Winter in Ibiza

Winter in Ibiza is lovely as the climate is very mild, much warmer, than the rest of countries of Europe. You have from 16th to 20th degrees in the day time. You can walk on the beaches, visit the villages in the interior of the island, Santa Gertrudis, Sant Miguel, San Carlos…and go shopping in the hippy markets as Cala Leña, as Las Dalias in San Carlos, as El Hipodromo in Sant Jordi… Many hotels, hostels and rural hotels stay open all year. Museums and other interesting things can fulfill your day.

The beaches around the island are deserted and with some warm days its still possible to get a tan. Fish restaurants on the beach can all still be found open mostly over the weekends. Also, in the interior villages you can find as well lovely restaurants where you can it very well.

Nightlife can still be found during the Ibiza winter months but mostly on the weekends places like Pacha in Ibiza town and Guarana in Santa Eulalia with live music.

You can rent a car or take a taxi. Ferries to Formentera operate but on a smaller schedule.

Come and enjoy Ibiza in the winter time, it’s beautiful and peaceful!

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