Prestige Properties: your best real estate option in Ibiza

The real estate industry in Ibiza is constantly growing. In a context of recovery and return to strength for the sector, only reliable companies like ours, Prestige Properties, the island’s longest-running and most experienced company in the sector, remain on top.

Our portfolio of properties and clients will ensure you get what works best for you at the price you need and with the best conditions.

Our experience, which is based on personalised multilingual service and complete assessment, including information about the island’s urban-planning status, is key.

History Of Reliability

In 1983, Pascale Dufournier had the foresight to capitalise on the emerging growth of the island and form a reliable and secure company: Prestige Properties.

The outcome could not have been better: we are leaders in the purchase, sale and rental of properties such as villas and apartments, ensuring honest and transparent negotiation throughout. With a group of multilingual and experienced consultants who receive ongoing training.

Prestige Properties serves the entire real estate market with excellent results, personalisation and unbeatable quality. Our operations and logistics are the keys that set us apart from the competition, adding value and capital gains to our properties.

That’s why we use a global real estate network with partners around the world who open doors to innumerable properties, not to mention knowledge and clients. We also offer an international magazine specialised in these topics and consistently use multichannel (especially digital) and marketing tools.

What to expect from Prestige Properties in Ibiza?

We’ll always stand by you:

By understanding your needs, we will act accordingly.

For us, the transactions we make must be successful all around. That’s why our goal is that you achieve your goals.

We’re Aware Of The Surroundings.

Being specialists in analysing a property’s surroundings, i.e. prices, competition, projection of the area, advantages and disadvantages. We prepare complete reports to ensure your investment is safe and smart.

Strategy Is What We Love.

If we don’t know where to invest or why we’re doing it, what’s the use? A solid strategy is key to achieving what you’re striving for.

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing.

In a globalised world, the tools for clients to help them find their dream properties rely on a vital communication and marketing strategy.

We Believe In Love At First Sight.

That’s why we take special care to protect the image of the property we’re promoting. The buyer must feel like the property is theirs from the get-go.

We Offer All-in-one Service.

Trusting in Prestige Properties meaning trusting that we’ll do everything for you. Alexandra, Federica, Lola, Anna, Juliette, Inge, Pieter, Nina, Victor and, of course, Pascale, are here to provide thorough help and guidance during and after the transaction. Don’t worry about legal or municipal paperwork, name changes, resolving documents, etc.

When you buy or sell a property in Ibiza with Prestige Properties, you can be sure that you will be supported at all times by an outstanding reputation and name. Our clients and our figures speak for themselves. Make us part of your life.

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