50 essential things to do in Ibiza

From the blog Ayuda en Ibiza they suggest fifty activities to do in this wonderful island (at least once in your life). This list could go on with other 50 things -or even more-. , so the blog authors invite us to propose our own ideas to write the second part.

  1. Watch the sunset from the Pirate tower.
  2. Get lost through the streets of Dalt Vila.
  3. Go snorkeling to discover amazing seaweed meadows
  4. Splurge in Las Dalias.
  5. Go to a boat party and (just like Jack in the titanic) feel like the ‘king of the world‘
  6. Recharge yourself with positive energy in front of Es Vedra.
  7. Dress up like a hippie and dance to ‘love is in the air’at the Flower Power.
  8. Make a wish after giving an offering to the goddess Tanit.
  9. Fall in love watching the sunset at Las Puertas del Cielo (Sa Penya Esbarrada).
  10. Go out at sunset and get home at sunrise.
  11. Go to Formentera and cross the entire island by motorcycle
  12. Go down to Atlantis and enjoy one of the most wonderful places on the island. Go back begging someone to tow you.
  13. Eat a ham sandwich at Can Costa.
  14. Drink Ibizan herbs in Can’ Annetahating yourself for not having discovered this amazing beverage beforeamazing beverage before.
  15. Unfasten your belt after eating Bulltit de Peix.
  16. Give it everything at an opening party.
  17. Say goodbye to an amazing summer at a closing party.
  18. Going out wearing flip flops (and a swimsuit underneath, just in case).
  19. Explore the island in August in search of tranquility and a solitary cove.
  20. Gobble up bread with ali-oli sauce before lunch.2

Photo: www.scubaibiza.com

  1. Drink ‘Mojitos’ made by ‘the Brazilian guy’ in Cala Saladeta
  2. Keep an entire survival kit (towels, cooler, umbrella …) in the car boot for the summer.
  3. Dance to the beat of the drums in Benirrás.
  4. Give it everything in the full moon raves in Cala Compta
  5. Jump the bonfires the night of Saint John.
  6. Drink one of the most expensive beers of your life listening to chill out music at Café del Mar.
  7. Take a picture of the sunset at Salinas Natural Park
  8. Get trampled and pushed trying to eat a hot dog at the Medieval Market.
  9. Contemplate the island from its highest point (Sa Talaia).
  10. Running, skating or cycling along Botafoch promenade.3

Photo: www.yoquesebarcelona.wordpress.com

  1. Having a drink listening to live music at Teatro Pereyra.
  2. Walking around Es Pla de Corona while the almond trees are blossoming.
  3. Visit Can Marça cave.
  4. Drinking (a lot of) beers at Plaza del Parque.
  5. Enjoy the nightlife of Marina neighborhood in summer.
  6. Skinny dipping in Punta Galera.
  7. Ending a meal having a ‘Caleta coffee’.
  8. Attending a ‘secret’ party at a luxury villa owned by someone you don’t know.
  9. Collect a whole load of sweets, snacks and beverages to watch the sunset with friends.
  10. Eating fresh fish in the ‘clandestine’ beach bar of Sa Punta (nobody knows its real name).
  11. Watch a sunset enjoying a Mojito at Khumaras.
  12. Search for vintage bargains in Sant Jordi street market.
  13. Breathe in the tranquility of Santa Eulalia’s promenade.
  14. Spend a full day in the ‘showcase’ of Salinas Beach.
  15. Freak out at the luxury yachts in the port of Ibiza.4

Photo: www.ibiza-experience.com

  1. Cannonball into the sea from the rocks of Cala Olivera.
  2. Take a picture next to the lighthouse of Portinatx
  3. Feel like the hippest person in the world dancing at the concerts of Chirincana.
  4. Daring to Paddle Surf if you want to look cool, if not, go windsurfing.
  5. Feeling like an ‘outsider’ going out in the West End (San Antonio).
  6. …….

Ibiza, September 2016

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