Is Ibiza a good place to buy a property?

Is Ibiza a good place to buy a property? The property market in Ibiza has always been reliable. There is no denying that our island’s real estate market has seen a significant influx of residents and foreign buyers, particularly in the luxury segment – and it has undoubtedly become one of the world’s top property hotspots. 

Its idyllic location and high property demand have made Ibiza a safe investment for quite some time. As the current market stands, investing in a home in Ibiza makes for a secure return on investment, irrespective of whether it is residential, a second home, a villa for tourism rental purposes, or an early project phase property.

In light of Ibiza’s vibrant property market, we are excited to share our latest market update showing why Ibiza remains a great investment.

The island of Ibiza is not only an attractive investment but also one of the most sought-after locations in the world. Known for its pleasant climate year-round, natural environment, and extraordinary lifestyle, our island has much to offer. Our island’s picturesque beaches and sunsets, social networks, events, and laid-back lifestyle continue to attract many home buyers seeking a place in the sun where other international and cosmopolitan communities align. 

Moreover, our island draws in many remote workers and entrepreneurs who can work from anywhere – including those with children due to its quality schools, natural surroundings and level of safety.

Many visitors from afar are impressed by its increasingly easy international connection (not only direct from London, but direct flights from New York to Mallorca are now available, allowing you to reach Ibiza in approximately 8 hours), making travelling to and from Ibiza much simpler and more enjoyable.

Prestige Properties presents Ibiza’s Luxury Housing Market 2022/2023

Soon, we will be taking a look at the housing market statistics once again as we enter the last quarter of 2023. Yet, as far as we can predict and according to our internal insights, we have continued to rise since our previous audit. 

Our 2022 annual market report and 2023 forecast shows that Ibiza’s real estate market has always been more resilient than our neighbouring Islands and Spain’s mainland. Ibiza’s luxury sector has experienced a considerable upturn since 2020 compared to our peers. 

Our Prestige Properties Ibiza’s sales data for 2022 show the following:

  • An overall 10% increase in price per square metre between 2020 and 2022 across all areas on the island
  • Our sales volume doubled between 2020 and 2021 – and remained stable throughout 2022
  • An 87% rise in enquiries over the past two years
  • A drop of around 50% in (published) listings (suggesting a high demand versus low supply market)
  • 58% of our buyers purchased a property as a second home

For our Full Market Report and more statistics, please visit our 2022 Annual Ibiza Property Market Report and 2023 Forecast.

Overall, following the main boom of 2021 (which saw even higher numbers than the pre-covid highs in 2017), the market remains steady and continues to rise. With fewer sellers on the market, property values are predicted to increase as the race against a low supply continues, making this a good time and Ibiza a good place to buy a property.

buying and selling of homes in the balearic islands 2022

Ibiza Real Estate Properties for Tourism and Rentals

Ibiza generally continues to grow, especially in the hospitality and tourism sectors, making it a premium place to travel. Due to this growth, housing and infrastructure demand has also increased, making it a good destination for those looking to buy a property for tourism purposes.

Buying an Ibiza property with a current tourist licence is the ideal situation. The application process and legal certificate will already be completed, and, what’s more, regular tourism customers are likely to return to this same property and book their holidays year after year. Buying a property for tourism is a win-win situation. This type of investment will likely be fully booked year after year as the tourism industry is booming and its prestige VIP status continues upward.

You can learn more about purchasing a property with a tourist licence or obtaining your own in our guide entitled How to Obtain a Tourist Rental License in Ibiza.

Ibiza’s Real Estate Market for Long-Term Residents and Families

Our island’s relaxed lifestyle and tranquil environment make it a popular destination for long-term residents, families, and professionals (young and old) who can work remotely. Those who can afford it will naturally prefer a purchased home over long-term rentals (which are also challenging to find). 

The island is experiencing a sensational rise in interest as internationals and families become more active in their purchasing journeys, resulting in an increase in prices, a decrease in supply, and an increase in demand.

So, is Ibiza a good place to buy a property and is now the right time?

Overall, one thing is for sure: You’ll have a better chance of getting a decent return if you buy a property in a highly valuable location, highly sought-after and in constant demand. And, yes, Ibiza is most certainly one of those places!

Are you looking to buy a property or luxury villa in Ibiza? Well, now is a perfect time!. If you want to view our Buyers Guide or speak with an agent about the current market and investment opportunities, contact us today

We would be more than happy to talk you through Ibiza’s Real Estate potential.

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    Top 5 Authentic Ibiza Restaurants: A Gastronomic Journey of Flavours

    Ibiza has many authentic and traditional restaurants that most certainly merit a visit. The quality of our local restaurant scene is greatly enhanced by our island’s fresh produce, daily seafood menus, and typical Ibicencan flair.

    With a long list of family-friendly restaurants offering tasty menus and picture-perfect beachside locations overlooking the turquoise-blue Mediterranean Sea – we’re sure you’ll find something you like. Read on to explore our top-recommended gastronomic experiences and traditional Ibiza restaurants.

    Balafia Restaurant – San Lorenzo, Ibiza

    Balafia has been run by the Marí family since ‘Lina and Toni’ built this small establishment many decades ago. The restaurant is ideally located close to the quaint and charming village of San Lorenzo, alongside an orange tree orchard. These days Antonio Junior grills delicious food in an authentic wood oven while his sisters Lina, Toñi and Marita serve their customers. It is the perfect place to recover after a long beach day or have a delicious meal of grilled meats under the evening stars on their spacious Mediterranean terrace.

    Authentic Ibiza Restaurants: Balafia Restaurant - San Lorenzo, Ibiza

    El Carmen – Cala d’Hort, Ibiza

    In one of the most picturesque locations on the island of Ibiza, El Carmen Restaurant is situated in a place that can only be described as magical  – facing the sea in front of the islets of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell. Whether day or night, under the sun’s heat or in the evening before the breathtaking sunset, you can enjoy a feast full of typical specialities, especially fresh fish and seafood. Here you can enjoy a taste of one of these plates in an environment that is pleasant, familiar, surrounded by nature, and with spectacular views.

    Authentic Ibiza Restaurants: El Carmen - Cala d’Hort, Ibiza

    Cas Pagès – San Carlos, Ibiza

    As one of the island’s oldest restaurants, Cas Pagès was established in 1972 by Carmen and Lucia Pagès. This small restaurant on San Carlos Road has served grilled meats and homemade dishes for over 50 years. They offer a variety of great rice dishes to their guests, including their famous "arroz de matanza", a delicious rice dish that contains the finest pork cuts available, and the "sofrit payès", which consists of lamb and chicken with sobrasada, potatoes, toasted almonds, and various herbs and spices. This menu is both wholesome and filling.

    Authentic Ibiza Restaurants: Cas Pagès – San Carlos, Ibiza

    El Bigote – Cala Mastella, Ibiza 

    El Bigote is a beach-shack-style, no-frills restaurant with a view of Cala Mastella’s picturesque cove. The local restaurant is so popular that the King of Spain was allegedly turned away because he didn’t have a reservation. Reservations here are often months in advance, and there’s no answer on their mobile phone. It can take hours or even days to get through, so it is usually advised to drive there to reserve a table. Here’s where our Concierge Services can help you ensure your reservations are secured! 

    El Bigote only serves a minimal menu of authentic dishes – bullit de peix (fish cooked in saffron with potatoes) and rice cooked in fish broth. This authentic restaurant experience is worth the trek.

    Authentic Ibiza restaurants: El Bigote – Cala Mastella, Ibiza 

    Restaurante Salvadó – Pou des Lleó, Ibiza 

    Salvadó Restaurante is a historical place on a boat dock where fishermen sold fresh fish. They’ve been running a family business for over 30  years with classic recipes passed down generations for you to enjoy from one of the island’s most authentic spots. This is a secret corner where you can experience the original flavour of the island in its purest form. 

    Salvadó Restaurante serves a wonderful array of seafood and fresh fish dishes, but we would highly recommend the traditional dish Bullit de Peix and Paella. It’s one of the best on the island!

    Authentic Ibiza restaurants: Restaurante Salvadó – Pou des Lleó, Ibiza 

    Book your Ibiza Restaurant Reservations with Us

    There is nothing quite like a great culinary experience to remember your Ibiza holiday. Remember, when you book your villa vacation stay with us, we’ll help you make restaurants and reservations in Ibiza. Many local and authentic restaurants have long waiting lists for a table, are walk-in only or have a no-card policy. Make sure you check in with our team to ensure that we can assist you with your reservations. 

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      Spanish Golden Visa 2023: Residency through Property Investment

      Spain continues to be a popular place for international buyers thanks to its world-class beaches, rich culture, and property investment opportunities. However, Ibiza’s residency and visa requirements often need to be clarified for non-EU residents. 

      Thanks to the Spanish Golden Visa program, international buyers who are not part of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland can now financially invest in Spain and gain a legal permit – offering the opportunity to secure residency in Spain. 

      Read on for practical insight, the latest information on obtaining a Golden Visa in Spain, and how we can help you! 

      Cala Salada

      What is a Spanish Golden Visa 2023?

      Spanish Golden Visas are a residency-by-investment program launched by the Spanish government in 2013 as part of their national strategy to boost their economy and attract foreign investment. Often called Spanish Investor Visas or Spanish Residence Permit Programs, the Golden Visa requires property investors to spend a minimum of €500,000 to qualify.

      The Golden Visa allows holders and their families to live in Spain and become permanent residents after five years, with the possibility of becoming Spanish citizens after ten years.

      Am I Eligible for a Spanish Golden Visa and Permanent Residency in Ibiza, Spain?

      The Spanish government provides residence permits to non-EU, non-EEA, or non-Swiss citizens with a qualifying financial investment in the Spanish economy. Permanent residency is then later possible after five years of living in Spain. However, during those five years, you must show you spent less than eleven months outside Spain.

      General requirements for Golden Visa Spain:

      • Primary applicant must be over 18
      • You must make the required substantial investment
      • Criminal records must be clean
      • Applicants cannot appear on the nation’s undesirables list
      • Applicants must have valid medical insurance
      • No previous visa or Schengen entry refusal
      • Funds are required for applicants to sustain themselves in Spain

      How Do I Apply for a Spanish Golden Visa?

      Once you buy a property for at least €500,000, you’ll automatically qualify for a one-year Golden Visa. If your investment is still in place during that first year, you’ll have to apply in person for your two-year initial residence permit. 

      You can apply by following these steps:

      • Make a qualifying financial investment
      • Ensure your documents are translated into Spanish and English and legalised as per Spanish government regulations
      • File the initial application with the Spanish Consulate
      • Book an interview
      • Attend a biometric collection session in Spain and wait for final approval
      • Upon approval, pay the government permit issue fee.
      • Open a Spanish bank account and NIE
      • Your visa and residence permit will be issued and valid for one year
      • Renew your residence permit at the end of year two
      • Become a permanent resident in year five
      • Apply for citizenship and a Spanish passport after ten years

      What documentation and fees do I need for a Golden Visa application?

      You must submit the following documents to apply for a Golden Visa and renew it. It’s wise to check with your nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate for more information about additional documents in each case.

      Here’s what you’ll need:

      1. Completed application
      2. Passport, valid for at least one year, with two blank pages (original and copy)
      3. Recent passport photo
      4. Valid medical insurance (original and copy)
      5. Photocopy and original translation of medical certificate
      6. Your country of origin’s criminal record certificate 
      7. Proof of visa fee payment in local currency
      8. Proof of legal residency in the consular district
      9. Proof of the legal representative’s identity and capacity

      Financial Guarantee

      A financial guarantee of €2,130 per month for two years and a further €532 for each dependent person under their charge is required for obtaining a residence visa. This can be done by submitting originals and copies of your bank statements for the past 12 months, showing deposits and transactions.

      Further Documentation for Applicants with Family

      All family members must sign the same general documents listed above. Additional marriage and birth certificates and a medical statement proving a child’s dependency if they are over 18 are also required.

      Buyers’ Documents

      You must include a Property Registry Filing certificate or notarised deeds verifying that the deeds have been submitted to the Property Registry with your visa application.

      Applicable Fees

      The Golden Visa application fee for real estate investments is currently €1,910. For added family members, the cost is an additional €1,202. After this, there are standard legal costs, typically around €8,000 for a single applicant, €10,500 for a family of four, and an extra €2,500 for each renewal.

      Additional Taxes to Consider 

      Foreign Income Tax, Personal Income Tax (PIT), Capital Gains Tax, and Property Tax are some taxes you must consider when applying for the Golden Visa in Spain.

      Sa Caleta Hills Exclusive Villa Ibiza with stunning sea view

      How Can I Start the Golden Visa Application and Property Search in Ibiza?

      With the proper assistance, your residency and relocation are more than possible on this beautiful White Isle. We at Prestige Properties would gladly assist you as an experienced, professional and reliable agency.

      If you want to speak with one of our agents about starting your Golden Visa application and the current investment opportunities, contact us today

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        Top 5 Fine-Dining Restaurants in Ibiza | Explore Ibiza’s Culinary Experiences

        There are many fine dining and chic restaurants in Ibiza that are well worth checking out. Due to the diversity of our culinary influences and top chefs pushing the boundaries of our restaurant scene, our island offers some amazing food.

        With tasty menus and rooftop locations overlooking the Mediterranean, there is no shortage of elegant restaurants to choose from for a memorable night out. In every part of the island, there is something to please any palate and several fine dining eateries to experience.

        Read on to explore our top-recommended gastronomic experiences and stylish restaurant guide.

        Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay: 5-Star Dining Experience on Talamanca Beach

        Ibiza’s Nobu Hotel has a beautiful panoramic view of Talamanca Bay. Their dining facade offers a multitude of sexy, fun and immersive dining experiences. With five restaurants, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. 

        Nobu serves Japanese cuisine like no other, including Tiradito, Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño, and Black Cod Miso –– all in an unpretentious yet captivating atmosphere.

        Gusto, led by Michelin-starred chef Nieves Barragán Mohacho, takes you on a culinary journey through Spain. From the tapas bars of Andalucía to the seafood restaurants of Galicia, Gusto promises to be an unmissable, interactive feast for all the senses.

        Chambao’s relaxed beachside chiringuito offers a laissez-faire seaside vibe. Ideal for long lunches and early dinners, with specialities such as freshly grilled fish, authentic Valencian paella, fresh salads, beautiful cocktails and a carefully selected wine list.

        Next is the Bay Café and By the Pool Deck for healthy, wholesome cuisine choices and a perfect daily menu with freshly prepared sushi rolls, light dishes, and fruit platters. 

        Lastly, there is a beautiful rooftop terrace with a view of Talamanca Bay and Ibiza Town. This is certainly the place to be for hotel guests and locals looking for a distinctive night out after their evening meal.

        Zuma Ibiza: Alluring Japanese Restaurant near Ibiza Town and Dalt Vila

        Among Ibiza’s vibrant dining scene and luxury boutiques, Zuma’s rooftop restaurant provides an unforgettable panorama overlooking Dalt Vila and the historic old town of Ibiza. Zuma’s sushi counter, main kitchen, and robata grill offer an extraordinary Japanese menu that’s both authentic and modern. Zuma’s dishes emphasise simplicity and sophistication, using high-quality ingredients and bold flavours.

        Juntos House Ibiza: Farm-to-Table Restaurant in the Tranquil North-West

        Juntos House is a modern farm-to-table restaurant in the quaint village of Sant Mateu. With a modern twist, this kitchen sources delicious, locally grown food from its regenerative farm and local partners. With a strong emphasis on working hand in hand with the farm, they ensure fresh and delicious food! Juntos House is pure dining magic, with a restaurant, courtyard, garden, cocktail bar and boutique selling carefully selected products.

        Amalur Ibiza: Iconic Dining Spot in Charming Santa Gertrudis

        Ibiza’s iconic dining spot Amalur has been at the centre of gastronomy for four decades, housed in a blue-hued finca in Santa Gertrudis. Concerning its rich culinary and cultural heritage, the legendary establishment has recently undergone a masterful evolution. 

        Amalur was originally named after the Basque goddess of Mother Earth by former owners Juan Félix Lurrita and Emilio Zurbano. Today, Amalur is helmed by renowned restaurateur Francesco Manzoli. From the elegant furnishings and striking artwork on the walls to the creative, contemporary menu plus impeccable service, his unwavering passion for perfection and respect for the restaurant’s heritage is obvious at every turn. Using only local produce; the Ibiza fine dining restaurant creates high-end cuisine using creative, contemporary and colourful plates and dishes that taste as good as they look.

        Nudo Ibiza: Mediterranean Beachside Kitchen in Scenic Es Figueral

        At Es Figueral, there’s a surprising new restaurant spot along Ibiza’s shoreline this summer – Nudo. Following a gentle polish, a group of friends transformed an ageing beach bar into a fully-fledged Mediterranean kitchen with a hint of Mexico and Japan, merging flavours from Italy, Guatemala and the Nordics. It focuses on island-sourced ingredients with minimal intervention on the raw materials to offer something fresh, new, and different. The place specialises in serving natural wines mainly made by small producers from the Balearic, using organic grapes.

        Book your Ibiza Restaurant and VIP reservations with us

        There is nothing quite like a great culinary experience to remember your Ibiza holiday. Don’t forget, when you book your villa vacation stay with us, we’ll help you make restaurant and VIP reservations in Ibiza. Our goal is to ensure you enjoy the best Ibiza has to offer. Stay tuned for more insider local knowledge!

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          The Benefits of Owning a Luxury Property in Ibiza

          As Ibiza’s housing market continues to prosper, we are delighted to share why owning a luxury property presents many benefits.

          In recent years, Ibiza has seen a significant influx of new residents, international buyers, and tourists, particularly in the luxury market. As a result, the island has experienced a steady increase in property prices and a decrease of supply.

          It is often the case that prestigious properties in Ibiza are highly resaleable, usually due to their location, surroundings, and typical state-of-the-art amenities –– which attract buyers worldwide. Aside from their exclusivity and limited availability, these homes are often located in gated communities with 24-hour security or remote private locations. Owners can also generate a more lucrative income by renting out such properties at a higher rate, providing a great return on investment. 

          Read on to learn what it means to own a luxury property on the magic white island of Ibiza.

          The Exclusive and Prestige Status of Ibiza  

          Ibiza is considered one of the most prestigious tourist destinations in Europe for the elite. Our island is indeed renowned for its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and lively nightlife, but as time has passed, our A-list clientele has become more apparent. With world-class hotels, yacht charters, and VIP amenities and services –– Ibiza is now a hotspot location for those seeking a luxurious and exclusive lifestyle. 

          As a result, Ibiza has become a highly sought-after destination for celebrities, the wealthy, UAE travellers, ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI), and those with a prestigious status looking to rent luxury properties for both long-term and holiday use. In light of this, owning a luxury property here is becoming increasingly appealing. 

          Owning a Luxury Property in Ibiza Offers a Great Investment Potential

          Given Ibiza’s thriving real estate market and demand for high-end properties, we cannot emphasise enough the potential for a strong return on investment. In an era of shortages, exclusive properties are constantly in high demand due to their rarity. The fact that Ibiza will remain one of the top destinations for buying property in 2023 (and the foreseeable future) is a fact that we can confidently state.

          Generally speaking, the island continues to grow, especially in the hospitality and tourism sectors, and is becoming an excellent location to live in and invest in. Owning an exclusive home in Ibiza is still, and will continue to be, a sound investment that will bring financial rewards for many years.

          See here for our last full IBIZA & BALEARIC ISLANDS REAL ESTATE MARKET REPORT 2022 & FORECAST 2023

          Owning a Luxury Property in Ibiza comes with Privacy and Security

          A luxury property in Ibiza often combines an ambience of privacy and security with top-of-the-line security systems and gated communities. These safety and security features ensure that island residents enjoy their homes and surroundings while feeling protected. In particular, wealthy UHNWIs and royalty from the United Arab Emirates are likely to find this an essential factor when renting owned properties for their holidays. 

          It is well known that Ibiza’s luxury properties are designed with the highest degree of attention to detail and security, providing an elite and secure experience for its guests.

          Owning a Luxury Property in Ibiza Offers Exclusive Services and Amenities

          The ownership of a luxury property is also usually accompanied by a wide range of bespoke services and amenities, such as concierge services, high-level security, and high-end property management services. These services can ease the burden on any owner (especially those living on international grounds) by providing exceptional assistance tailored to their specific needs on a 24-hour basis to make life much easier.

          Are You Looking to Buy a Luxury Property in Ibiza?

          There are often some great investment opportunities here in Ibiza. But as the demand is almost always higher than the supply, if the perfect investment property is out there for you, actively registering yourself with the right agent as early as possible is highly recommended. 

          Why not chat with one of our agents to help you find a suitable property investment? 

          We would love to hear from you! 

          For regular updates, recommendations, and experiences, keep up to date with our latest news via our social media pages and blog posts.

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            Why Working with a Top Luxury Real Estate Agency in Ibiza is Essential

            Living and residing in Ibiza sounds like a dream, right? And, whilst that may be true, purchasing a luxury property on the island can be far from easy, especially when handled by the wrong agency. 

            With our help, you can navigate the multiple dynamics within the real estate industry and find an agent who understands the market, resulting in an outstanding and desirable outcome for your purchase or sale.

            Read on to see our list of valuable tips to look out for when choosing a luxury real estate agency to assist you.

            Never Underestimate Professionalism and Experience

            Unfortunately, Ibiza has many amateurs at play-people who want to make big wins with little effort and no accountability. As a result, anyone with a website and some contacts can call themselves a realtor since educational training and certifications are optional for real estate agents in Spain.

            Always be sure to select an experienced agent in every sense of the word. You should always be able to visit a physical office in person to see how they work. Just as an expert in any industry has education, credentials, professional body certifications, and insurance, real estate should be no different. Look out for well-trained agencies registered and associated with professional bodies like PIMEEF and APIBIZA.

            Team Prestige Properties Ibiza

            An Established Real Estate Agent in Ibiza

            An established real estate agent will be well connected: demonstrating a comprehensive portfolio of direct listings and shared listings with integrity partners. They will be able to provide a full range of services to clients in collaboration with property managers, builders, architects, lawyers, notaries, and gestorias, all in a variety of languages as well. 

            Online Presence and Marketing Strategies

            A quick online search for ‘real estate agents in Ibiza’ is always essential. Real estate agencies that excel in their marketing and online presence will always rank higher in Google search results. Furthermore, their website will be user-friendly and feature a wide variety of nicely presented properties. Property descriptions should be detailed and well written, with professional photography and videos, and possibly even virtual 3D tours.

            Real estate agents with authority will also have regularly printed publicity through billboard advertising, company cars, public relations, and magazines. Finding out your chosen agency’s online presence, presentation and marketing strategy is a clear way to determine its strength in the real estate sector. This is especially important when selling your home.

            Choosing Your Luxury Real Estate Agency in Ibiza

            You may wish to speak to those around you who have recently worked with an Ibiza real estate agency and ask for recommendations. A referral can be a precious resource when selecting a real estate agent. However, if you are new to Ibiza, you may have difficulty finding a reliable recommendation. In either case, any client who plans to buy or sell a property (with or without recommendations) should follow the advice outlined below to ensure they work with a reputable real estate agent.

            1. Make sure you conduct thorough research, ask around and do not settle until you are confident you have found the right agency. Be sure to scan through testimonials and Google reviews to get a glimpse of the services and standards of your chosen agent. 
            2. Ask as many questions or request as much information as you need. Ensure that all fees, costs, and general agreements are clearly stated and that you are comfortable with them. You should always feel at ease throughout the entire process, that you are adequately informed, and that you can ask every question you have (regardless of how large or small it may seem). 
            3. Don’t hesitate to move on if you feel pressured to make a decision or if someone withholds information from you.
            Prestige Properties Ibiza office

            Are we the Right Luxury Real Estate Agent for You? 

            Buying and selling a home is considerably less stressful if you work with a professional real estate agency with the necessary skills, knowledge and infrastructure. 

            We hope our articles, "15 Great Reasons to sell your property with Prestige Properties" and "18 Great Reasons to Buy a Property with Prestige Properties" will give you confidence that there are luxury real estate agents in Ibiza that are every bit as reliable, trustworthy, and efficient as you had hoped for. 

            Thank you for staying updated with us at Prestige Properties. We hope to see you soon!

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              Our Best Luxury Properties for Sale in Ibiza in 2023

              This month we’re super excited to share some of our top-fave luxury villas and homes on the real estate market. We hope that by showing you these exclusive properties, you’ll remember why Ibiza remains a hot investment and living destination.

              Real estate in Ibiza has grown significantly in recent years, especially in the luxury segment. Consequently, the island is booming with interest, prices are increasing, quality supplies are dwindling, and demand is high. So, if you’re looking for that dream Ibiza pad, keep an eye on our regular blog posts with our current Ibiza properties for sale to ensure that your dream house doesn’t pass you by. 

              Read on to see some of our stunning homes ready for you to move into and enjoy immediately.

              Can Vista Vedra

              Fantastic finca with incredible Es Vedrá views

              Just 350 meters from the idyllic Cala Carbo bathing bay, one of Ibiza’s most beautiful coastal areas, Can Vista Vedra sits perfectly tucked away. 

              This beautiful three-double bedroom finca, all with en-suite bathrooms, enjoys complete tranquillity and privacy. All on one level, the living area perfectly adjoins the dining area, which directly overlooks the sea and the property’s magnificent pool terrace. From here, you can observe unobstructed views of Es Vedra, the passing boats and unforgettable sunsets. 

              In the separate casita, you will also find a living room, a kitchenette, a bedroom, and a comfortable bathroom. Additionally, there is a small terrace from which you can enjoy the surrounding views.

              With plenty of Mediterranean plants and colourful flowers, the garden offers plenty of places to relax and eat outside. The perfect place to enjoy a gentle breeze on a hot summer day.

              Can Vista Vedra is a unique setting within easy walking distance of the beach. This property also has a coveted ‘tourist rental licence’, which makes it a perfect investment.

              Apartamento de la luz

              A top-notch luxury apartment with amazing views of the old town 

              Located in the heart of the marina, just 350m from Talamanca Beach, Apartamento De La Luz has impressive views and is a sun trap location. It’s a first-line property with stunning views of the open sea and the old town of Ibiza. With a total built area of 174m2, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a big open kitchen overlooking Dalt Vila – this home is certainly worth considering. All three bedrooms at the back of the apartment also offer excellent views over Talamanca Beach.

              A truly modern-contemporary home, this apartment has been completely remodelled and cannot compare to any other apartment in the building. The owner has most certainly paid attention to every detail. Guests will be immediately drawn to the beautiful open kitchen with marble work surfaces and eye-catching natural wooden doors. 

              A large and luxe swimming pool within beautiful gardens can be found in the outdoor area of this community. What’s more, throughout the entire year, an exclusive concierge service is available.

              Villa Vistas Dalt Vila

              A Can Furnet villa with a rental licence and spectacular views of the old town.

              In the popular urbanisation of Can Furnet, close to Ibiza Town, Villa Vistas Dalt Vila is complete with a full rental licence. Located on 3060 m2 of land, the property has two plots. The owner bought the second plot to ensure spectacular sea and old town views. So it’s a great investment opportunity with the potential to build a second property.

              This three-storey villa has an open-plan designer kitchen, an open-air gym and an outdoor dining area on the main level. On this same level, we also find the first bedroom – ideal for children, with its little salon and bathroom en suite. There is also a luxurious master bedroom with a gorgeous en-suite bathroom and two additional double bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes. 

              You can access the garden and pool area from the ground or the first floor with a fantastic south-facing pool. Within the grounds, the property also has a lovely guest house, a covered chill-out area, a jacuzzi and an outdoor kitchen on the first floor near the outdoor dining area.

              Finding your Luxury Ibiza Home Has Never Been Easier

              Let’s get talking about finding the right investment property for you. We’d love to hear from you! 

              Whenever you see a property that meets your needs, we strongly recommend you contact us. Investing in Ibiza can be great, but demand is almost always higher than supply, so properties often sell quickly.

              Take advantage of the opportunity to make an appointment to visit any of our properties mentioned above or others we currently have on the market with us today. We also offer virtual tours upon request. 

              Do you have any questions or need more info?
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                Top Things To Do in Ibiza Summer 2023

                What’s on your Ibiza bucket list this 2023 season?

                Naturally, there’s plenty for you to enjoy – from our island’s unique beauty, a wide range of culinary experiences, and a spectacular nightlife and cultural scene. But, this month, we wanted to go the extra mile and provide you with a few of our top recommended and most unique experiences for a really extraordinary and memorable getaway. 

                Ibiza truly is a destination for all kinds of travellers. Check out our top summer and eco-friendly travel recommendations with a unique edge and something a little different, then continue to discover what luxury villas we have to offer to complete your Ibiza 2023 vacation.

                Yoga Punto Can-Pal Ibiza

                Yoga Punto Can-Pal offers an Ibiza setting that will awaken your senses through various unique wellness experiences. These sensitive and hand-crafted programs, based on the wisdom of a local Ibicencan (Patricia), will make anyone vibrate, using the body as its own medicine, leaving you with gratitude for all life has to offer.

                Yoga Punto Can Pal is set in a privileged and hidden area in the mountains where retreats have been held for years, helping people find themselves and disconnect from their stressful work lives through yoga, meditation, and connecting with nature – courtesy of their secret routes and trails.

                Aloha Paddles Surf Ibiza

                There is no other paddle surfing and water experience like Aloha Paddles Surf Ibiza. Whether you want to start your day with an early morning rise, adventure on a sunset paddle surf tour, explore the caves of the island, or practise SUP yoga, there are a variety of options that make training at sea with breathtaking views far more rewarding than any personal trainer or gym could offer. 

                It is also an excellent opportunity for you to connect with other adventurers and ensure that the most vivid social media shots of your beloved vacation in Ibiza are captured.

                Book Something Out of the Ordinary This Summer in Ibiza With Our Concierge Services

                There is nothing like having your concierge service help you with your Ibiza holiday or event. We aim to ensure you enjoy all the best Ibiza offers. So if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary and rarely experienced by regular tourism, get in touch – and we will do everything we can to make that happen – simply give us your requirements, and we’ll do the rest. 

                Of course, as part of our luxury villa rental and concierge services, we are also able to arrange airport pick-ups, private driver services, yacht charters, boat tours, in-house chefs, catering, grocery shopping, food delivery, yoga, personal training, home spa treatments, massages, home cinema, entertainment, VIP reservations, childcare services and much, much more – all as part of your Ibiza stay with us.

                Ready to Search for Your Next Ibiza Luxury Vacation Villa?

                With plenty of properties to browse through, we are sure you’ll find the perfect villa vacation rental just for you. Whether you wish to stay in the heart of the action, away from the tourist crowds, close to the beach, or prefer a pleasant country location, everything is possible with us. 

                For regular updates, recommendations, and experiences, keep up to date with our latest news via our social media pages and blog posts.

                Do you have any questions or need more info?
                Send us a message and we will get back as quickly as possible!

                  Why Choose Ibiza for Your Luxury Villa Rental Vacation

                  No matter what time of year you visit, Ibiza has something for everyone. We have it all, whether you’re searching for stunning beaches, rich culture, exciting activities, or world-class nightlife.

                  We invite you to take a closer look at our island highlights and consider booking one of our luxury villa rentals based on your personal itinerary preferences.

                  World-Class Nightlife and Electronic Dance Music

                  Many tourists come to Ibiza just to experience our nightlife and electronic dance music scene. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking the crowd is merely hedonistic and unappealing. Quite the opposite is true. Ibiza’s nightlife is internationally famous, and for good reason. Our party scene consists of some of the biggest and most cutting-edge electronic nightclubs in the world, as well as glamorous and intimate parties, cosmopolitan cocktail bars, and open-air beach clubs with star DJs from around the world. No matter your mood or style, we have the hottest party, bar and club for you!

                  Although many nightclubs and socialite hotspots are scattered all over the island, our party and music enthusiasts tend to stay in the areas of San José, Ibiza Town, and San Antonio. Locations like these are the most convenient to all the big numbers and pre-drink VIP locations like Marina Botafoch and San Antonio Sunset Strip.

                  Discover our luxury villa rentals in these areas and plan your stylish party vacation with us! 

                  Tourism that Caters to the Needs of Families

                  Ibiza is incredibly family-friendly. It’s a typical Mediterranean lifestyle where children are welcomed almost anywhere and anytime. Family dinners and push-chairs during the late hours shouldn’t surprise you. Some areas are better suited to families than others, but nonetheless, families will always feel safe and integrated.

                  The town and local area of Santa Eulalia del Rio might be the perfect location for you if you want a modern yet family-friendly atmosphere near some of the most idyllic beaches in the east. With its old-fashioned charm and plenty of contemporary amenities, this picturesque town has a lot to offer. It’s the perfect place for relaxing, enjoying the surroundings, and feeling home away from home. 

                  Santa Eulalia has several beautiful villas. So, whether you’re interested in the town, a little country setting, life in the local villages of San Carlos, Santa Gertrudis, and Jesús, or even the top beach hotspots like Playa Niu Blau, Cala Nova, Cala Llenya, or Aguas Blancas, be sure to check out our luxury holiday rental villas in these areas. 

                  Lovers of the Natural World

                  There’s no doubt that the sheer beauty of our island drives tourism. With so much natural allure to discover, you’ll love our crystalline beaches, countryside, and nature trails. It’s no wonder our island is a popular vacation spot. And if you’re the adventurer type, you’ll be happy to know that numerous companies offer tennis, golfing, water sports, excursions, boating, hiking, and cycling activities.

                  Almost everywhere on the island is close to beautiful beaches and scenic rural spots. Nature occupies most of our island, allowing you to bask in its beauty regardless of location. You may, however, be interested in luxury villas in areas like San Juan, San Carlos, or Ses Salines if you’re looking for extraordinary surroundings. Here are our top recommendations for holiday villas.

                  Spirituality and Wellness are Intertwined

                  There’s no better place to rest, recover, reconnect, and enjoy life than in Ibiza. The health and wellness community on our island is thriving. Massage therapists, yoga instructors, meditation teachers, Reiki practitioners, ritual experts, reflexologists, and healthy vegan chefs are everywhere. They’ll even come to your villa for the ultimate retreat experience. It’s never been easier to escape your daily routine and reconnect with yourself. Take time to reset and create a better balance in an idyllic and peaceful environment like Ibiza. 

                  Check out our recommended luxury holiday rental villas for wellness retreats below or visit our most recent blog: Ibiza Retreat Villas: Relax and Rejuvenate with a wellness Program Tailored to Your Ibiza Villa From Our Concierge Service for more inspiration.

                  Recommended areas and luxury villas for spirituality and wellness lovers: 

                  Getting the most out of your wellness vacation doesn’t require a particular destination, but the Prestige holiday experience is always guaranteed to offer luxury, comfort and endless beauty. Achieve your retreat-style vacation with one of our luxurious Ibiza holiday villas – whether you’re looking for a peaceful countryside location, a traditional Finca or farmhouse, a modern white villa, or a sea view property.

                  Heritage of Cultural and Historical Significance

                  Buying a Property in Ibiza Town 2022

                  Our island is full of cultural and historical experiences. Dalt Vila is undoubtedly the most popular cultural attraction on our island. There are many Phoenician artefacts, archaeological sites, and beautiful architecture to see.

                  Our UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old Town, is home to beautiful historical castle grounds and the central Roman Catholic Cathedral, Santa Maria d’Eivissa. Getting to Dalt Vila is as easy as crossing the old stone drawbridge, which takes you to the Plaza de Vila, where you’ll find cobblestone streets, bars, restaurants, and boutiques. A hike to the mountaintop offers plenty of authentic experiences and beautiful views, including La Marina, Ses Salines, and even Formentera.

                  Recommended areas and luxury villas for cultural enthusiasts:

                  Dalt Vila has beautiful, state-of-the-art authentic properties with interesting architectural details and interiors. This is the perfect place to rent a holiday home for those who appreciate historical architecture and being in the heart of the city’s vibrant culture. But you can also get to the gorgeous town and the city’s best attractions quickly and easily from San José. There’s always a luxury holiday villa nearby. Check out what’s on offer below.

                  Ready to Search for Your Next Ibiza Luxury Vacation Villa?

                  With plenty of properties to browse through, we are sure you’ll find the perfect villa vacation rental just for you. Whether you wish to stay in the heart of the action, away from the tourist crowds, close to the beach, or prefer a pleasant country location, everything is possible with us. 

                  For regular updates, recommendations, and experiences, keep up to date with our latest news via our social media pages and blog posts.

                  Do you have any questions or need more info?
                  Send us a message and we will get back as quickly as possible!

                    Why Renting a Luxury Villa in Ibiza is the Ultimate Vacation Experience

                    You can be sure that having an exclusive property to retreat to and call home will maximise your escapade in Ibiza. Relaxation, privacy, and five-star facilities are what make the best vacations. 

                    It’s no secret that our island is one of the top visited spots in Europe, with outstanding villa rentals featuring luxurious interiors, private pools, and stunning views – making your stay one that won’t be easily forgotten. 

                    Discover why you should take advantage of our luxury villa rentals in Ibiza as the ultimate vacation experience.

                    Enjoy Privacy and Perfectionism in Your Ibiza Villa

                    Ibiza can be pretty hedonistic if you stay in a hotel or area crowded with tourists and nightlife enthusiasts. Even for the most social of people, beaches, beach clubs, and restaurants can be overwhelming, especially during the height of the season. Traffic can get chaotic, and crowds can seem a little too hectic when the summer heat hits.

                    A luxury rental villa with us offers you total privacy, peace, and ultimate tranquillity that might not be found anywhere else on the island. Our remarkable properties often feature total seclusion, state-of-the-art gardens, lavish pools and chill-out zones, plus spectacular views of the island’s scenery – nothing less than an oasis of relaxation. Our villas are ideal for spending a week or two with family and friends amid the summer rush.

                    Renting a Luxury Villa in Ibiza

                    The Five-Star Luxury Villa Treatment in Ibiza

                    We will do everything we can to ensure you have a 5-star experience. What could be better than an itinerary filled with unique experiences to make your stay even more perfect? What about a healthy breakfast in bed made by your private chef, followed by a yoga session by the pool and a yacht charter in the afternoon? There is no need to end the day there, either! Have your transport arranged to drop and pick you up at one of the island’s most renowned beach clubs, return home and enjoy a late night outdoor cinema under the stars to round out the perfect day.

                    Whatever you want can be arranged. In addition to airport pick-up and return, we offer private drivers, yacht charter and island boat tours, in-house chefs and catering, event management referrals, grocery shopping deliveries, wellness, yoga, personal training sessions, spa and massage treatments, entertainment, VIP and night club reservations, and so much more.

                    Yacht Formentera Ibiza with Prestige Properties

                    Pure Peace of Mind with a Personal Touch with Your Ibiza Luxury Villa Team 

                    The only thing you have to do is relax while we care for everything. We offer several concierge packages, including services tailored to your specific needs and geared up to make your vacation the best it can be. We will arrange all those necessities needed, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. 

                    Moreover, for those who want us to extend the extra mile, our paid concierge packages can create an ultra-exclusive package just for you so that your vacation is stress-free and most memorable. Is there anything better than knowing your stay will be completely catered for with an authentic and personal touch?

                    With plenty of properties to browse through, we are sure you’ll find the perfect villa vacation rental just for you. Whether you wish to stay in the heart of the action, away from the tourist crowds, close to the beach, or prefer a pleasant country location, everything is possible with us. 

                    Renting a Luxury Villa in Ibiza

                    For regular updates, recommendations, and experiences, keep up to date with our latest news via our social media pages and blog posts.

                    Do you have any questions or need more info?
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