A Prestige Buyer’s Journey: Meet Tobias Punga

Tobias Punga is German living in London where he works in finance. In 2019, with the help of Prestige’s agent Juliette, he purchased a magnificent villa up the hills in San José which he refurbished. Find out more about Tobias’s personal journey in the below interview:

Tell us a little bit about your first experiences in Ibiza…

Every island or destination I’ve been to had a unique signature experience… the party place, the spiritual retreat, the family oriented environment etc…. Ibiza struck me that it encompassed it all. Everyone found something that made them fall in love with the island… to each his own and Ibiza owned it all.

What made you want to buy a property in Ibiza?

The idea was to have a place that can be shared by my family and friends. An open hang out for who is important to me already and who might be in the future. A place for all sort of talent to mingle; exchange thoughts, and having a fun time.

What kind of property were you looking for and why?

A spacious place that can be changed in a way so I can have an impact, but still respecting the style and rules on the island, and still leaving my own personal touch. Big enough to host a decent sized group, close enough to the airport, but not getting disturbed by the noise, and having nice beaches and Ibiza town in close reach.

What points were you willing to compromise on and where did you draw the line?

Enough rooms, sea view, not too far from the airport, and south facing were points I did not want to compromise on.

Tell us a bit about your general experience of searching for a home in Ibiza?

The offers I saw in Ibiza were either overpriced or the quality I found wasn’t satisfying. It took me more than 3 years to find the perfect set up.

What were the biggest challenges you faced during the search process, and was Prestige able to help you overcome some of these?

They key is to look at as many opportunities as possible and sharing with the agent in detail what you are looking for to make the search process as efficient as possible – important for seller, buyer and agent in the end to not waste anybody’s time.

Once you found your ideal property, how smooth (or turbulent) was the process until finally signing at notary and making it your own.

It was a rather turbulent process, as the seller was more than 10 individuals that resided in three different countries. Any negotiation was therefore a little longer than in any usual sales process.

What would your main advice to other home buyers, about to embark on a similar journey, be?

Use a qualified agent, a talented architect, interior designer & construction companies, a knowledgeable lawyer, and spend enough time searching.

Overall, what difference do you think working with Prestige made in your journey of finding and buying your dream property in Ibiza?

Showing the profile I asked for ;).

Can Xica villa in san jose ibiza
Can Xica villa in san jose ibiza
Can Xica villa in san jose ibiza

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