Pascale Dufournier


Pascale Dufournier Ibiza


Prestige Properties was founded in Ibiza in 1983 by the fabulous Pascale Dufournier. This native Parisian came to the island in 1976 following her childhood dreams of coming to live on this bohemian artists island in the Mediterranean. She brought with her the famous french flair of elegance and joie de vivre.

From the tender age of 23 she worked in real estate, turning her passion for architecture and design into a lifelong calling. Until the very last days of her life, she showed up in the office every single day with an inspiring and unwavering dedication and love for her work and the company.

Over the decades, her professionalism and unswerving integrity earned her the respect and friendship of locals and she became to be seen as a pillar of the community. These values have become the core of the company she created.

"I feel immensely fortunate to have been able to spend my life on this special island, surrounded daily by the most stunning properties, scenery and people.

Prestige has never been work to me, it has been my family to nurture and guide through the hard times and the good".

In the last 10 years the team grew immensely and Pascale was proud to see a new generation, headed by Victor van den Driessche, lead the agency into a new era.

Pascale passed away on the 1st April 2022 – we miss her every single day.

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