5 Romantic restaurants in Ibiza : Prestige Recommends

Ibiza, often hailed as the island of love, undoubtedly offers an enchanting setting that has all the ingredients for a romantic escape, making it an ideal destination for couples. If you’re seeking to surprise your partner with a magical evening, Prestige Properties has curated a list of five of the most romantic restaurants in Ibiza that will undoubtedly leave you both spellbound.

Although some of these charming establishments may close during the winter, fear not, as others such as Sa Capella, La Brasa, and Can Berri Vell provide the perfect ambiance for a romantic winter night.

La Brasa. For those seeking a romantic setting, this restaurant is an absolute classic. With a carefully chosen and varied menu boasting a huge emphasis on Mediterranean cuisine, you’ll find this lovely restaurant in the old quarter of Ibiza. Worth booking a table on the terrace even in winter, as its heaters always keep you warm. – Ibiza town

Can Berri Vell. Feel more ibicenco in Can Berri Vell. A place wrapped with tradition, charm and typical delicacies elaborated with innovative techniques. Do not forget the camera. We assure you that the first thing you want to do when you arrive is to immortalize the beauty of the place. – San Agustin

Restaurante Amante. Locked away in the stunning natural setting of Sol d’en Serra bay, Amante is another of those restaurants on the pricier side which deserves at least one visit, so as to enjoy that which surrounds it. Open during the winter and summer months, it’s the perfect restaurant to celebrate any occasion. – Cala Llonga

L’apéro. Exquisite cuisine, quality raw materials and the know-how of its owners make l’apéro one of the best restaurants in Ibiza. Exquisite French and market cuisine in an intimate restaurant where good taste and authenticity breathe as soon as you enter through the door. – Ibiza town

Sa Capella. Of all the restaurants on this list, Sa Capella is probably the most visually stunning for those who pass through its doors. The main dining area is found in the Romanesque chapel of St Agnes (XVIII Century). On it’s menu you’ll find meat, fish and vanguard dishes which do not disappoint. – San Antonio

Ibiza, September 2017

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