Pieter Vlassenbroeck

Senior Sales Advisor


Pieter is a popular sales agent and has been with Prestige Properties since 2017 and is known for his charm and sincerity.

Having worked in the sales department for BMW in Belgium for over 8 years, Pieter learned from the best.

Clients tell us that Pieter’s strongest asset is being a good listener and he thinks outside of the box, which is the key to his success; he is excellent at really understanding your needs and finding solutions to your problems.

He sold his house in Belgium and moved to Ibiza in 2017 for three reasons: love, climate and atmosphere. He now lives with his girlfriend in Santa Eulalia, an area he loves because "it has everything, all year round".

In his (very scarce) free time, you can find Pieter either at the beach, taking a nap or making music in his home studio…

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