A Prestige Buyer’s Journey: Meet Joanne and Martin Davison

Meet Prestige clients Joanne and Martin Davison!

Both are British nationals and live and work in London. Martin is a Chief Financial Officer and Joanne works as a Sports Nutritionist. In 2019 they purchased a renovated Finca in the centre of the island, Can Coll, which they now share with their two teenage children and their extended family. Read on to find out more about their personal journey of finding their dream home in Ibiza…

Tell us a little bit about your first experiences in Ibiza…

Our first trip was a beautifully peaceful experience which was a surprise as Ibiza is renowned as the party place. We fell in love immediately with the beautiful beaches, stunning turquoise water and the positive energy we felt.

What made you want to buy a property in Ibiza?

It reminded us of California with its relaxed, international vibe and with lots of trees and vegetation. It has good quality restaurants and beaches, and the whole island is easily accessible.

What kind of property were you looking for and why?

We wanted a refurbished property with character and in a rural area that would suit our growing family.

What points were you willing to compromise on and where did you draw the line?

We were open-minded about the location and the age of the property but would not compromise on it having character and the general ‘feel’ of the house. We had made a list of our "must-haves" several years previously, and Inge at Prestige Properties worked with us to find the most suitable fit.

Tell us a bit about your general experience of searching for a home in Ibiza?

We had been looking abroad for at least ten years for a new home, but when we visited Ibiza, we knew that is where we wanted to settle. Like many people, we had been keeping an eye on properties available via the internet. Still, when we visited Prestige Properties and met Inge, we felt we were in good hands with a high-quality agent and a good range of properties on their website.

What were the biggest challenges you faced during the search process, and was Prestige able to help you overcome some of these?

It was difficult to reduce the search to a specific area as you can have fantastic properties in areas you might not think about – you need to be open-minded. You have to trust the agent to guide you. We felt Inge got to know us as a family and directed us to areas and houses that best suited our needs.

What would your main advice to other home buyers, about to embark on a similar journey, be?

Use a good local lawyer. Also, think carefully about who you are going to use to exchange your money into euros. There are lots of brokers, but do you trust them with your money? We already had an overseas bank with a euro account, and this certainly helped.

Overall, what difference do you think working with Prestige made in your journey of finding and buying your dream property in Ibiza?

Inge at Prestige was incredibly helpful and so cheerful, it was great to work with her.

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