The Island of Bes

Let’s get to know a little bit more about our Ibicencan ancient culture!

Ibiza, one of the most beautiful and mystical islands in the mediterranean sea, has throughout the centuries attracted an interesting mix of people and civilisations. Ibiza has always opened her arms to the explorer and provided replenishment and rest for the weary traveller. It was in 680BC that the Phoenicians first discovered Ibiza, an island that lay in the currents of seafaring sailors and traders. These early sailors would stop in Ibiza to gather food and find fresh water to drink. The Phoenicians were well known as traders, and set up a trading post at Sa Calleta before moving to Dalt Villa, which is where Ibiza town now resides.

The Phoenicians were related to the Carthaginians and it was to their Gods and others that they worshiped. The Phoenicians adopted the god Bes from their neighbours the Egyptians, and exported his cult around the Mediterranean as they traded peacefully with different civilisations. They were famed for trading in the colour purple – a colour related to Royalty- and Ibiza shellfish provided the dye for them to obtain it.

The Phoenician term for the cult of Bes was Ibosim, which throughout the centuries gradually became I-bez-a……..the "Island of Bes".

As Bes was considered a good spirit, he became associated with sexual pleasure, dancing and good times. He was worshipped for fertility and healing purposes along with his wife Beset, who watched over women during childbirth. Along with the Goddess Tanit, the two ancient Gods are closely connected to Ibiza.

There are many references and places to Bes and Tanit on the island and here at Prestige Properties, we recommend you to discover these hidden secrets.

Ibiza, March 2017

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