Tap water in Ibiza

Both tourists who come to Ibiza on holiday or the people who live all year long on the island, must understand that water is a valuable good. Here at Prestige Properties, one of the most important estate agencies in Ibiza since 1989, many people ask if tap water is drinkable. There is a rumor that the tap water is not drinkable, however it is not true. On the island, running water comes from two places: from the rain and from the sea; rainwater falls and seeps into the underground lakes, while sea water is pumped by three desalination plants that cleanse water, extract salt and treat it with chlorine in order to kill bacteria.

Then, drink tap water in Ibiza is possible, however, the taste really is not pleasant; in addition, to drink this water too long, you can get stomach aches since the water from private wells has high levels of lime. To be honest, it is a privilege to have its own drinking water but often not good for the body.

In Ibiza, there are water sale areas, water from boreholes which has been treated. This is the cheapest way of quality drinking water without fearing those dreaded problems.

Anyway, most tourists drink bottled water, which can be bought in any supermarket on the island. On the other hand, for children, bottled water with lower levels of mineralization is always better.

It is always better to drink water with high levels of magnesium and low sodium levels.

Ibiza, February 2016

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