Let’s plant a Sabina!

Four young men from Ibiza, nicknamed "The Sabina Boys", who grew up together and were schoolmates, José Fernández, Guillaume Desager, Patrick Nagel and Andrés García, left on July 10th from Ibiza and are driving to Mongolia, arriving at the end of this August, they are participating in the famous charitable challenge "The Mongol Rally" that was created in 2004.

The Mongol Rally is an annual event that attracts people who like adventure and are keen to take on the challenge, the journey covers roughly 30,000km through mountains and desert, from Europe to Asia. Without support equipment, driving a basic vehicle, in their case a Renault Kangoo, and without an established route. It is a charity race in and each team supports an NGO of their choice.

"The Sabina Boys" chose the NGO Ibizaconciencia.org and will pass their donations to the next campaign of "Reforesta Ibiza", where reforestation days will be organized by students of schools on the island, re-establishing native forest area devastated by fires. Their aim is to replant one juniper (Sabina), at least, for every 100 kilometers traveled.

At Prestige Properties we also want to help replant the burnt areas of the Ibizan landscape. Planting the junipers (sabinas), make them grow and help our beloved island retain it’s native flora and fauna. For this reason, Prestige Properties is donating € 500 to "The Sabina Boys" through the NGO Ibizaconciencia.org for the reforestation of the island.

You can also donate!!: https://www.migranodearena.org/reto/18842/100-km-1-sabina-mongolrally2018#.W0czf5OgOks.link

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