out to serve as a practical venue for larger events such as weddings or yoga retreats.

              We hope you enjoyed getting to know our 5 most popular rental villas! To see our complete selection of exclusive rental properties just click here:

              See more Ibiza Villas in our Rentals Portfolio

              With plenty of properties to browse through, we are sure you’ll find the perfect villa vacation rental just for you. Whether you wish to stay in the heart of the action, away from the tourist crowds, close to the beach, or you prefer a pleasant country location, everything is possible with us at Prestige Properties Ibiza.

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                Ibiza COVID-19 News 2022

                Updated – May 6, 2022

                We are pleased to announce that the use of masks related to COVID-19 is now only mandatory in the following cases:

                • In all health centres, services, and establishments, whether by workers, visitors, or patients, with the exception of those who remain in their private rooms.
                • On all means of public transportation, whether by air, bus, or boat, where it is impossible to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres, except in cabins when they are shared by a number of occupants.

                It is still recommended that those who have been exposed to COVID-19 continue to wear masks in situations where prolonged contact with persons less than 1.5 metres away will occur.

                Further, using masks responsibly in enclosed public spaces where people pass through or remain for extended periods, as well as during mass events. Family gatherings, private meetings, or celebrations, are also encouraged to take responsible action depending on the vulnerability of the participants.

                Stay Updated Here – Spain Travel Health 

                For Travel Entry Requirements –

                Updated – February 28, 2022

                Applicable to all of the Balearic Islands from February 28th, 2022:

                We’ve finally said goodbye to COVID-19 Full Vaccination Certificate (covid passport) and face masks in all outdoor areas including courtyards, terraces, and all educational facilities.

                All restrictions have been placed at a minimum, yet it is a requirement to follow the below four measurements:

                • Maintain a safe distance as much as possible
                • Wear a face mask (covering nose and mouth) in largely populated public indoor spaces when it is not possible to maintain a safe distance of 1.5m in overcrowded areas
                • Maintain personal hand hygiene 
                • Smoking remains prohibited on the terraces of establishments for public use or similar spaces

                In the case of hotels and restaurants, when indoors guests should always be seated and wearing a mask, except at the time of consumption. Hotel and catering employees must wear a mask at all times. 

                Within these establishments, 100% capacity is authorised with a minimum of 4 square metres per table to maintain the interpersonal safety distance and with hydroalcoholic gels and hand sanitisers available.

                Travelling to Ibiza? Please check out our Ibiza Travel Forecast 2022

                Stay Updated Here – 

                Updated – February 15, 2022

                Applicable to all of the Balearics Islands from February 10th:

                We’ve finally said goodbye to COVID-19 Full Vaccination Certificate (covid passport) and face masks in all outdoor areas including courtyards, terraces, and all educational facilities.

                All restrictions have been placed at a minimum, yet it is a requirement to follow the below three measurements:

                • Maintain a safe distance as much as possible
                • Wear a face mask (covering nose and mouth) in largely populated public indoor spaces when it is not possible to maintain a safe distance in overcrowded areas
                • Maintain personal hand hygiene

                Travelling to Ibiza? Please check out our Ibiza Travel Forecast 2022

                Stay Updated Here – 

                Updated – February 1, 2022

                Applicable to all of the Balearics Islands from January 10th:

                You may be required to present your COVID-19 Full Vaccination Certificate in the following places (it is at the discretion of each establishment to ask customers for the vaccination certificate): 

                • Restaurants, Bars, Cafeterias, Social Clubs, Night Clubs, or any venue where dancing is permitted 
                • Celebrations, Congresses, Seminars, or Similar
                • All Tourist Establishment or Premises with Shared Rooms
                • Cinemas and Other Cultural Spaces
                • Gyms or Similar
                • Competitions and Outdoor / Indoor Training (except for those under the age of 12 years)
                • Sport Events

                All restrictions have been placed at a minimum, yet it is a requirement to follow the below three measurements:

                • Maintain a safe distance as much as possible
                • Wear a face mask (covering nose and mouth) everywhere in populated public indoor spaces
                • Maintain personal hand hygiene 

                Travelling to Ibiza? Please check out our Ibiza Travel Forecast 2022

                Stay Updated Here – 

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