The Goddess Tanit

Let’s talk a bit of our history. The Carthaginian goddess Tanit was worshiped as the goddess of sexuality, fertility and death. Ibiza is known as it’s island since the Carthaginians whom were brought it in 600 BC when they settled in Ibiza. The Romans called "Dea Caelestis" and venerated as "Juno".

Today, the goddess Tanit remains revered in Ibiza and its ancient temple, a cave with an altar in the center, located on the road to Portinatx and designated "Cova de’s Cuieram" is a different tourist attraction in northern the island.

For the Carthaginians, Ibiza was sacred ground and buried the nobility in Dalt Vila, in "Puig d’es Molins" which today remains one of the best examples of Carthaginian necropolis in the world.

It is thought that the powers of Tanit reside in drinking water (sources, etc.) of the island, which contains, according to legend, the power of purification, fertility and magnetic balance. Punic rituals are still practiced with dances around wells and water sources to commemorate Tanit.

In early 1900, six hundred clay statues of Tanit in "Cova Des Cuieram" are discovered and now on display in the Archaeological Museum of Ibiza Town. The caves are in a remote forest area in a mountain of San Vicente and their opening to the public from 9 to 13 hours. A car is essential if you wish to visit these caves.

Let’s go and see it!!

Ibiza, April 2016

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