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All agaist the fire in Ibiza!!

Prestige Properties with the Campaign for the Prevention of Forest Fires 2018 

According to sources of the “Conselleria de Medi Ambient, Agricultura I Pesca”, in 2017 there were 95 forest fires that burned 168.1 hectares in the Balearic Islands; of which 71% in Mallorca, 17% in Formentera, 11% in Ibiza and 1% in Menorca.
Negligence and accidental causes have caused 58% of the claims, while intentional fires have been approximately 20%.

This 2018, the Government has reinforced the Fire Protection System for this summer season in Ibiza. This campaign began on May 1st and will continue until October 15th due to the high risk of fires throughout the Balearic Islands, Ibiza and Formentera will see their capacity to prevent and fight fire increased.

Therefore, Prestige Properties has proposed to participate in the prevention of forest fires of our beloved island with this announcement of prevention and self-protection of forest fires:

In addition, we want to offer a Forest Fire Prevention Guide addressed to the owners of the Fincas within the forest or near them, which you will find in the following link:<http://www.caib.es/sacmicrofront/archivopub.do?ctrl=MCRST3925ZI230884&id=230884>


Ice Ice Baby!

There is no summer without ice cream. And in Ibiza there is no shortage of good addresses where you can enjoy this delicious and sweet summer treat. In the following article you will find a selection by Prestige Properties of the best ice cream parlors in Ibiza.

Gelato Ibiza

This place is more expensive than your typical gelato shop, but well worth it. They make all their gelato in house “carefully selecting the highest quality ingredients.” They have many interesting flavors such as ricotta honey and walnut. We ended up having the hazelnut and rocky road brownie… delicious! – Passeig de Vara de Rey


Delicious ice cream in Santa Eulalia anyone? With the best of the traditional flavours and very fair prices – compared to other ice cream shops in Ibiza –  and its fantastic location right on the promenade of Santa Eulalia with sea views, Miretti is definitely a winner. – Santa Eulalia

Vivi’s Creamery

This ice cream shop is another refreshing address to keep in mind during your walks through the neighborhood of La Marina, in Ibiza town. In its current assortment you will find pistachio, hazelnut, coconut, amarena cherries, white chocolate, passion fruit, peanuts and rice pudding, among other flavors, as well as ice cream made with soya and rice milk, so perfect for vegans and lactose intolerants. – La Marina


Los Valencianos

Its more than 80 years of history make it the oldest ice cream shop on the island. You will find them in Ibiza town in the neighborhood of La Marina and in front of the dock for the yachts. At the counter there is room for more than 25 flavors; If you do not know which to choose, opt for the nougat: a classic! Or maybe you prefer spicy chocolate? And if you are a fan of “horchata”, this is the place to order it! – La Marina




Another good place to refresh your tongue in Sant Antoni is Milu, located at the end of the promenade, next to the small beach of Caló des Moro. In addition, if you visit at the end of the day you can take advantage and watch the sunset … Its assortment of artisanal ice creams includes the irresistible black chocolate ice cream to other refreshing flavours such as mango, lemon and … gazpacho! – San Antonio


In the Northern village of Sant Carles de Peralta, in one of the pedestrian streets located in front of the church, is one of the best ice cream parlors in Ibiza: Viccio. Among its flavours, we recommend the hazelnut, pistachio, dulce de leche with chocolate and banana split. In addition to homemade ice cream, its menu also includes homemade lemonade, cakes, sweet crepes, milkshakes and Italian granitas! – San Carlos


Join the debate – APIBIZA now on Facebook!

The Association of Real Estate Professionals in Ibiza, APIBIZA, has created a new page on Facebook.

From now you can join and contribute to combat the increasing activity of so-called “real estate pirates” on the island and to minimise fraudulent, unprofessional and disappointing experiences amongst first-time buyers in Ibiza.

Trust only in real professionals!

¡Únete a la  nueva página de APIBIZA!

La Asociación de Inmobiliarias Profesionales de Ibiza, denominada APIBIZA, ha creado una nueva página en Facebook.

Desde ahora puedes unirte y contribuir a combatir la creciente actividad de los llamados “piratas inmobiliarios” en la isla y minimizar las experiencias fraudulentas, poco profesionales y decepcionantes entre los compradores primerizos en Ibiza.

¡Cree solo en auténticos profesionales!

Why you have to sign an exclusive mandate with Prestige Properties?

Many people ask us why they should offer us their property exclusively, if they can also offer it to other agencies and thus have access to more customers and have a greater possibility of sale. This is a good question, but it turns out that in fact this logic is less favorable for a sale than it seems at first sight.

We are one of the most steady agencies in Ibiza with more than 35 years of experience and therefore, we have access to a very plentiful client portfolio. The reality is that, as Ibiza is small, many clients make what is called “agency shopping”, which means that they call or go through several agencies and charge all of them the same searches.

As many agencies have the same properties, there begins the struggle for customer protection with the owners – this means that every time an agency offers its property to a customer, the seller has to sign and confirm that this customer has not been previously submitted by another agency. Therefore, they will have lists of client names for each agency to control the protection of each client – in cases that have signed with an agency for a client, and then are forgotten and another agency is presented with the same client and the sale is made legally, will be obliged to pay the two agencies their full commissions (in total about 10%) – these cases must be avoided having everything well controlled.

Working with just one agency, the owner does not have to deal with the issue of customer protection – because all customers will go through this single agency. As we collaborate with the biggest and most professional agencies in Ibiza, through the Association of Real State Professionals called APIBIZA, as well as with international portals like Rightmove and Zoopla, the owner does not lose access to any potential clients.

Another very important benefit of having a single agency managing the sale of your property is the control over the marketing of the property. Like all products, in order to be able to sell at the best price and in a desired period of time, you have to create a marketing strategy customized to the product. As Product and Marketing Manager, I would be personally managing the commercialisation and marketing for your property. To begin with, we would offer your product through our internal networks to selected customers. Our exclusive product marketing service also includes a professional photo report, floor plans and a video drone of the interior and exterior of the property. Then we select some agencies and portals to publish the house in a uniform and controlled way – the worst thing that can happen to a product, is to be published on too many websites, without selectivity, and with disinformation – Serious customers are looking for Several sites and will quickly realize if a product appears everywhere, devaluing the product – in high ranges as their product, the exclusivity is a very important factor in the decision to purchase customers. When a product appears wildly and with erroneous information in the market, it does irreparable damage to its value.

Therefore, the control of each customer viewing with each “feedback” for a correct sales follow-up will be more effective when is analyzed in only one central point.

For the seller, having access to 100% of potential customers and at the same time receiving a personalized and exclusive service from a single agency, ensures that the sales process is a pleasant and comfortable experience at all times.


Mucha gente nos pregunta por qué deberían ofrecernos su propiedad en exclusiva, si la pueden ofrecer también a otras agencias y así tener acceso a más clientes y tener una mayor posibilidad para la venta. Esta es una buena pregunta, pero en realidad esta lógica es menos favorable para una venta de lo que parece a primera vista.

 Nosotros somos una de las agencias más estables de Ibiza con más de 35 años de experiencia y por ello, tenemos acceso a una cartera de clientes muy amplia. La realidad es que Ibiza es pequeña y por ello muchos clientes hacen lo que se llama “agency shopping”, esto significa que en un día llaman o pasan por varias agencias y les encargan a todas las mismas búsquedas.

Como muchas agencias tienen las mismas propiedades, comienza una lucha por la protección de cada cliente con los propietarios – esto significa que cada vez que una agencia ofrece su propiedad a un cliente, el vendedor tiene que firmar y confirmar que este cliente no se le ha presentado anteriormente a ninguna otra agencia. Ocasionando un gran trabajo, pues tendrán listas de nombres de clientes para cada agencia y deberán controlar bien la protección de cada cliente. Como ocurre en caso de que hayan firmado con una agencia y luego se olvidan y otra agencia se presenta con el mismo cliente y se realiza la venta, em este caso estará obligado legalmente a pagar a las dos agencias sus comisiones completas (en total uno 10%) – para evitar estos casos hay que tener todo muy bien controlado.

Trabajando con una sola agencia, el propietario no tiene que ocuparse por la protección de los posibles clientes – porque todos pertenecerán a esta única agencia. Nosotros colaboramos con las agencias más grandes y profesionales de Ibiza, a través de la Asociación de Profesionales Inmobiliarios llamada APIBIZA, así como con portales internacionales como Rightmove y Zoopla, y por ello el propietario no pierde acceso a ningún cliente potencial.

Otro beneficio muy importante de tener una sola agencia gestionando la venta de su propiedad es el control sobre la comercialización de la vivienda. Como todos los productos, para poder vender al mejor precio y en un plazo de tiempo deseado, hay que crear una estrategia de marketing personalizada sobre el producto. Como responsable de Producto y Marketing, yo estaría gestionando personalmente la comercialización y el marketing para su propiedad. Para empezar, ofreceríamos su producto a través de nuestras redes internas a clientes seleccionados. Nuestro servicio de marketing para productos exclusivos también incluye un reportaje de fotos profesional, planos de la casa y un video dron del interior y exterior de la propiedad. Luego, seleccionamos algunas agencias y portales colaboradores para publicar la casa de una manera uniforme y controlada – lo peor que le puede pasar a un producto, es estar publicado en demasiados sitios web, sin selectividad, y con información errónea – Los clientes serios buscan por varios sitios y comprenden rápidamente si un producto aparece por todas partes, devaluando el producto. En gamas altas como su producto, la exclusividad del producto es un factor muy importante en la decisión de compra de los clientes. En el momento que un producto aparece descontroladamente y con información errónea en el mercado, se hace un daño irreparable a su valor.

Por lo tanto, el control de cada visita de cliente junto con cada “feedback” para un correcto seguimiento de venta será más efectivo estando analizado en un solo punto central.

Para el vendedor, teniendo acceso al 100% de clientes potenciales y al mismo tiempo recibiendo un servicio personalizado y exclusivo de una sola agencia, garantizando que el proceso de venta sea una experiencia agradable y cómoda en todo momento.

Blakstad architectural history: The Traditional Ibicencan Finca

The traditional “Casa Ibicenca” essentially conformed to a broad room [porxo] that has an entrance on one long wall and a succession of rooms opening off the other three walls. The porxo was used as a living room and work place. Little chairs were lined up against the walls and a table set on one side. If needed, the table was moved to the centre of the room and chairs set around it. This gave the room adaptability for various activities.
Windows in ancient Ibicencan houses were very small and did not contain glass. They were not used primarily for light, but for air; light, and warmth generally came from the south-facing front door. Here you could see farmwomen shelling almonds, embroidering or spinning wool. The farms themselves differed from those on the other Balearic Islands, in that they were generally smallholdings. Although these were self-sufficient, the families on them relied on the help of their neighbours for the olive harvest, or on matanza day.

These houses were built and rebuilt well into the mid-twentieth century, using the biblical ‘long cubit’ [approximately 52.5cm], a unit of measurement introduced along with the architecture by the Phoenicians. There is virtually no evidence of Hellenistic, Roman or Islamic influences of any importance in the basic design elements of a rural Ibicencan house.

The cultural invasion of the island has changed the agricultural-based economy to one of tourism, making continuity with the past next to impossible. Basically, it has rendered many traditions irrelevant today.”

In 1956 Rolf Blakstad came to Ibiza from Canada and was so impressed by the city he found when arriving at the port that he barely left the island since then. The little houses in Dalt Vila, the people in the street, the nearness of the manners… As he himself said:

“The whole city, even the streets, had the informal air of a living room shared for everyone. We did not feel as foreigners”

Once Ibiza was established as his permanent residence, Blakstad started to study the rural houses and the traditional building techniques while he developed a deep respect and fondness for the Ibizan culture and its natural environment. It’s in Ibiza where he starts his work in the field of architecture, restoring rural houses and, lately building new ones inspired by the millenarian “casa payesa” (traditional Ibizan rural house). Soon, his sons became part of his projects and, nowadays, they are the ones that keep running the architecture studio in Ibiza.

5 Romantic restaurants in Ibiza for an unforgettable dinner

Ibiza could also be called the island of love, it certainly has everything you need to fall in love and is the ideal place to go as a couple.

If you want to surprise your partner with an evening filled with magic, here at Prestige Properties we want to recommend 5 of the most romantic restaurants in Ibiza that will leave you enchanted.

Some of these restaurants will stay closed during the winter, but others such as Pastis Ibiza, La Brasa or Can Berri Vell are perfect for a romantic winter evening.

La Brasa. For those seeking a romantic setting, this restaurant is an absolute classic. With a carefully chosen and varied menu boasting a huge emphasis on Mediterranean cuisine, you’ll find this lovely restaurant in the old quarter of Ibiza. Worth booking a table on the terrace even in winter, as its heaters always keep you warm. – Ibiza town

Can Berri Vell. Feel more ibicenco in Can Berri Vell. A place wrapped with tradition, charm and typical delicacies elaborated with innovative techniques. Do not forget the camera. We assure you that the first thing you want to do when you arrive is to immortalize the beauty of the place. – San Agustin

Restaurante Amante. Locked away in the rustic setting of Sol d’en Serra bay, Amante is another of those restaurants on the pricier side which deserves at least one visit, so as to enjoy that which surrounds it. Open during the winter and summer months, it’s the perfect restaurant to celebrate any occasion. – Cala Llonga

Pastis Ibiza. Exquisite cuisine, quality raw materials and the know-how of its owners make Pastis one of the best restaurants in Ibiza. Exquisite French and market cuisine in an intimate restaurant where good taste and authenticity breathe as soon as you enter through the door. – Ibiza town

Sa Capella. Of all the restaurants on this list, Sa Capella is probably the most visually stunning for those who pass through its doors. The main dining area is found in the Romanesque chapel of St Agnes (XVIII Century). On it’s menu you’ll find meat, fish and vanguard dishes which do not disappoint. – San Antonio









Don’t be led astray, choose the safe way.

In this blog we would like to introduce you to APIBIZA: a recently established Association of Real Estate Professionals in Ibiza, of which Prestige Properties is proud to be one of the founding members. The goal is to combat the increasing activity of so-called “real estate pirates” on the island and to minimise fraudulent, unprofessional and disappointing experiences amongst first-time buyers in Ibiza.

Trust only in real professionals

APIBIZA is the new Association of Real Estate Professionals made up of 20 PIMEEF (Association of small and medium business in Ibiza and Formentera) members doing realiable, long-game work in the field. APIBIZA real estate agencies have got the quality assurances to ensure a happy ending whatever the endeavour- buying, selling or renting property. Our mission is your peace of mind, so our accredited agents are here to work with you year-round, from dedicated offices and with minimum five years experience. Trust, credibility, honesty, legal savvy, commitment and dependability…these are the core values that each one of our members embodies and your guarantee for professionalism and security.

Ibiza’s most on-point team of real estate experts, at your service

APIBIZA services:

  • Personalised advice and legal compliance.
  • Counsel on land-use and legal aspects of every transaction.
  • Estate agents guaranteed to possess all required acceditation and professional insurance.
  • Not fully satisfied? We take client complaints very seriously.










What do you feel like doing today? Activities to enjoy Ibiza island

Discover Ibiza´s fantastic natural environment while working out your body or learning and practising a new, fun activity. It´s time for some fun in the sun!

Get some workout on the beach
The Workout Club Ibiza
 offers a great way to get started for the day. They offer personal training sessions of Yoga, Pilates and aerobic training on the beach either for yourself or in small groups. Their workout is based on the Russian kettlebell system and will help you to quickly get rid of unwanted body fat, give you strength and energy as well as lift your mood and motivation. Additionally, they provide coaching to give you advice on how and what to eat, strength and breathing principles and on how to lower stress levels.

Surfing without waves 

Paddle Surf or Stand up surf is the new way to discover the Mediterranean sea these days. This sustainable activity will give you a completely new perspective of the Ibiza coastline. Paddle surf has become quite popular in the Mediterranean in recent years, as well as kite-surfing. But while you can practise kite-surf only on a windy day, paddle surf or SUP as the locals call it here, can be practised even during the hottest summer months, when the Mediterranean sea is usually as flat as a plate. It´s fantastic to work out your body, get a healthy tan, and at the same time you go on a trip around the little idyllic coves and bays this island has to offer.  SUP boatibiza provide group excursions such as the “sunset surf” and individual training. Prices start at 45 €.

Diving in the Mediterranean sea
One of the best ways to get a closer look at the beauty of the Ibicencan underwater fauna and flore is by diving. Ibiza has some great natural underwater treasures, such as the Posidonia prairies, which are protected and were declared natural heritage in 1999. There are also differenty types of dolphins living around the island, which can be seen at any time of the year, especially in the southwestern part of Ibiza, around Es Vedra island. But also starfish, octopuses and flying fish are quite common around the island as well as different types of indigenous fish, which only live in the seas around Ibiza, such as the Rotja or the bigger Sirvia. There are various diving centres all along the Ibizan coast, such as Orca Sub Diving in Cala Tarida or Punta Dive in Cala Llonga and Port des Torrent.

Surfing the waves
And if you are really longing for some serious waves,  Surf House Ibiza located right on the beachfront in San Antonio Bay has the remedy. Their system of artificial waves called Flowrider allows you to surf like a Hawaïan native within an hour or so. The activity is a mix of surfing, skateboarding and wakeboarding with your exhaustion point being the only limit. Surf House Ibiza provides a personal instructor, who is monitoring at all times as well as all equipment. Children must be taller than 1,30 m to be able to practise this activity. Prices start at 20 € / hour for kids and 30 € / hour for adults. However, they also offer group and full day prices.