Discover the island’s secrets with My Ibiza and Formentera

We would love for all our clients, who have placed their trust in us with purchasing or renting a property of their dreams in the past, to also have a unique memento of Ibiza: a special piece of unique treasure that uncovers some of the most unknown secrets of Ibiza: My Ibiza and Formentera – The True Insider’s Guide.

This guide is a must-have for any traveler visiting our island, as well as for residents that want to discover everything both new and old about Ibiza; as stated in the New York Times article:

"My Ibiza and Formentera, a new (and very necessary) guide".

Its creator Hjordis Fogelberg tells us that her latest updated edition is full of useful tips and all types of recommendations. As explained by Hjordis: "my parents arrived at Ibiza with the first wave of hippies during the 60s. I spent summers barefoot, my skin was tanned and my hair was faded by the sun". As a result of her knowledge and passion for the island where she was born, any person that buys her books will instantly become part of authentic Ibiza. Things that are a must when you are visiting the west side of the island, recommendations for practicing sports, the best spots to view the sunset, culinary experiences, events, and especially culture, a lot of cultures, are the ingredients of this book!

Fogelberg was also a pioneer as co-founder and collaborator in creating magazines Pacha and Best of Ibiza; milestones that completely changed the advertising style of the island, beginning with the fad for discotheque sponsored magazines, which are still being printed to this day.

A particularity about this guide is that all the illustrations have been created by the author. My Ibiza and Formentera is a very visual publication, its illustrations show different landscapes that highlight the beauty of our island: from the authentic country lifestyle, to the architecture of the old city or the properties that represent the essence of Ibiza. This edition is easy to read and is arranged by different contents to include a brief history of Ibiza, an index of interesting words, an extractable map you can carry in your pocket, and even a lunar calendar.

We are very happy to collaborate on this project by sponsoring the back cover of the latest editions. From Prestige Properties we want you to take a little piece of Ibiza with you wherever you go with the hope of turning our island into "your Ibiza".

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