The Llaüt, cultural heritage

The Llaüt is the traditional Balearic Islands Boat for trawling, although the appearance of motorized boats and the concentration of bathers on the beaches caused its decline in professional use. Therefore, today it is a piece of craft reserved for boats lovers. Although we can find more advanced motor designs today, the llaüt is a traditional small latin sailing boat, about four metres in length, holding three masts that can reach seven knots. Consistency and stability in the water make it a perfect boat for all kinds of activities, like pleasure boating or fishing and it is resistant to adverse weather conditions.

For the construction of the Llaüt, formerly native wood was used, which has been replaced by cheaper and durable materials such as fiberglass. However, today we can still find authentic crafts made exclusively with wood from the islands. An important figure in the construction and maintenance of the Llaüt is the “Mestres d’Aixa". In the Balearic Islands, he is called “Mestre d’Aixa” (shipwright) who is a craftsman who treats wood to built boats. This artisans possess an ancient technique inherited from generation to generation.

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